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  • Catch all obtainable Pokemon.

    414 (376) of 2,744 – 15.09%

    13.70% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    15.09% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by dude1286 on: 14 Feb, 2014 04:04
    Last modified: 14 Jan, 2023 11:02

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    wabisabi 29 Jan 2023 17:37
    The tradeable Pokemons are not included in this achievement. So don’t even waste your time doing all of this. There are 199 obtainable Pokemon that you should be able to get it without any “trick”, just a little bit more effort and patience.
    DryIce53 29 Jan 2023 17:38
    try it,the reason the law of trigger no say: no trade or glitch remember it, read Pokémon not included in that version :D
    ToPoleaDK 29 Jan 2023 17:44
    But... Would be dope to play through the game with a charizard... Jus saying lol
    tomojin 29 Jan 2023 17:47
    I know trade evos don't count towards the achievement, and I didn't mean it as a trick or cheat. I just wanted to use a Politoed in my team. But I'll probably avoid it to be safe. Then maybe later when I have like 198 Pokemon, I'll make a backup save and test it to see if it still triggers after.
    ToPoleaDK 29 Jan 2023 18:25
    It will still trigger if you get the right Pokémon it just won't trigger at 199
    DryIce53 29 Jan 2023 18:28
    just evolve a ratata and watch that xd
    wabisabi 29 Jan 2023 18:32
    Here’s the code notes: https://retroachievements.org/codenotes.php?g=576

    If you can’t find the name of a Pokemon there, it means it won’t count regardless of what you do! Good luck and good gaming friends!
    DryIce53 29 Jan 2023 18:35
    in that link in 0xdbe5 and down xd
    tomojin 17 Feb 2023 05:07
    Yep the achievement still works after trading. You guys already said it, but I still wanted to confirm for myself. I traded for Politoed and Steelix, then finished off my last few Pokedex entries, and it triggered as expected at 201.
    goldanthro 9 Mar 2023 04:30
    So glitches are allowed on gold but not silver? that's kind of strange but okay
    wesleywithoutat 16 Apr 2023 03:40
    Looking at the Silver set, it's obviously meant to be like Hard Mode. Trading in normally-unobtainable Pokemon could make it easier than intended. Gold's set looks a lot more chill.
    DeliaSymbols 12 May 2023 17:09
    I caught 206.
    henriqueaf 16 Jul 2023 12:20
    can I get more than one of each elemental stones in the game?
    bryan7474 19 Jan 2024 00:55
    How do you do this when you only get 1 of each stone? Like how do I get a victreebell and a vileplume when there's only 1 leaf stone?
    tomojin 19 Jan 2024 01:41
    You only need 1 of each type of stone evo (except Moon Stone and Sun Stone since they aren't limited)
    bryan7474 21 Jan 2024 08:44
    Ty Tom, just nailed this achievement! Was a toughie, bit more annoyed I'm missing 2 trainers and I'm convinced they're rocket statues lol.
    Silfrin 12 Feb 2024 14:49
    I don't get it. People say trade do not count and that only one of each stone is enough (except sun and moon)

    I'm at 196/199 right now.
    Here are the only missing ones in my Pokedex:

    Gen 1 starters (unavailable)
    Omanyte / Kabuto (unavailable)
    Leg birds (unavailable)
    Mewto / Mew (unavailable)

    Vulpix + 1 (silver only)
    Meowth + 1 (silver only)
    Ledyba + 1 (silver only)
    Delibird (silver only)
    Skarmory (silver only)
    Phanpy + 1 (silver only)

    Alakazam (trade)
    Machamp (trade)
    Golem (trade)
    Gengar (trade)
    Politoed (trade)
    Slowking (trade)
    Steeling (trade)
    Scizor (trade)
    Kingdra (trade)
    Porygon 2 (trade)

    Gen 2 starters : Typhlosion (OK) / Others (unavailable)
    HitmonLee (OK) / HitmonChan (unavailable) / HitmonTop (unavailable)
    Eeveelution : Noctali (OK) - 4 others (unavailable)

    Victreebel (leaf)
    Exeggutor (leaf)
    Cloyster (water)
    Starmie (water)

    Unavaibles can't be obtained.
    Same for silver only.
    Trade do not count.
    Gen 2 starters, you can only max 1 element.
    Only 1 tyrogue can be obtained, so only 1 of its evolutions too.
    Only one eeveee can be obtained, so only 1 of its evolutions too.
    I already used leaf stone to get Vileplume.
    I already used water stone to get Poliwrath.

    Who are the 3 missing pokemons? é_è
    tomojin 12 Feb 2024 14:54
    Sounds like it's Hitmonchan, Hitmontop, and Espeon. You have to breed your Eevee/Tyrogue evolutions to get them all.
    Silfrin 12 Feb 2024 15:47
    Oh my god, you were right!
    I had no idea we could get other Tyrogues from eggs...
    I just mastered this game thanks to your help. Thanks you, tomojin!
    Merricide 18 Apr 2024 23:59
    For some reason I wasn't understanding what others were saying here, so I'll summarize it again. There is only ONE of each elemental stone (only available from Bill's grandpa), you can't buy as many as you want in Celadon City like you could in Gen 1.

    Therefore, you will have to breed at least two more Tyrogues for all 3 evolutions. You can also breed 4 more Eevees or buy 4 in the Celadon Game Corner for 6,666 coins each. Those, the baby mons, and Rhyhorn make 13 pokemon you have to breed for in total.

    If you could get more stones like through ACE, hypothetically, it would set your total at 206.

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