Legend of Zelda, The: Ocarina of Time
Console icon Nintendo 64

  • Defeat Barinade in less than 1:51 minutes with 3 Hearts only.

    874 (817) of 8,095 – 10.80%

    10.09% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    10.80% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Altomar on: 29 May, 2017 21:15
    Last modified: 09 May, 2022 13:21

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    Jazmataz 25 Mar 2022 07:16
    This was rough. The Timer is totally broken and way too fast. I played with the count op settings in the Mupen Core I set it to default 0 and it did nothing. This was the worst Cheevo from the Set so far. Despite this achievement, the set is insanly fun.
    9 May 2022 00:37
    Altomar edited this achievement's wording.
    9 May 2022 00:39
    Altomar edited this achievement's badge.
    9 May 2022 13:21
    Altomar edited this achievement's badge.
    Altomar 9 May 2022 13:30
    Updated the description of the achievement with the actual required time and removed the leaderboard to avoid any more confusions
    Altomar 9 May 2022 13:35
    The counter start as soon as the player enter the room and end a few seconds after you beat the boss (and not immediately after you give the final hit). The achievement is designed taking into account both of these delays.
    NewWizKid 18 Nov 2022 02:22
    acheevmint 26 Mar 2023 16:30
    Definitely the hardest achievement. I feel like with some of the tech I learned I should start trying to speedrun
    FreudianLisp 29 May 2023 00:16
    -In phase 2, attack him directly instead of the jellyfish.
    -Second jellyfish was phase, paralyze him and throw 1 nut to hit all of them at once.
    -Final phase, when he sinks into the floor and shoots lightning, roll into him intentionally to take damage and he will surface early.

    Super easy achievement, got it in first attempt, but I’ve played a lot of rando and fought barinade like 50 times before lol.
    MINI91 27 Aug 2023 16:17
    Here is the easiest way to get it.
    Equip ten Deku Sticks, Din's Fire and the Boomerang. When the fight starts, circulate around Barinade while Z-targeting the three tentacles holding him up and cut them with the Boomerang. When the last tentacle is cut, hold down the C-button for the Boomerang until the camera gets behind Link. Once it does, release the Boomerang and once Barinade is stunned, Z-target him again, equip a Deku Stick and hit him with the jump-in attack on the A-button (there is a timing to the equipping of the sticks, so get used to that). Equip a new Deku Stick and repeat the jump-in five times (optimally). If you only hit him four times, stun him again with the Boomerang when the jelly fish starts to circulate and hit him the fifth time. Now, let Barinade rotate with the jelly fish around him in the room and avoid contact. You can throw the Boomerang as you please, but it won't hit until about 20 seconds later or so.
    When you hit him with the Boomerang again, and the jelly fish lies on the ground, get in close to Barinade and use Din's Fire to clear the jelly fish. Now, Z-target him and throw the Boomerang at him and when it hits, equip another Deku Stick and use the jump-in attack on the A-button. Barinade will now dig into the ground and shoot electrical shock waves at you. To skip this cycle, run or roll into him intentionally. This will force him out of the ground and you can throw the Boomerang at him again. When it hits, Z-target him and use another Deku Stick to jump-in attack him. He will go underground again, so roll into him again, Z-target him and throw the Boomerang at him again, equip a Deku Stick and use the jump-in attack one final time and you got him. If done with minimal time waste, the achievement should unlock.
    SeiferLK 17 Oct 2023 04:09
    I practiced this using project64 and a test ROM where i could use a save state right at the beginning of the boss fight until I perfected the speedrun kill. AWESOME!
    TrashCity 9 Nov 2023 17:51
    Timing is crucial, I messed up twice and I still got it though.

    The key is to make sure to stun the boss right before spin move, if the boss is doing the spin move I would just reset unless you get very lucky with the throw.
    CrimsonGriffon 30 Nov 2023 04:35
    This wasnt nearly as bad as I was expecting due to the comments and low percentage rate hyping it up. I found this one easier than the no damage achievement against the same boss. The strategy posted above works well, and the timer is lenient enough to give room for error.
    Guiazin 4 Feb 2024 14:50
    For those who have difficulty getting this trophy, I recommend watching this video, the trophy is quite easy: https://youtu.be/oT9eHe-J3Ks?si=LL-SeJ-jFBpKLS1H
    Samui 18 Feb 2024 14:11
    I hate that you have to basically take damage to earn this chevo, if only the timer was little bit longer i could do the damageless version, such a shame.
    AzureStar 22 Feb 2024 04:23
    I looked at this for tips and was freaking out that I wouldn't do it but it took 2 tries lmao its been made easier i guess
    xavierxiix 7 May 2024 20:54
    After 1st phase, once you have stunned its core and hit it 5 times, there is a small window which you can throw the boomerang at the core while Barinade is preparing for the 2nd phase.

    Stunning him in that instant will also leave the jellyfish around him stunned. You can then use Din’s fire to kill all the jellyfish, which essentially skips the 2nd phase.

    Doing this will give you a lot more time to finish him off. Hope this helps👍
    Jantles 23 May 2024 14:58
    It took a few attempts, but thankfully got this and the damageless at the same time... Only to immediately run into the Heart Container that spawns 2 steps ahead. Darn it.
    sandro4912 8 Jun 2024 22:53
    Haha I got this first time with only one quarter of life left. I totally screwed it up and had to kill the second round of jellyfish manually. Then in phase 3 I just rolled in on purpose and hit him with the sword. I tried take out deku sticks but messed it up with the c buttons on the steam deck. So i just slashed him 3 rounds and won.

    Damage less was a lot worse.
    lagoooona 14 Jun 2024 15:28
    @Jantles this nearly happened to me!! That container spawns dangerously close.

    Pretty tough cheevo tbh but with some practice in softcore I finally got there, didn't take too long. Fun challenge!

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