Legend of Zelda, The: Ocarina of Time
Console icon Nintendo 64

  • Defeat Bongo Bongo without using the Lens of Truth and without any Healing with 3 Hearts only.

    722 (677) of 7,678 – 9.40%

    8.82% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    9.40% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Altomar on: 31 May, 2017 18:10
    Last modified: 01 Jan, 2022 01:10

    Meikitamemo 1 Jun 2019 10:46
    Stun Bongo Bongo's hands and shoot in the middle when he charges! cannot use any kind of healing during the battle [Health drops included]
    30 Jul 2019 15:38
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    14 Sep 2019 18:37
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    13 Mar 2020 10:21
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    WolfferroW 2 Sep 2020 03:14
    Easy Strategy: Have 40 or more arrows, before the boss's room use Favore's Wind(FW) and save, if you fail, reset the game and use FW to teleport near the boss's room, don't forget that you can't use a lens of truth on the boss.
    WolfferroW 2 Sep 2020 03:15
    In battle, try to hit one hand without Hover Boots and when the other hand gets close, try to get out of her reach and then hit. At the end aim in the middle of them for the boss to appear and finish him off. Biggoron's sword is a great help.
    17 Feb 2021 03:36
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    1 Jan 2022 01:10
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    ZZKer 1 Jan 2022 01:10
    fixed a typo
    Baifomet 8 Oct 2023 04:48
    Not that complicated, guys. When it comes to charge you, just spam sword spinning attack and it will be down easily.
    PixelRoast 23 Dec 2023 19:21
    As soon as the intro cutscene ends, Z-target a hand and take a few seconds to back away until both hands are visible on your screen, drumming. Shoot the Z-targeted hand with an arrow and immediately switch Z-target to the other hand.

    If the 2nd hand (hopefully) prepares either a sideways slap, sideways chop, or downward slap, you can just fire an arrow at it. But if the 2nd hand prepares a fist, dodge it (I like to not break Z-target here), then as it regroups for it's next attack, fire the arrow.

    Now center your view as the hands line up to charge you and free aim your bow to shoot the invisible eye, or charge and time a spin attack. Get a feel for how late you can risk the stun. I usually fired two shots at the eye to be safe in case the first was a little off. Stunning the boss near to you rewards you with a chance to get in two jump attacks or about four regular hits before repeating the cycle but timing is tight.

    A master sword does 2 damage and a jump attack does 4 damage. Bongo Bongo has 32 HP, so unless you're getting in 8 damage per cycle, then you should expect five or more cycles. In shooting the hands, you'll probably have a few misses and if you're also shooting the charging eye, 4-5 rounds means you can easily burn through 20 arrows. Be careful with spamming arrows and running out, the hands drop magic or arrow loot when you shoot them. Try to quickly roll to the ammo if you're low and your bow isn't upgraded.

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