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Mega Man X (SNES)

In Sigma Fortress 3, Reach on D-Rex deathless and without recovering HP [Don\'t Switch Weapons, Secret Technique not allowed]
Five Mavericks, One Lifebar, One Buster (25) (138)
In Sigma Fortress 3, Reach on D-Rex deathless and without recovering HP [Don't Switch Weapons, Secret Technique not allowed]

Created by matheus2653 on: 19 Nov, 2017 16:19
Last modified: 06 Jul, 2021 23:06

Won by 602 of 8074 possible players (7%)

Recent comment(s):
27 Jul 2020
I'm not able to get this achievement, I reached the Rex boss room without switching weapons, dying or picking up recovery items, I did it 3 times already (2 with password and one without) and the achievement didn't popped.
3 Aug 2020
maybe you are used save state, this make some archivements impossible to catch
7 Aug 2020
I'm playing on Hardcore mode so no savestates at all. Probably this achievement is bugged in RetroArch Snes9x core. Maybe I'll try it on RASnes9x
8 Aug 2020
You are mistaken, you can save in hardcore, what you can't do is load the save state, and I make this achievement in Snes9x core...
8 Aug 2020
A lot of physiological pressure on this one, but manageable.
11 Aug 2020
No I'm not mistaken, in RetroArch once Hardcode is enabled, the savestate and loadstate options in the quick menu are disabled. BTW, I just got this achievement on RASnes9x without trouble.
20 Aug 2020
I got it in retroarch no issue (windows version), and the save state is not disabled, but the load state is disabled.
26 Sep 2020
I just got this achievement. I had 1 tick left when I arrived at Flame Mammoth. Didn't get hit! The hardest part is making sure you don't accidentally pick up any health.
10 Oct 2020
Masterd. Whoa this was intense... But without armour it wanst possible 4 me. that would have need much more time.
19 Oct 2020
Finally get it...arrrgggggg...second try
1 Nov 2020
Reached the fucker "deathless" and without changing a weapon at all, didn't restore any of my health, and it didn't unlock, and I am losing my patience with all these achievements I rightfully earned that won't trigger. I don't know how many tickets
1 Nov 2020
I have had to file these past few days for achievements I earned not triggering!
27 Dec 2020
So i am wondering if this achievement is not clear enough. I also completed this achievement deathless, did not change weapons, i also did not use any energy tanks. Can you not pick up any health refills as well?
27 Dec 2020
it clearly says "Without recovering HP" so yeah, no you can't do that either.
28 Jan 2021
DanielARP edited this achievement.
2 Feb 2021
Uma dvida nessa fase no vale usar o Hadouken ou algumas outra arma
2 Feb 2021
@CPNETO Vc nao pode usar nenhuma arma. Nem mesmo o Hadouken. So pode usar o proprio X-Buster. Tambem nao pode recuperar o HP. Recomendo, para evitar problemas, remover as configuracoes de L e R do controle, para evitar apertar sem querer.
19 Feb 2021
24 Mar 2021
Well, that was way easier than I though , second try, after doing almost every achievement i can kill most marevicks without losing almost any health, just that damn octopus that can hit me a lot with that damn fishes
6 Jul 2021
GalacticSpear edited this achievement.


UserHardcore?Earned On
blacknight19 Jan, 2022 04:36
SenshumaHardcore!16 Jan, 2022 20:42
Mendeleev16 Jan, 2022 13:29
Fagnan1916 Jan, 2022 01:54
dsj97215 Jan, 2022 00:01
EliazarchempHardcore!13 Jan, 2022 08:57
Raffaelsss12 Jan, 2022 02:01
MegaxLPHardcore!07 Jan, 2022 06:06
SteaMaHardcore!07 Jan, 2022 05:26
LasekiHardcore!03 Jan, 2022 08:31
SonicKnight02 Jan, 2022 05:05
DavidYTBR2Hardcore!01 Jan, 2022 04:18
YamatoVergilHardcore!31 Dec, 2021 12:49
jpmmx229 Dec, 2021 01:10
SenaHardcore!28 Dec, 2021 13:20
TRGVashHardcore!28 Dec, 2021 00:49
LongshoremanXHardcore!26 Dec, 2021 10:28
lord1819Hardcore!26 Dec, 2021 00:27
supercookiestar24 Dec, 2021 20:48
Yamalgam18 Dec, 2021 04:23
BudCaveTVHardcore!13 Dec, 2021 22:23
ZeroTwoBestWaifuHardcore!12 Dec, 2021 17:28
ModelZGoldenHardcore!10 Dec, 2021 04:07
facoso13Hardcore!08 Dec, 2021 21:51
williamgeesdorfHardcore!08 Dec, 2021 00:00
Ghal416Hardcore!06 Dec, 2021 18:00
toro0003 Dec, 2021 17:51
mokadynHardcore!03 Dec, 2021 09:18
MagusPCHardcore!01 Dec, 2021 18:43
IluluHardcore!25 Nov, 2021 20:19
T0neLYHardcore!22 Nov, 2021 21:44
ErixxHardcore!19 Nov, 2021 23:50
CrossTHBHardcore!19 Nov, 2021 21:19
xDarkVegetaxHardcore!19 Nov, 2021 16:19
KuperzukiHardcore!18 Nov, 2021 02:27
BlanqHardcore!16 Nov, 2021 05:31
CapitaoDinamiteHardcore!13 Nov, 2021 22:53
ayanoaishi7Hardcore!12 Nov, 2021 01:12
lBlankl10 Nov, 2021 14:35
BehiraHannah07 Nov, 2021 15:28
MegamanoxHardcore!06 Nov, 2021 23:16
JertheRook05 Nov, 2021 06:13
foioluan04 Nov, 2021 22:40
cuburu9802 Nov, 2021 21:20
danichiniHardcore!01 Nov, 2021 00:31
hutlHardcore!27 Oct, 2021 04:25
NaulDradeHardcore!24 Oct, 2021 18:39
wilyMDHardcore!20 Oct, 2021 19:35
rambo2020 Oct, 2021 14:22
dynamoheatnix19 Oct, 2021 13:32
RaphtaliaHardcore!17 Oct, 2021 18:17
Kank94Hardcore!15 Oct, 2021 03:52
JunKKz14 Oct, 2021 07:02
KairosHardcore!14 Oct, 2021 01:38
rafooc12 Oct, 2021 21:22
BlazingSpadeHardcore!07 Oct, 2021 14:51
skkyll05 Oct, 2021 00:41
patriot01127 Sep, 2021 01:39
MushroomMcKennaHardcore!22 Sep, 2021 17:30
raulblzHardcore!19 Sep, 2021 22:39
MTNDewGuy1079Hardcore!14 Sep, 2021 03:08


Beat the game in the shortest time
Beat the game in the shortest time (Includes Hadouken)
Beat the game in the shortest time using only the Buster
Reach Chill Penguin boss door in the shortest time
Beat Chill Penguin in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Storm Eagle boss door or ship platform (or stage end if it is a revisit) in the shortest time
Beat Storm Eagle in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Flame Mammoth boss door in the shortest time
Beat Flame Mammoth in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Spark Mandrill boss door in the shortest time
Beat Spark Mandrill in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Armored Armadillo boss door in the shortest time
Beat Armored Armadillo in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Boomer Kuwanger boss door in the shortest time
Beat Boomer Kuwanger in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Sting Chameleon boss door in the shortest time
Beat Sting Chameleon in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Launch Octopus boss door in the shortest time
Beat Launch Octopus in its stage in the shortest time
Speedrun any 4 Bosses