Banjo-Kazooie (Nintendo 64)

Defeat Grunty without taking damage.
Witch Exterminator [m] (50) (195)
Defeat Grunty without taking damage.

Created by MarcusVinicius on: 24 Jul, 2017 05:25
Last modified: 25 May, 2022 14:52

Won by 254 of 2707 possible players (9%)

Recent comment(s):
Jazmataz 4 Jun 2022 09:36
That problem would not exist if one had used a later version of this game. Stop making mountains out of molehills.
this is the only challenge and achievement that is fun and hard in this set. how many times do you want to mention that this error happens? Many people have unlocked this achievement so stop crying.
Alucard2k12 4 Jun 2022 09:38
Who's crying? I've mentioned it's happening and then pointed out that you don't need to gameover because you can farm lives in Furnace Fun to prevent people having to backtrack from the starting area again.
Jazmataz 4 Jun 2022 09:45
Many players from the past constantly complained and cried because of this achievement. Unfortunately, the comments always disappear when more and more comments come.
You can check out the forum of this Game. Pathetic.
Alucard2k12 4 Jun 2022 09:47
It's a shame it happens but honestly it's not a major thing. Glitches happen in games and the achievement isn't hard per say. All my failed attempts have been my mistakes.
Yo12390 14 Jun 2022 16:31
Wow Jazmataz are you the new self proclaimed gatekeeper of "correct" whining when it comes to this achievement? Stop complaining about other people's complains and focus on yourself.
Jazmataz 14 Jun 2022 18:36

No I will not stop defending this achievement. Strangely enough, almost only the people who are bad and have hardly mastered any games or only play Free Points Games complain.
Kamikoopa 14 Jun 2022 19:00
Alucard wasn’t even complaining and he’s almost the same total points as you after 1 year where you’re at 3 years. So just ease up a bit, and who gives two shits about people complaining lol. It’s a horrendous achievement for some people, it was for me.
Jazmataz 14 Jun 2022 19:23
I started November/December 2021 with Chevos Hunting. Registred since 2019 cuz i did a Account on Retroarch back then. But that doesn't matter.
Jazmataz 14 Jun 2022 19:35
Man....I'm very glad Retro Points exist.
Yo12390 15 Jun 2022 18:12
Lol pathetic
RossWyatt 16 Jun 2022 04:51
We get it you like the achievement quit coming off like a try hard though. "Strangely enough, almost only the people who are bad and have hardly mastered any games or only play Free Points Games complain." Yeah, most people have to spend most of their time with jobs, families, school, or their free time on current day gaming consoles. This is supposed to be a great hobby for people who want achievements in old games, not a try hard marathon of hardcore gaming 24/7. It's just a damn Banjo Kazooie achievement let it go Jazmataz. *Yo12390 had a good point and it's kind of weird.
Jazmataz 16 Jun 2022 10:55
what simpletons here. such stupid arguments. I also have a private life and a job that has nothing to do with the fact that an achievement is difficult. those who now want to comment all the time and defend those who are whining here want to be important and get internet points. you are ridiculous. ps: @rosswyatt Unfortunately, the history of comments disappears here as more is written. Aren't you the one who once wrote that this achievement is so hard that you would sign up in Patreon for this website and pay money to make it disappear. this is pure comedy.
RossWyatt 16 Jun 2022 14:15
Oh, I don't like the achievement, that's why I called you out on being toxic and trying to defend it over and over with anyone who says anything other than praise it. You can't argue with someone who's too stubborn or ignorant to admit they're in the wrong. I'm in the wrong for even arguing back with you instead of letting it go, but at least I acknowledge it. Try-Hards who try ripping other people down are toxic.
RossWyatt 16 Jun 2022 14:16
btw that's still up if anyone wants to take me up on that offer two comments above ^ lmaoooo
Stiffi 6 Jul 2022 15:51
okay i dont want any fight or anything but...uhm.. does anyone know how to ..uhm.. ( i cant activate the small uhm.. pre jinjonator statues even wheni got hit and i cant find a solution i tried many versions of the rom help) at this point i just want to finish the game xD
Alucard2k12 6 Jul 2022 16:08
There's a glitch that happens occasionally where you're unable to activate one of the small Jinjo statues, it happened to me a bunch but persevere and you'll get to that point and the statue will work
Yo12390 21 Aug 2022 04:52
OMG Jazmataz has a private life XD and whats this ? A Job too?! No way!
RJAIN 8 Sep 2022 04:24
This comment section is a clown show lol. Never seen someone with such a raging boner for an achievement in my life.
EthanLikezCatz 17 Sep 2022 08:28
The only reason this is a clown show is because of all the people who aren't good enough or are too lazy to get the achievement. If 250 people have done this then it is far from impossible. This is actually the only achievement in the set that is even challenging and without it the set is basically free. What is with you people who have 50% or less game completion trying to bring everyone down to your level? It's obvious you guys only attempt an achievement five times max before crying that it needs to be demoted. If you think this is hard then please go try King K. Rool damageless in DK64 or better yet try beating Super Smash Bros. on very hard with one stock with no continues. Both of those make this achievement look like a joke. I'm not trying to belittle anyone who can't do it, but please don't try taking away the accomplishment of others just because you aren't willing to put the effort in yourself.
Jazmataz 17 Sep 2022 13:10

Cheers mate

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