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Legend of Zelda, The: Majora's Mask (Nintendo 64)

Reach the End Having only Played the Song of Time Once. (Must Redo Prologue)
3-Day (6-Day) Challenge [m] (100) (669)
Reach the End Having only Played the Song of Time Once. (Must Redo Prologue)

Created by MoonLegend on: 05 Dec, 2017 01:54
Last modified: 17 Jul, 2021 15:34

Won by 95 of 2386 possible players (4%)

Recent comment(s):
15 Feb 2021
This was absolutely brutal, especially since I was going for the 3-heart cheevo at the same time. The hardest part of the run was absolutely getting Epona. Once I did that, the rest of it was pretty smooth sailing. What a great challenge this run is.
13 May 2021
Copying save files form Owl Statues can get you removed from the Global Leaderboard. It says so in the Achievement Hunting Rules at Just read number 4 on the list.
13 May 2021
If that's the case, then that achievement should be removed from this set and placed into a bonus set.
13 May 2021
Though I don't see why it would do that since it's not abusing anything. The game has a very awkward save system. As long as you copy your own file, since once you open an owl save file it disappears if you didn't copy & failed to get the achievement
13 May 2021
Rule 4 only states that you can't use outside programs to modify your save/rom, it doesn't say anything about making a backup save.
19 May 2021
wait... there's no problem saving the game so I can continue this achievement the rl next day, right?
21 May 2021
No problem at all. It is also highly suggested to back up your owl saves using the file 2 :)
21 May 2021
Oh thx then cuz I thought I would have to use all my controller batteries stock for doing this one in one go non-stop
22 May 2021
My concern was that by copying the save file you would be using your computer's/android's/watever's file explorer app to do it and that would be using an outside program. but come to think of it you could just as easily change the save path within
22 May 2021
RetroArch it's self. So come to think of it, it really is a technicality. But if you want to be true to the way the game was made and know your skill you really should just save at owl statues and not back up those saves.
17 Jul 2021
AlexGatao edited this achievement.
17 Jul 2021
AlexGatao edited this achievement.
20 Nov 2021
any tips to get it arrives in time to pick up the epona
20 Nov 2021
Watch the video and try to complete sequences of the game in time. Use owls to save good times, then, from the file select, copy to file 2 your file 1, so if you screw it, just erase file 1 and copy file 2 to file 1. That way you can retry your times as needed :)
21 Nov 2021
How much time do you need to get to the snow dungeon to have time to catch an epona?
3 Jan 2022
I'm just curious, can I use savestates in the entire Run and at the last possible save I activate Hardcore and the achievement will be activated?
5 Jan 2022
That is explicitly not allowed and will get you untracked if caught
25 Jan 2022
i died 5000000 times on every ikana miniboss and failed right outside the twinmold boss room, ggscrying forever now :(
17 Feb 2022
This was really fun! Getting to Epona on the first day is definitely the hardest part. The rest of the cycle is more forgiving. I did my 3 heart run simultaneously and didn't have much trouble.
6 Apr 2022
CHRIST, This was frustrating. It only took me 3 tries but finally I got it. But This was a very fun challenge and I'd love to do it again.

Recent Winners

UserHardcore?Earned On
FrozenFischHardcore!02 Jul, 2022 02:56
MaxAusmOstenHardcore!26 Jun, 2022 15:58
POW3RHardcore!19 Jun, 2022 19:57
thundereHardcore!09 Jun, 2022 15:56
EliteLordSigmaHardcore!31 May, 2022 11:24
RayaRoentgenHardcore!24 May, 2022 14:30
donutweegeeHardcore!22 May, 2022 10:00
XiroesHardcore!05 May, 2022 22:09
SerihHardcore!03 May, 2022 21:04
MolanTpkHardcore!02 May, 2022 21:22
MonomaruHardcore!21 Apr, 2022 11:53
DanielEduardoD06 Apr, 2022 22:46
NumbermanHardcore!06 Apr, 2022 18:54
hjzdgfHardcore!02 Apr, 2022 20:45
MariklodHardcore!24 Mar, 2022 02:19
schtroompf101Hardcore!12 Mar, 2022 19:48
SchjaHardcore!05 Mar, 2022 12:55
EthanLikezCatzHardcore!16 Feb, 2022 04:50
Val1407Hardcore!14 Feb, 2022 20:34
DrAwkward89Hardcore!25 Jan, 2022 22:24
Luks18Hardcore!04 Jan, 2022 22:50
xTyrea64Hardcore!24 Dec, 2021 03:42
hyperloonyHardcore!19 Dec, 2021 01:31
YodaSan205 Dec, 2021 19:32
AquatorHardcore!02 Dec, 2021 21:22
Genin43Hardcore!30 Nov, 2021 22:29
Slime95Hardcore!21 Nov, 2021 10:01
TytanuM087Hardcore!16 Nov, 2021 21:34
trojan36003 Nov, 2021 18:02
daxyroHardcore!22 Aug, 2021 01:24
other9421ify18 Aug, 2021 19:37
SarconiusHardcore!16 Aug, 2021 04:01
BalurobHardcore!07 Aug, 2021 16:27
cavsfan2313Hardcore!20 Jun, 2021 18:08
SilveR10Hardcore!03 Jun, 2021 20:14
cisco5005Hardcore!23 May, 2021 21:03
ReadingTheGameHardcore!15 May, 2021 04:55
RuttonHardcore!11 May, 2021 19:08
BlazingSpadeHardcore!17 Mar, 2021 23:05
AdenotheHardcore!08 Mar, 2021 23:19
Jcw87Hardcore!28 Feb, 2021 11:08
mrmistermistermrHardcore!15 Feb, 2021 07:30
OlafurHardcore!11 Feb, 2021 19:15
chocolatielHardcore!10 Feb, 2021 16:17
MeikitamemoHardcore!16 Jan, 2021 14:43
SheepOfIceHardcore!11 Jan, 2021 13:34
XymjakHardcore!11 Jan, 2021 12:11
KyoTheCatHardcore!10 Jan, 2021 21:13
viniciusootHardcore!22 Dec, 2020 16:25
SignumHardcore!22 Dec, 2020 14:44


Fastest Time for collecting all Rupees.
Fastest Time for collecting all Rupees.
Fastest Time for collecting all Rupees.
Most Time left after destroying all Targets.
Most Time left after destroying all Targets.
Most Time left after destroying all Targets.
Most Time left after destroying all Targets.
Most Time left after earning 50 Points.
Most Time left after opening the Chest.
Most Time left after opening the Chest.
Most Time left after opening the Chest.
Most Time left after opening the Chest.
Fastest Time for winning the Race.
Fastest Time for destoying all 10 Targets.