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Mega Man X (SNES)

Play through the Intro Stage and reach on Vile without taking damage
Almost a Perfect Run, but Vile Just Ruined It (10) (19)
Play through the Intro Stage and reach on Vile without taking damage

Created by matheus2653 on: 19 Nov, 2017 16:19
Last modified: 14 Sep, 2021 13:41

Won by 2048 of 8905 possible players (23%)

Recent comment(s):
26 Nov 2017
no consegui esta conquista, cheguei no Vile sem dano usando tecnica e so com o buster e mesmo assim no consegui, ALGUEM PODE DAR UMA DICA..
22 Jan 2018
Acabei de tentar e no consegui.
27 Oct 2019
Essa conquista meio que impossvel .. ir ate o Vile e sem levar dano...quando chega no vile leva dano ?????
27 Oct 2019
Voce nao precisa derrotar o Vile (o que de fato impossivel), voce so precisa jogar a fase do comeco ao fim sem tomar dano e chegar na luta contra o ele.
27 Oct 2019
OBRIGADO por responder o comentrio Mateus2653 ^^b
1 Jan 2020
Usem tcnicas de invencibilidade do camaleo e do tatu bola.
19 May 2020
Can anyone translate the essence in english plz? :P
29 May 2020
Just be patient, and go slow, and this one is a push over.
24 Sep 2020
This one should be SO EASY and I can't get it!
1 Nov 2020
This is such bullshit. I DID make it to him without taking a SINGLE hit, and the fucking thing didn't trigger just like so many other achievements I rightfully earned on this damn site over the past several days!
1 Nov 2020
The majority of them work fine, those that don't usually have "tickets" already, otherwise sorry to say but it may a problem on your end...
1 Nov 2020
Yeah sure, the achievement works for over 1000 other people, but because it didn't worked for you "wow, this is bullshit", bullshit is comments like yours who I need to read althrough I did nothing wrong, learn how talk properly.
1 Nov 2020
Achievements like this don't work very well with save states, mainly in RetroArch
28 Jan 2021
DanielARP edited this achievement.
6 Jul 2021
GalacticSpear edited this achievement.
14 Sep 2021
GalacticSpear edited this achievement.

Recent Winners

UserHardcore?Earned On
mankodaxHardcore!11 Aug, 2022 00:23
sandiagosam10 Aug, 2022 23:58
Neat1Up10 Aug, 2022 15:26
ZealordHardcore!10 Aug, 2022 02:19
pikachumittins10 Aug, 2022 01:17
PikacshuHardcore!09 Aug, 2022 06:25
Bryan1150Hardcore!08 Aug, 2022 16:42
HYPERSONIC999Hardcore!08 Aug, 2022 03:10
PeriModernStevenFan08 Aug, 2022 02:10
atma505Hardcore!08 Aug, 2022 01:47
PLOXEROYTHardcore!07 Aug, 2022 20:22
ando7007 Aug, 2022 18:50
RidlaidHardcore!06 Aug, 2022 20:36
ReiAyanamiHardcore!06 Aug, 2022 13:29
DanilOcelotHardcore!06 Aug, 2022 00:13
JorgeProNoob05 Aug, 2022 21:20
7FoXHardcore!30 Jul, 2022 19:54
6Botoeslives30 Jul, 2022 19:51
MonevHardcore!30 Jul, 2022 05:20
picufabian222029 Jul, 2022 12:48
helisoya28 Jul, 2022 15:57
Raffaels28 Jul, 2022 11:38
sulpemagoHardcore!28 Jul, 2022 01:50
SaltyAdvisor28 Jul, 2022 00:07
Jorgel27 Jul, 2022 16:51
Gyakun27 Jul, 2022 07:02
jimenezHardcore!26 Jul, 2022 03:53
Mauvin25 Jul, 2022 04:03
alantronicoHardcore!25 Jul, 2022 02:19
Polos1488Hardcore!23 Jul, 2022 19:12
Z3r0Pl4ysHardcore!23 Jul, 2022 10:39
DCasterHardcore!22 Jul, 2022 18:11
Aratemuso22 Jul, 2022 17:35
TairyHesticlesIVHardcore!21 Jul, 2022 20:18
messiah123Hardcore!20 Jul, 2022 03:23
diggstorsionHardcore!18 Jul, 2022 19:37
LuqiHardcore!17 Jul, 2022 01:57
pulsexpHardcore!16 Jul, 2022 17:47
zer0rc21Hardcore!16 Jul, 2022 15:45
DiscoMoonHardcore!16 Jul, 2022 15:39
blackturtleHardcore!14 Jul, 2022 03:07
DagraoHardcore!13 Jul, 2022 20:42
bigj1227Hardcore!13 Jul, 2022 03:27
EduardoMenezes112 Jul, 2022 23:05
FrozenFischHardcore!12 Jul, 2022 19:32
zxmegaHardcore!12 Jul, 2022 15:16
WerPVPHardcore!12 Jul, 2022 08:31
Jhown66612 Jul, 2022 02:38
xchado97531xHardcore!11 Jul, 2022 00:13
Chriskant10 Jul, 2022 19:07


Beat the game in the shortest time
Beat the game in the shortest time (Includes Hadouken)
Beat the game in the shortest time using only the Buster
Reach Chill Penguin boss door in the shortest time
Beat Chill Penguin in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Storm Eagle boss door or ship platform (or stage end if it is a revisit) in the shortest time
Beat Storm Eagle in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Flame Mammoth boss door in the shortest time
Beat Flame Mammoth in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Spark Mandrill boss door in the shortest time
Beat Spark Mandrill in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Armored Armadillo boss door in the shortest time
Beat Armored Armadillo in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Boomer Kuwanger boss door in the shortest time
Beat Boomer Kuwanger in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Sting Chameleon boss door in the shortest time
Beat Sting Chameleon in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Launch Octopus boss door in the shortest time
Beat Launch Octopus in its stage in the shortest time
Speedrun any 4 Bosses