GoldenEye 007
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  • SA - Aztec - Complete the mission without killing Jaws

    161 (132) of 4,845 – 3.32%

    2.72% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    3.32% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Stronghammer22 on: 01 Jun, 2017 09:03
    Last modified: 03 Jan, 2020 10:30

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    Kryle 17 Sep 2020 03:38
    Alexdatadestroyer 18 Jul 2021 05:24
    @Kryle Thanks for posting this video! Hope that it helps someone in future and may people realize that this doesn't involve any glitches: just Bond's spot memorization/interaction exploit by 2 enemies.
    Alexdatadestroyer 18 Jul 2021 05:25
    Explanation about The Glass Door Trick: "Guard trick, they go to last place they see you, if there is two guards, one will open the door automatically due to there not being enough space for both to stand, it is an exploit."
    pitapocket17 10 Mar 2022 18:43
    I highly recommend this tutorial instead of the world record video to figure out the glass door trick.
    pitapocket17 10 Mar 2022 18:59 (forgot to post it)
    Kamikoopa 18 Apr 2022 08:45
    This is a glitched glitch of an achievement. Glitches should not be achievements, it’s purely RNG and disabled people from completing a set. It’s not right.
    PikachuInTheShower 2 Sep 2022 01:35
    Still working on this glitch achievement. seems to be a lot easier to trigger. I got them to open the door but died due to low health at the time. This method seems easier to trigger than the other two videos.
    GrilledMormons 25 Sep 2022 02:48
    On the downside this was a right pain, on the plus side completing this meant I didn't have to bother getting the goal time legitimately so oh well
    CassetteCobra 6 Feb 2023 17:10
    This should not be on the main set. Like Kamikoopa says, this requires a glitch to complete, a glitch that is not easy to pull off might I add. I haven't gotten the door to open once, the enemies either stand in front of the door and won't do anything, or know where I am even though I'm hiding.
    Kazama168 26 Feb 2023 02:48
    bro.. really?? need to do a speedrun glitch to complete the set??
    NicNamSam 20 Mar 2023 07:40
    My advice is this: in the hallway after the mainframe door, shoot the guy right by the door switch on the other side and then the first guy after the hall turns. Then aim the AR33 to the wall that juts out behind the next enemy and spray bullets from left to right to the wall at the end of the hallway to get the attention of both those guards and the two guards in the shuttle exhaust room. Then stand on the door, make sure it's trying to shut, and as soon as the guys stop to begin shooting, run to the glass door, wait for the door to close, then run to the alcove by the switch. If you do not have them standing still to shoot before you run, they just get to the door and open it too quickly. Next, some people say that it works better if you now get rid of your weapon/equip the guidance data. I have no idea if it's true. Wait in the corner and listen for if they open the door. The more guards, the better, I think. (Re-equip your weapon) then kill the guards and make sure not to shoot into the room behind the glass door because everything explodes immediately with AR33 shots, including the table, which will ruin your ability to complete the objectives.
    Boomer69 16 Apr 2023 08:02
    There's some confusion going on in here and its going to throw a lot of people off. You absolutely don't need quickpausing, RNG luck, clipping into walls or other strange gimmicks. The idea is simple: You lure a bunch of guards from the hallway to see you near the glass door before the door makes them lose vision of you. You then pull out your guidance data, and you go hide before they see you. The AI will think you are inside the glass door about to do your mission objective with the guidance data. They then pile up on each other and it forces them to open the door.

    It's quite easy and consistent to pull off with no BS required.

    If video isn't enough, here's written instructions:

    1. Kill everyone in glass door room.
    2. Open mainframe fake door, kill first guard.
    3. Reset door opening to go back down
    4. Go to end of hallway corner and wait about 4 seconds. Timing isn't too tight, just try to estimate about 4 seconds
    5. Unload gun like in video to aggro as many guards as possible
    6. Sprint back to glass window and get as many of them to see you as possible.
    7. Once 3 or more see you and start shooting, take cover against glass and equip guidance data. Equipping that item is vital, otherwise the guards will all come and get stuck in the glass but they will never open it.
    8. Hide before the door comes back down and they see you. Keep guidance data equipped
    9. Hear glass screen open noise, you are now free to pull out your gun and kill 'em all. Just be careful not to shoot the mission objectives because your rifle pierces through targets. Might want to just let them come to you after you kill one of 'em.
    10. Try not to get hit too much like I did in video, it's not necessary.

    Hope this helps future people doing this. Also don't forget the body armor in the vent corridors to the right of the two gatling guns to help you in all difficulties of this annoying level.
    CassetteCobra 16 Apr 2023 08:15
    ^ Probably the best advice to doing the worst cheev in the set. All the other videos above rely on all the eccentrics Boomer mentioned like quickpausing and whatnot. This made the cheev look it relied on glitches to get, which is a no no in a mainset iirc.
    IceStrike256 25 Jul 2023 20:05
    This dumpster fire achievement should not be in a main set
    IceStrike256 25 Jul 2023 20:05
    This dumpster fire achievement should not be in a main set
    Alexdatadestroyer 26 Jul 2023 04:55
    Thanks for the video @Boomer69! Already updated the achievement embedded video with that!

    Other videos might help too, of course. However, I found this one better as the playthrough is cleaner than seem in other videos - which may sound that it relies exclusively on some gimmicks like quickpausing and walking close to the wall for some time... (and... "glitches, glitches everywhere!")

    Also, that video throws away the argument of this achievement not being suitable for Main Set - even already knowing that NO such extraordinary speedrun things are needed to do this trick as shown on other videos.
    26 Jul 2023 04:56
    Alexdatadestroyer set this achievement's embed URL.
    Versini 4 May 2024 17:22
    So, beyond the fact that glitching shouldn’t be part of a core set, what’s actually “achieved” here?

    No one’s going to figure this out on their own, so you’re rewarding players for what, following instructions on how not to play the game? 🤨

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