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  • Defeat Grunty without taking damage.

    437 (362) of 4,457 – 9.80%

    8.12% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    9.80% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by MarcusVinicius on: 24 Jul, 2017 05:25
    Last modified: 25 May, 2022 14:52

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    Gregolas 7 Apr 2023 20:12
    After countless Jinjo statue bugs, finally got it, apart from that it's challenging but very doable once you practise it a bit, but I hope no one else gets that bug as much as I did man...
    IceTeaZouneT 10 May 2023 22:52

    I just did it for the second time (on pc it was much easier than on Steamdeck for this fight) and it's much easier after a bit of practice (and when the pressure of getting the achievement has been relieved haha)

    If it can help I'll put the youtube link here, it's not for advertising, this channel is not meant to become something very important.

    PS : The Jinjo buggy statues were really frustrating on some runs. (Phase 4)
    Yo12390 1 Aug 2023 20:40
    I finally did it! THANKS to EVERYONE who gave nice advises and tips!

    -Jinjo statue bug happened twice and its a nervewracker
    -The achievement is doable, but i disagree with "very doable"
    since some players are more lucky or just way more skilled.
    -My advise just try again & again until u become used to failure thats the breaking point to your victory

    -last phase start on the eastside then proceed south => west => finish north


    PS: To the ppl that got angry at normal comments, concerning the Jinjo Bug.
    Stop gaslighting ppl, that actually have had the issue and it just didnt happen in your try.
    Boomer69 18 Sep 2023 23:46
    I feel like the Jinjo bug happens more often than not. It's absolutely insane, and it turns what would otherwise be a tolerable achievement into a nightmare. I just got the bug four times in a row and for hours yesterday I estimate it to have happened at least half of the time. This shouldn't be acceptable in an achievement. Unless it's my emulator or something... I don't remember this happening too much on original hardware, but.
    blood 19 Sep 2023 00:00
    I don't remember it happening on my N64 either, so I believe this is an issue with the 1.0 version that is linked for the set, but this is just speculation. Just keep at it man, I tried it for approximately 1 hour and eventually managed to get it, despite the bug.
    Boomer69 19 Sep 2023 02:07
    It's been a bit hard to get consistent practice at the next sequences because of the bug, but I think I have the idea of what to do to win. It's only hard because of the damned ass camera and having back turned during the 4th phase, and on one side of the jinjinator statue during the fifth, and managing golden feathers. Yeah I just looked it up and couldn't find that change documented between versions but who knows for sure. The achievement is actually fun at times if it weren't for the bug happening so much. I'll give it another go in a week or something. Good luck to other poor souls in the future also.
    TroffleWoffles 26 Sep 2023 10:32
    Between the abysmal camera, awful flying mechanic, and jinjo bug this one really needs to be axed tbh
    Jazmataz 26 Sep 2023 11:18
    Abysmal Camera? I had a another Experience.
    Moonkip 10 Oct 2023 14:10
    Took about 80 minutes of attempts. My advice is don't worry about the way the camera is facing and rely on audio queues. When you hear the fireball sound turn the other direction. On the final Jinjo statue: be patient, use eggs after gold feather and jump out after the egg animation ends. Try to close the hole that is at the front of the statue first because it is the hardest.
    FreudianLisp 16 Nov 2023 15:47
    For anyone struggling with the Jinjo bug, I have a theory that it is something to do with the camera being in a position to load a statue but not the egg activation region right at the moment when the statue spawns. Possibly due to widescreen on the emulator or just bad positioning.

    At the end of phase 3, pick a corner right before the statues spawn and make sure your camera stays centred on the location where the statue will spawn, and close enough that only the one statue is visible. Grunty should be behind you with the camera facing towards the cliff. Run around in tight circles to avoid fireballs, and wait a few seconds for the statue to be fully spawned in before moving the camera AT ALL, then continue the fight like normal.

    I did not encounter the bug at all when doing this. Previously I would get it like 40-50% of the time. However it only took me another 6 attempts after that so I could have just been lucky.
    TheGreatjon94 18 Nov 2023 10:47
    Currently having a break from attempting this from so many jinjo bug encounters as others have said. I'll test your theory now, FreudianLisp since it's definitely testing my patience.

    Another tip I found for phase 1 that I haven't seen others mention:
    - If you shoot 4 eggs in a row at her when she comes to rest the first time, you can skip to the end of the phase straight away.

    Hope this makes re-runs more bearable for someone in the future!
    TheGreatjon94 19 Nov 2023 09:04
    Got it after 30 attempts or so (half of them resulting in the jinjo bug and the other half me not being patient!)

    In terms of the above suggested jinjo bug fix, I still got the bug even with centering my camera on the statue when it spawns. I have a feeling it's the same coloured statue each time though so maybe it needs to be the correct one? Not sure, I'm just glad I'm done with this now.
    TrashCity 22 Nov 2023 17:43
    I find it hilarious this is one of my favorite games of all time. I love dark souls/elden ring, Mastered zelda OOT master quest, but yet this boss is the only thing from mastering my favorite game of all time.

    I think the thing that kills me motivation is the fact of the jinjo bug glitch, it's so unforgiving. One day I will beat this, but I just wanted to say I feel everyone's pain who is having massive trouble with this achievement.

    At the end of day it's not hard, it's just with some many phases and the way she throws her fireball can be tiresome.
    EnchantedEmi 23 Nov 2023 15:09
    Bro really went "Git Gud" in 2023 that is INSANE lmao
    adamdotpng 3 Dec 2023 23:43
    Oof, I lost count of how many attempts it took, but it took towards ~3 hours for me. I was also getting more of the Jinjo glitch towards the last attempts, and I was getting frustrated not knowing if it was my inputs or the emulator lagging, so I switched cores from Mupen to Parallel. Well that must've the answer 'cause I got the achievement first try doing that. Getting eggs into the Jinjonator was the worst 'cause I couldn't tell if it took 3 or 5 and the hitbox was never consistent.
    shub 7 Jan 2024 22:26
    This wasn't that difficult *for me*, I figured out each phase and got pretty consistent with it, only took around 40 minutes of attempts. That being said, I can see why so many consider this an impossible achievement and I empathise with those struggling, it's definitely not easy.

    If you're reading through these comments currently because you're stuck: keep at it! I believe in you. :)
    firkinblin 17 Jan 2024 22:39
    I was dreading this one but pulled it off. Make sure you've activated the cheats that double your feathers and eggs. When she throws the green balls between some phases, use your golden feathers to block them.

    Phase 1
    Run back and forth to dodge.
    Two flies, hit, two flies, hit, three flies, hit, four flies, hit.
    (Someone above said you can fire eggs at her to speed it up, but I never did that)

    Phase 2
    Just run in a circle near her each time she throws four homing fireballs at you (sometimes three, but this is unlikely) to throw off her aim before you have a chance to fire a few eggs at her. Jumping up on the wall in this break and firing is rather accurate, but gotta be quick. Firing between the walls gives you more time, but is less accurate. I prefer on the walls. Note that she staggers when you hit her with an egg, so this usually gives you a chance to fire a few more before running away, especially on the first couple of times.
    After hitting her three times, she moves to a new spot. This happens four times.

    Phase 3
    Run straight to the flight pad and fly. As some have said, R-button gives you quick turning. Just try to aim ahead of where she is generally going and avoid aiming from above her since this can hurt you if you miss and hit the ground. Don't fly too close to her either, logically. After every hit she throws fireballs, more and more. After the fourth hit, she throws four fireballs. Go towards the ground when she does that and land safely.

    Phase 4
    Now she starts throwing one fireball at a time, which isn't too bad. Just avoid them until the Jinjo statues appear. Wait for a fireball to miss before you duck to fire eggs into the statues! If you get the glitch, jump off the castle.

    Phase 5
    This is where it gets wild.
    Put yourself and camera in position to where you can accurately fire eggs. Dodge the fireballs, gold feather the green ball, and then fire eggs. Steadily repeat this cycle for each hole until you win.
    The1upBlock 27 Jan 2024 02:36
    She's entirely predictable because she leads all of her shots, but man.. Those flight controls are so wonky. I spent most of my time playing the world's worst dive-bomb simulator. I was getting so sick of dodging that first phase.. lol
    ChaosXeloc 1 Feb 2024 02:47
    This wasn't nearly as bad as I was expecting based on the comments, but it was definitely one of the toughest in the set. That said, I don't think I ever had the "jinjo glitch" happen to me, and I'm not even sure what the bug is even supposed to be? Probably took over an hour of attempts, because I just kept choking on the final phase and getting hit by a stray fireball.

    Tips that helped me were mapping C-Up to a face button and learning that you could use R1 to tight-turn when flying. Otherwise, it was just memorizing the fight. The achievement could really use a challenge indicator though.
    kylejohnston89 19 Feb 2024 14:51
    Can this be done using any of the in-game cheats? (ex. infinite gold feathers, invincibility, etc.)

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