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Legend of Zelda, The: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64)

Defeat Ganon without getting hit and 3 Hearts only.
Dark Lord [m] (25) (94)
Defeat Ganon without getting hit and 3 Hearts only.

Created by Altomar on: 03 Jun, 2017 23:21
Last modified: 21 Aug, 2021 01:06

Unlocked by 474 of 5,414 possible players (8.76%)

Meikitamemo 1 Jun 2019 10:44
Defeat Gannon without any hits [Nyru's Love] doesn't help Get hit by the flames around Gannon or Gannon's attacks and you failed
30 Jul 2019 15:39
BenGhazi edited this achievement.
14 Sep 2019 18:37
DrPixel edited this achievement.
Zyvyn 11 Dec 2019 04:01
is this just the last phase or the entire fight?
13 Mar 2020 10:22
SporyTike edited this achievement.
31 Aug 2020 18:53
Xymjak edited this achievement.
Kryle 9 Oct 2020 05:05
Last phase, not entire fight. (Hence, Ganon, and not Ganondorf as the description says).
Vaskur 4 Feb 2021 02:41
Easy way to do this is to stock up on green potions and deku nuts, green potions for the light arrows deku nuts to stun the face and circle around and hit his tail, yes you can damage his tail with deku nuts.
17 Feb 2021 03:36
DanielARP edited this achievement.
21 Aug 2021 01:06
Altomar edited this achievement.
NewWizKid 21 Mar 2022 08:06
I thought this would be harder. Guess I'm better than I thought.
JackDSF123 3 May 2023 02:22
Just have 40 or more arrows and 2 or more green potion. Shoot a light arrow in the face and use megaton hammer or biggoron sword to damage his tail (just don't be a idiot like me, I switched back to the Biggoron Sword in the second phase... Just keep the Master Sword equipped, apparently the second phase can only be beaten with the master sword... I reseted 3 times because of it and had to face Ganondorf AGAIN)
ThePixelJunkie 18 May 2023 06:59
I might be in the minority but I've always beat him without magic.

I've always ran up to him, rolled under his legs while he attacked behind me. 1st phase of Ganon, you have plenty of time to turn around and z target tail, then jump strike with Biggoron sword or hammer. (Have to be kinda close with hammer though due to its reach) Run/roll away and quick turn towards him. Rinse and repeat.

2nd phase when you get master sword back, he's quicker but same strategy works more or less. A safer strategy for 2nd phase while using this method would be to roll under legs, slash with master sword (no z target), roll/run forward a bit and quick turn. Rinse and repeat.

He'll be closer when he chases you, compared to 1st phase after rolling away, but it's manageable. Not Z targeting also gives enough time to avoid his 2nd slash, if he does decide to do one.

Probably not the safest nor fastest way to do it, but it worked for me.

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