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Legend of Zelda, The: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64)

Complete the Game without getting any Map or Compass from any Dungeon and 3 Hearts only.
Blind Explorer [m] (25) (97)
Complete the Game without getting any Map or Compass from any Dungeon and 3 Hearts only.

Created by Altomar on: 03 Jun, 2017 23:57
Last modified: 17 Feb, 2021 03:36

Unlocked by 467 of 5,437 possible players (8.59%)

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Altomar 13 Nov 2021 19:42
The achievement check only if you have taken any compass or map on a 3 hearts run.
RDPateau 13 Nov 2021 23:28
i see. that was a really fun journey, very nice run
NewWizKid 21 Mar 2022 08:09
Very satisfying.
Breembin 14 Sep 2022 16:06
I was really scared I accidentally grabbed one, but it just took a bit longer to unlock. Fun little challenge!
IzaNamiZX 22 Sep 2022 04:32
Fun challenge, I liked it.
Techiteruel 18 Oct 2022 14:38
I must say to complete all achievements you need to complete a first run and after in the second run almost completing all Young Link dungeons. (At the start of the game you must choose this achievement or Cartographer which is also missable)
Olra 14 Dec 2022 22:43
If you get a heart, map or compass by accident, you have to start from the beginning. Resetting the game doesn't work.
DistantFantasy 25 Feb 2023 22:02
Do you really have to start over if you got a Map or Compass by accident? I got the Compass in Jabu Jabus Dungeon but before I completed the text about getting the Compass I quit. I dont have a Compass in my inventory. If this really is the case..this is some huge dissapointment.
Olra 25 Feb 2023 22:08
Yeah it would probably not work. I got a compass and pressed restart before the text appeared and it didn't work.
But hey, at least it happened to you in Jabu Jabu... and not in Spirit temple, lol
acheevmint 26 Mar 2023 16:14
I mindlessly kept grabbing maps, usually in the Ice Cavern lmao. So I did have to restart a few times. Also thought not having a map wouldn't be a big deal but the Water Temple was a lot harder than I thought it would be while doing this. Had fun though!
GoddessBow 14 Apr 2023 22:01
This is way too punishing this way
This should be fixed so people can reset and not lose days of progress
In this way it's beyond ridiculous!

Not saying its a bad achievement coz.the challenge is fun! But not allowing reset is too much to ask....
GoddessBow 14 Apr 2023 22:05
Going by this criteria should be worth 50 at least
I'm not good at this game unlike others, I've used now 52 hours to reach the Spirit Temple and coz of a stupid chest that spawned far away looking looking a small one, I even closed the emu as soon as the animation started, no item showed up, nothing
If I still won't get the achievement for this small mistake.... that's too much
Altomar 14 Apr 2023 22:16
This doesn't make any sense. Unless you make the mistake and save the game the achievement should work fine. Also from what i remember the achievement have protection in case someone try to glitch/speedrun skipping a large portion of the game.
GoddessBow 14 Apr 2023 22:20
Nope, I closed the entire emulator as soon as he started to open the chest, he bends down to pick up the thing then holds it over his head, I ended the emu as soon as he bent down, put me back 30 mins of progress, and I have 4 items in Cartographer achievement progress (4 boss keys for: Forest, Fire Water and Shadow Temple)

No glitching here, I have done EVERYTHING in order, Deku Tree > Dodongo's Cave > Jabu Jabu > Forest Temple > Fire Temple > Shadow Temple > now Spirit
GoddessBow 14 Apr 2023 22:22
Fire then Water then Shadow
Sorry, stressed XD
Altomar 14 Apr 2023 22:27
Cartographer also track bosses keys. Blind explorer achievement check only if you have any maps or compases
GoddessBow 14 Apr 2023 22:28
Alright! Well, here's hoping I didn't get furked
Thanks for telling me this
And thanks for the achievement, like I said: it's fun but I really hope that ending the emu worked
Olra 14 Apr 2023 22:29
The achievement should unlock when Zelda is about to play the song of time with the ocarina. I hope it works for you.
GoddessBow 14 Apr 2023 22:37
@Olra: Thank you :3
It's been a wild ride this game....
Good to know that (:

Also @Altomar: you crazy dev XD some of the boss requirements are ridiculous! But damn it feels good to do them!
To beat this madness!
Like I said: I am.not good at this game, just insanely iron skinned XD I don't quit or give in before it's DONE! :3
GoddessBow 15 Apr 2023 02:54
I got it! ^3^

Okie so for future achievement hunters!: exiting the emulator in the middle of the animation before the item is on the screen = achievement is safe! Just gotta be quick about it โ™ก

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Odd Mushroom

Time left when delivering Odd Mushroom.

Eyeball Frog

Time left when delivering Eyeball Frog.

Worlds Finest Eye Drops

Time left when delivering the Eye Drops.

Epona Race

Time needed for the Race against Ingo.

Epona Parkour

Time needed for the Epona Parkour.

Dampes Race

Fastest Time in Dampes Race.

Running Man Challenge

Complete the Race as fast as you can

Slingshot Sniper

Deku Seeds left after winning the Game.

Bow Sniper

Arrows left after winning the Game.

Bombchu Bowling

Bombchus left after winning the Game.

Super Cuccos Catching

Time needed for the Cuccos Catching Game.

Diving Mini Game

Time Remaining after collecting all Rupees. (No 1st Game)

Horse Master

Highest Score in the Horseback Archery Minigame.