Legend of Zelda, The: Ocarina of Time
Console icon Nintendo 64

  • Complete the Game without getting any Map or Compass from any Dungeon and 3 Hearts only.

    731 (683) of 7,954 – 9.19%

    8.59% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    9.19% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Altomar on: 03 Jun, 2017 23:57
    Last modified: 17 Feb, 2021 03:36

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    GoddessBow 14 Apr 2023 22:20
    Nope, I closed the entire emulator as soon as he started to open the chest, he bends down to pick up the thing then holds it over his head, I ended the emu as soon as he bent down, put me back 30 mins of progress, and I have 4 items in Cartographer achievement progress (4 boss keys for: Forest, Fire Water and Shadow Temple)

    No glitching here, I have done EVERYTHING in order, Deku Tree > Dodongo's Cave > Jabu Jabu > Forest Temple > Fire Temple > Shadow Temple > now Spirit
    GoddessBow 14 Apr 2023 22:22
    Fire then Water then Shadow
    Sorry, stressed XD
    Altomar 14 Apr 2023 22:27
    Cartographer also track bosses keys. Blind explorer achievement check only if you have any maps or compases
    GoddessBow 14 Apr 2023 22:28
    Alright! Well, here's hoping I didn't get furked
    Thanks for telling me this
    And thanks for the achievement, like I said: it's fun but I really hope that ending the emu worked
    Olra 14 Apr 2023 22:29
    The achievement should unlock when Zelda is about to play the song of time with the ocarina. I hope it works for you.
    GoddessBow 14 Apr 2023 22:37
    @Olra: Thank you :3
    It's been a wild ride this game....
    Good to know that (:

    Also @Altomar: you crazy dev XD some of the boss requirements are ridiculous! But damn it feels good to do them!
    To beat this madness!
    Like I said: I am.not good at this game, just insanely iron skinned XD I don't quit or give in before it's DONE! :3
    GoddessBow 15 Apr 2023 02:54
    I got it! ^3^

    Okie so for future achievement hunters!: exiting the emulator in the middle of the animation before the item is on the screen = achievement is safe! Just gotta be quick about it ♡
    SuperMeatBro 19 Sep 2023 17:15
    i would suggest making backups ofnyour save file before each dongeons
    Jordey 9 Oct 2023 04:44
    Can you get the Double Defense upgrade from the last Great Fairy for the 3-heart run?
    JD3351 15 Oct 2023 23:53
    welp… another childhood classic i will just play blind because im not gonna torture myself to complete.
    SilentGlyph 7 Dec 2023 04:08
    Can you still get a piece of heart (not a full one from a boss) and have this achievement still unlock? It's as long as your health is at 3?
    Failinator 10 Dec 2023 21:30
    Beat the game 100% to get all the other 96 achievements. Started a new file and I just can not get this one to trigger.
    I've beaten it twice on different save files now :/
    averyaveryavery 11 Dec 2023 05:36
    you can restart retroarch, right? I won't have to restart my run if I accidentally obtained a heart and restarted it to when I had 3 hearts?
    Altomar 11 Dec 2023 06:15
    @Failinator @averyaveryavery
    The achievement check if you have obtained any map or compass on any of these dungeons. Also check if you have gotten the medals which mean you can't glitch the game to speedrun to the end skipping any dungeon. The last condition check for the Total HP the player have [Full hearts]. The achievement will trigger when the game is beaten after a certain dialog.
    Failinator 14 Dec 2023 20:04
    Alright, finally got it :)
    What I find odd about this achievement though: If you don't want people to use sequence breaks to get this one faster/easier (which I can understand), then why does it not require the Spiritual Stones aswell?

    As it stands right now, it seems you "only" need the six medallions, obviously no maps/compasses and 3 hearts.
    Altomar 15 Dec 2023 03:23
    If i am not mistaken the ones i left out from the achievement conditions cannot be skipped. This is the reason i have not included them as protection
    Knuxxie 28 Jan 2024 09:55
    If I opened a chest with a map, didn't save and restarted. No map in inventory for dungeon. Am I ok? Or do I need to restart over
    Arissarlia 18 Feb 2024 22:46
    For anyone wondering, if you get a map or compass on accident you are allowed to hit reset and undo the mistake you've made without it affecting the achievement. I was getting mixed signals reading the comments but can definitely confirm after accidentally picking up a map and having it appear on screen and doing a reset it didn't affect the achievement at all. (Note it appears in a later cutscene with Zelda towards end credits after a particular dialogue and NOT after Ganon is dead)

    Good luck gamers.
    Selvmoord 26 Apr 2024 02:40
    can I still pick a small heart piece, but without completing the full heart?
    I saw now that I got a heart piece from the skull kid I tried to sell the mask... don't wanna restart again.
    dericobanjo 9 May 2024 00:06
    So I earned this achievement and it happened 2 times that I got a map by accident but I hard reseted, the map was not in my possesion and the achievement worked, so hard reseting dosen't break the achievement so you are all fine everyone!

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