Mega Man X
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  • In Sigma Fortress 3, Reach D-Rex deathless and without recovering HP [Don't Switch Weapons, No Secret Technique]

    1,137 (814) of 12,904 – 8.81%

    6.31% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    8.81% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by GalacticSpear on: 19 Nov, 2017 16:19
    Last modified: 17 Oct, 2022 01:10

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    Sena 2 Feb 2021 12:45
    @CPNETO Vc nao pode usar nenhuma arma. Nem mesmo o Hadouken. So pode usar o proprio X-Buster. Tambem nao pode recuperar o HP. Recomendo, para evitar problemas, remover as configuracoes de L e R do controle, para evitar apertar sem querer.
    MauricioReis 19 Feb 2021 17:29
    maiksonstrife 24 Mar 2021 00:01
    Well, that was way easier than I though , second try, after doing almost every achievement i can kill most marevicks without losing almost any health, just that damn octopus that can hit me a lot with that damn fishes
    6 Jul 2021 23:06
    GalacticSpear edited this achievement.
    6 Mar 2022 20:09
    GalacticSpear edited this achievement.
    Orochi357 18 May 2022 21:05
    Depois de muito tempo consegui essa conquista, era a última pra eu platinar
    ECS98 20 Jun 2022 22:09
    Finally! Ok, this was frustrating and not for the reason i was expecting. The challenge itself is really cool, and the "beat x without taking damage" achievements really pay off here (except Launch Octopus, he took half my health). The real problem though is health pickups, do not underestimate the health pickups! I lost this achievement twice (one of them right before Flame Mamooth) because of a random health falling on my head.
    MrDynamite 15 Jul 2022 14:22
    Sting Chameleon Buster Only is really hard. Armadillo: Just dodge his bouncer, Spark Mandrill is easier when you charge and hit him when he is on the ceiling. Launch octopus is hard RNG and Mammoth is easy to avoid his weapon attacks, wtach out for his jumps and handle.^^
    Emoon 31 Jul 2022 21:46
    Armadillo is really lengthy and tiresome to do (especially due to being the first one). Chameleon, Mandrill and Mammoth can be made decently easy with the right strategy. The main issue, as expected, is Launch Octopus; be sure to save at least 40% of your bar just for him.
    17 Oct 2022 01:10
    GalacticSpear edited this achievement's description.
    NMZ 21 Nov 2022 04:05
    heads up, didn't trigger for me on the msu-1 version, the achievement still shows as active when you're fighting D-Rex which I assume expected me to kill too? but of course, he obliterated me. Switching to the regular rom gave me the achievement upon entering the room
    DEATHDragon 19 Dec 2022 14:08
    Holy shit, that was intense. I liked it! Good work on this cheevo.
    HUNTERXz 19 Mar 2023 20:21
    Easy achievement to obtain just don't pick up any health pickups and/or use special weapons fully armored its a cake walk
    AlexanderZ640 24 Dec 2023 01:22
    I was doing this achievement and didnt remembered that the page fell down some days ago, so the emulator didnt registered it :(
    Edgarmcfly 9 Jan 2024 02:10
    EZ !
    guiretrogamer 12 Feb 2024 20:29
    I tried, no HP recover and also only buster but its not triggering. Cheats are allowed, like infinite health?
    Moshe613 19 Mar 2024 20:31
    Hint: Disable L and R buttons in Snes9x Input Configuration window.
    SirVector 9 May 2024 00:14
    After several days, a few hours and a lot of patience I managed to get this achievement. The one that gave me the most work was the blessed Octopus, which took a good part of life and almost couldn't reach Mammoth.
    Incredibly, I reached him with just two health traces and managed to defeat him, finally!
    salvadorbastard 12 May 2024 18:14
    For those struggling with Sting Chameleon, if he goes into the middle of the arena, jump above his tongue strike and he will move to his next phase. Almost got him damage less but got hit by a few roof spikes but they only do a unit of damage each (with the chest upgrade).
    I found not jumping for Launch Octopus helped his section, other than jumping for a charged shot when he finishes his whirlpool tornado attack.
    LeftSideDown 20 May 2024 22:14
    the hardest part for me was surprisingly not one of the bosses, but rather the section between octopus and mammoth

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