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Legend of Zelda, The: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64)

Catch the rare fish Hyrule Loach.
Accomplished Angler (10) (30)
Catch the rare fish Hyrule Loach.

Created by Altomar on: 31 May, 2017 01:07
Last modified: 17 Feb, 2021 03:35

Unlocked by 642 of 5,414 possible players (11.86%)

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Hyze 4 Dec 2019 23:07
Finalmente consegui, depois de tentar umas 3 vezes :D!!!!!!!
PlayAdriel 30 May 2020 16:07
dica pegue a isca que afunda e fale com o dono porque ele vai permitir o uso da isca
WolfferroW 3 Sep 2020 08:47
Enter 3x and talk to the owner of the lake, it appears on the left side, try to get it first. // Esse demorei umas 1/2hs pra pegar, a dica e pegar logo no inicio quando ele aparecer, se ele for para o fundo, e bom sair e tentar de novo.
Meikitamemo 19 Sep 2020 21:16
In order for the Hyrule Loach make sure that you know the amount of times you have entered the Loach will only spawn every 4th attempt. So basicly if you only did young link 1x and adult link 1x then you need to purchase and quit fishing 1 more time.
Meikitamemo 19 Sep 2020 21:18
But the loach will spawn after every 3 tries: so 3 , 6 , 12 , 15 ,18 , 21 , etc. Once it's spotted lure the other fish away carefully to prevent the loach from going into the deep. I will have a YouTube video for it soon.
Kryle 6 Oct 2020 11:07
I seen a lot of videos showing it only being caught as it swims back up for air. However, I was able to get it as it was swimming back down to surface. Thankfully, no interference from other fish, I was able to snag it in on first attempt once it bit
17 Feb 2021 03:35
DanielARP edited this achievement.
ReadingTheGame 27 May 2021 19:26
Espanol: Cuando entreis por primera vez a pescar como Link Adulto, paguen 20 rupias tres veces sin salir de la tienda de pescar. Una vez hecho eso, salir de la tienda. Volved a entrar, pagad una cuarta vez, y el pescado aparecera.
Shinjimx01 7 Jun 2021 07:44
Cheevo Pops just after taking it to the vendor
JxnnyV 15 Oct 2021 17:45
That was an endeavour. I highly recommend this video for a good method.
Gregolas 10 Feb 2022 07:32
that was pure depression to do but it's finally done
Chawk 1 Jun 2022 05:06
3 hours later... the sinking lure definitely helps to keep fish on your line so highly recommend you just keep leaving and coming back until you get both the lure and loach.
Ness64 29 Jun 2022 07:45
I remember this took me a few days back on my first playthrough, then I watched my friend play the game and he got it on the first try. No joke, it was literally the first fish he caught as adult Link. Reading these comments, I remembered he fished a bit as kid Link, it probably explains some of this. I'm still a few games away from this one, but let's see how it goes when I try this set
setebot 12 Jul 2022 20:45
As a person that hates fishing minigames in any possible game this was my personal hell
AmanankaTotoso 13 Aug 2022 21:37
I'm never fucking catching this fish ever again in my whole life
Xeinok 28 Sep 2022 21:06
I love that this is named "Hyrule Loach" instead of "Hylian Loach" lol
Jonny8567 27 Oct 2022 05:37
I never caught this fish before in all my years of playing this game, and after finally catching it today for this cheevo, I gotta say... I am never doing this ever again lmao. My heart was racing like crazy while reeling this son of a bitch in! Sinking lure definately recommended
NathanPlaysGames 17 Dec 2022 22:49
It took a long ass time for it to bite, but once it did it surprisingly didn't take too long to reel in.
GoddessBow 14 Apr 2023 02:05
This should be worth more
It's really tedious
And should also have a indicator for when the dumb fish spawns...

Finally done, never again โ™ก
FreudianLisp 23 May 2023 05:43
Protip: before entering the fishing pond on the correct cycle, swim down to the water temple and save inside. Then you can just reset if you mess it up and it’s nice and close to try again.

Other than that it behaves like any other fish so get it up as close to you as possible before hooking it.

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