Legend of Zelda, The: Ocarina of Time
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  • Catch the rare Hyrule Loach

    951 (848) of 7,717 – 12.32%

    10.99% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    12.32% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Altomar on: 31 May, 2017 01:07
    Last modified: 17 Feb, 2021 03:35

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    AmanankaTotoso 13 Aug 2022 21:37
    I'm never fucking catching this fish ever again in my whole life
    Xeinok 28 Sep 2022 21:06
    I love that this is named "Hyrule Loach" instead of "Hylian Loach" lol
    Jonny8567 27 Oct 2022 05:37
    I never caught this fish before in all my years of playing this game, and after finally catching it today for this cheevo, I gotta say... I am never doing this ever again lmao. My heart was racing like crazy while reeling this son of a bitch in! Sinking lure definately recommended
    NathanPlaysGames 17 Dec 2022 22:49
    It took a long ass time for it to bite, but once it did it surprisingly didn't take too long to reel in.
    GoddessBow 14 Apr 2023 02:05
    This should be worth more
    It's really tedious
    And should also have a indicator for when the dumb fish spawns...

    Finally done, never again ♡
    FreudianLisp 23 May 2023 05:43
    Protip: before entering the fishing pond on the correct cycle, swim down to the water temple and save inside. Then you can just reset if you mess it up and it’s nice and close to try again.

    Other than that it behaves like any other fish so get it up as close to you as possible before hooking it.
    SirBunting 28 Jun 2023 02:10
    I did it! Allowing the 2 nearby fish to bite, then allowing them to escape without setting the hook, causes them to leave the area. Then you can try the hyrule loach. If it doesn't bite and is close to link, just stay still without pulling your hook out of the water and it will return to its starting position instead of getting scared
    MINI91 25 Aug 2023 17:58
    Here is the easiest way to catch it, even without the sinken lure.
    You will need 80 rupees at least.
    Talk to the pond owner and say yes to fishing, then talk to him again to quit. Repeat this three times in a row. Now, leave the pond area after you quit fishing for the third time and enter the pond area again immediately after. Now the Hyrule Loach has spawned below the lily pads on the left side. Talk to the pond owner for the fourth time and say yes to fishing again.
    Now, bait the two regular fish that swims below the lily pads among the loach to bite and when they do, ignore them. Don't push or move anything on your controller. This will make them release the lure and then they will swim towards the middle of the pond. Now the loach won't be scared away by the other two fish if they bit and you tried to reel them in. The loach is not much of a biter, and it puts up a decent fight. If it lets your lure go and swims towards the middle of the pond, you won't be able to just Z-target it anymore and you will need the sinken lure to catch it, or simply just reset the game and try again. You can save inside the Water Temple to avoid playing the Serenade of Water to warp to Lake Hylia when resetting the game. After you catch the loach, talk to the owner one final time and the achievement will unlock.

    Credit goes to Ecksters on YouTube for this consistent method. That's what got it for me.
    JoeXbox 8 Oct 2023 03:13
    This video helped me a lot! "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-HrDoOfVX0" Basically position yourself so the Loach and Lilly pads are between you and the shore, dont scare it, cast from the water onto the shore and you limit the random fish interfering. If the Loach moved away from the lilly pads just sit tight until they move back to them.
    SeiferLK 19 Oct 2023 07:31
    This is the only guide that worked for me
    TrashCity 9 Nov 2023 02:11
    The only way this worked for me was the auto spawn! Would of been a nightmare without.
    22 Jan 2024 00:58
    Altomar edited this achievement's description.
    Yunalle 23 Jan 2024 13:06
    As you're reeling in a fish there's a 256 chance every other frame that it escapes, it's a little rare... well, the godd*med loach has escaped from me thrice, fml
    Knex4545 1 Feb 2024 03:11
    I dunno if my game is busted or not but unless its instant catch, i cannot reel a fish. They break free at the same time, every time. I've tried reeling, double reeling, stick towards link, stick towards link and where the fish is going, stick towards link and away from where the fish is going, i've looked and read every guide and still the fish break free like exactly 3 seconds after i hook them every time. The game is recognizing my inputs cause i see Link tug the rod in the direction I push the stick. I would say its a skill issue on my part but there has to be something I don't understand because they all break free at the exact same time no matter what i do.
    KryleZ 18 Mar 2024 04:41
    @Knex4545 You need to press the A button as soon as they bite to snag them, aka lock on your hook. After you press A to snag a fish, press it again and hold it and hold the control stick either left or right. I don't know the exact mechanics of fishing, but that's what works for me.
    SomehowScarlet 20 Mar 2024 02:30
    mine was 93cm
    Knex4545 24 Mar 2024 23:56
    @KryleZ I seemed to forgot to mention that I do hook them when pressing A. However I don't know if I press a, release a, then hold it again. So I'll give that a shot.
    Knex4545 25 Mar 2024 00:05
    Yea just tried it and still nothing. Breaking free every time. Battle music plays for like 3 seconds then gone no matter what. Ah well.
    alvayuso 29 Apr 2024 13:33
    This is a weird one. If you look for it on the internet you will find it. Long story short: this fish looks DIFFERENT than the others, enter the pond as adult link and pay the fee. Then check if in the exact middle of the pond there is a weird looking fish right at the bottom, deeper than the other fishes. When you find it, then look for the SINKING LURE, it is an item you can find walking through certain points (but you will see nothing on the screen, you got to walk through the areas, look for the spawn locations on the internet, since it is different each time you enter the pond, with those two just aim for the head of the weird fish and just leave the bait there, when it moves there is a chance it bites, then just hold back on the analog stick and hold A, the hole time. It is recommended to stay on top of the bended log, since it is easier to catch.

    If you enter, pay and don’t find it, get out and play sun’s song a couple of times. That would force reset the pond. GL & HF
    sansburro 13 May 2024 20:33
    I'll never go near to the fishing pond again

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