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  • Runaway Trio

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    Catch Entei, Suicune and Raikou.

    552 (433) of 2,585 – 21.35%

    16.75% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    21.35% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by dude1286 on: 14 Feb, 2014 04:04
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    blood 4 Sep 2021 02:41
    NAFEDUDE 12 Jan 2022 17:39
    Pokmon under Level 40, Super Repel on Route 36, if it runs out before you find one, go to Ruins of Alph, then back to 36.
    WKGames 31 May 2022 12:53
    Used this guide https://www.reddit.com/r/pokemon/comments/7c2jlm/how_to_catch_raikou_suicune_and_entei_a/ but instead of a Level 40 Jynx, I used a Level 40 Butterfree with Sleep Powder and a Level 40 Marowak with False Swipe. It took about 2 hours with the emulator sped up. Very annoying, thank God this is over.
    Ultros 31 Aug 2022 08:46
    Forgot how hard this was. Catching legendaries back in the early games was hardcore!
    RetroSprites 22 Dec 2022 06:43
    This was a hell, thanks WKgames, that guide was very helpful, still, it cost too much, if you use the bike, I think it's more rare that the damn dog changes places, as for the guide, you have to be very patient, especially with Suicune, i love this pokemon, but what a son of a thousand... it was the most difficult of the 3 by far.
    I was able to capture Entei the third time I found him, which is equivalent to the first, since, the 3rd time I used hypnosis and then I threw 1 ultra ball at him and i caught him, Suicune didn't want to sleep and, or he ran away dodging the hypnosis from Haunter, or used a roar after using Mean eye on it. A real nuisance.
    Eetio 11 Jan 2023 13:56
    The only thing I found that works with this was to fly to Mahogany, search the grass west for 20 seconds and then go to Violet and search the grass west there repeating this over and over. Using a lvl 39 Haunter with Mean look, Hypnosis and max repels.
    nietscape 22 Jan 2023 18:16
    I found next to no documentation on this aside from a single youtube video so I'll put it here: the game will prevent you from encountering the three legendary dogs if it detects you are moving back and forth between two routes. Try to have at least three different areas that you check.
    ShyBaconzilla 24 Mar 2023 01:12
    Suicune and Entei were quite easy to catch, Raikou on the other hand.....
    lggr 27 Apr 2023 03:15
    Lvl ball la última captura que logro más lindo
    DuckswanTheAlbatross 27 Jun 2023 18:06
    In this game, X Accuracy causes all your moves to bypass accuracy checks, so your hypnosis/sleep powder/lovely kiss will hit 100% of the time. You’ll never be completely protected from roar, but you at least won’t lose turns from missing your attacks.
    The1upBlock 22 Jan 2024 03:36
    Leaving this here after doing this for both Silver and Gold, the Jynx lvl 39 strat made this about as simple as it could get. Jynx with Mean Look, Lovely Kiss and Ice Punch. I start from the Twins on Route 37, run down to the patch of grass on Route 36 and finally down the first hallway of trees on the way to the Cut Tree that leads to Route 35. Each location I check the dex, Repel if they're there, Mean Look, Sleep, Ice Punch to lower their HP and then Ultra Ball and Sleep. If they aren't there, move forward or turn around and go the opposite direction. Master Ball should be saved for Raikou due to his speed. Once their HP is low, you can start saving and resetting to save Ultra Balls/Repels.
    paulohp7 25 Jan 2024 04:42
    Thanks for the link with instructions.


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