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Legend of Zelda, The: Ocarina of Time (Nintendo 64)

Defeat Barinade in less than 1:51 minutes with 3 Hearts only.
Race Against the Clock [m] (10) (32)
Defeat Barinade in less than 1:51 minutes with 3 Hearts only.

Created by Altomar on: 29 May, 2017 21:15
Last modified: 09 May, 2022 13:21

Won by 389 of 3771 possible players (10%)

Recent comment(s):
13 Mar 2020
SporyTike edited this achievement.
2 Aug 2020
Here is a trick that makes this a lot easier: Go face the boss, save the game, and reset. From now on when you face the boss, the intro will be shorter, and thus wastes less of your precious time.
25 Aug 2020
The first 4 minutes is normal, but... Okay unlock.
20 Oct 2020
Well, no chevo after finish the boss. I think we cannot be hurt. I will give another try now (again).
17 Feb 2021
DanielARP edited this achievement.
12 May 2021
the deku nut trick from Hyze tutorial and the cutscene trick from Rubicate worked perfectly, managed to get the achievement and now I'm #8 of the speedrun top 10 :V
30 May 2021
Espanol: Cuando entren a la habitacion del jefe, guarden y hagan soft reset. Cuando vuelvan a entrar, la cinematica del jefe es mas corta, salvando unos preciosos segundos.
6 Jul 2021
Well that's the first time I've seen the clock actively race to beat the player, what the hell is going on there?
30 Aug 2021
OOF! Hardest chevo on the set imo. Super satisfying when you get it tho.
12 Nov 2021
Altomar edited this achievement.
28 Dec 2021
Timer runs way too fast. Either fix or demote to unofficial please
9 Jan 2022
19 Mar 2022
Considering the difficulty could you change the number of points received for this one?
24 Mar 2022
I finally did it!!! This one was tough, I timed it so that right after I cut it loose I threw the boomerang at it just a little afterwards to stun it before the floating creatures were released then ran around hitting them with the stick and repeated to stun it again and take the others out. When it was in the ground firing at Link I let him get hit so that it got out but readied the boomerang to stun it by releasing just before it got out and jump slashed, slashed, and jump slashed with the stick then stunned it again and jump slashed with the stick. After that I just repeatedly stunned it and jump slashed with the stick until it was dead.
25 Mar 2022
This was rough. The Timer is totally broken and way too fast. I played with the count op settings in the Mupen Core I set it to default 0 and it did nothing. This was the worst Cheevo from the Set so far. Despite this achievement, the set is insanly fun.
9 May 2022
Altomar edited this achievement's wording.
9 May 2022
Altomar edited this achievement's badge.
9 May 2022
Altomar edited this achievement's badge.
9 May 2022
Updated the description of the achievement with the actual required time and removed the leaderboard to avoid any more confusions
9 May 2022
The counter start as soon as the player enter the room and end a few seconds after you beat the boss (and not immediately after you give the final hit). The achievement is designed taking into account both of these delays.

Recent Winners

UserHardcore?Earned On
pedrogm12390oHardcore!01 Jul, 2022 21:58
VockherHardcore!30 Jun, 2022 18:09
GabCandidoHardcore!29 Jun, 2022 01:05
ColtonKPHardcore!28 Jun, 2022 22:20
tervisHardcore!26 Jun, 2022 18:30
HiFirstTimeHardcore!24 Jun, 2022 22:20
BoulocheHardcore!16 Jun, 2022 20:18
AdenotheHardcore!16 Jun, 2022 13:36
MaxAusmOstenHardcore!05 Jun, 2022 19:41
MKE57Hardcore!30 May, 2022 16:03
Leloni27 May, 2022 16:33
bnutplayerHardcore!25 May, 2022 23:42
SpeedyCreadyHardcore!20 May, 2022 14:14
donutweegeeHardcore!18 May, 2022 07:08
kfestHardcore!17 May, 2022 11:09
SynaesthesiaHardcore!14 May, 2022 22:57
FerretPlayingPS4Hardcore!11 May, 2022 02:46
sklwHardcore!08 May, 2022 23:54
JPGamer01Hardcore!08 May, 2022 16:46
RayaRoentgenHardcore!07 May, 2022 08:09
WanderingNepNep05 May, 2022 17:01
theklobbinatorHardcore!29 Apr, 2022 03:04
MonomaruHardcore!26 Apr, 2022 12:38
XxBetoxXHardcore!24 Apr, 2022 09:09
PonsariHardcore!20 Apr, 2022 14:22
TheGameingChefHardcore!18 Apr, 2022 20:07
ShennouHardcore!15 Apr, 2022 23:32
blendedseaHardcore!14 Apr, 2022 12:39
ZeRepolhoHardcore!09 Apr, 2022 14:49
KomojoHardcore!08 Apr, 2022 04:03
Decoy8Hardcore!30 Mar, 2022 17:50
ayor67Hardcore!27 Mar, 2022 14:05
MetroidMantraHardcore!26 Mar, 2022 13:12
JazmatazHardcore!25 Mar, 2022 06:19
NewWizKidHardcore!24 Mar, 2022 20:02
Sakura67Hardcore!20 Mar, 2022 19:00
MenaceIncHardcore!19 Mar, 2022 09:39
marshm8lowHardcore!17 Mar, 2022 21:38
kdashHardcore!14 Mar, 2022 07:07
schtroompf101Hardcore!04 Mar, 2022 10:54
Raven90Hardcore!28 Feb, 2022 21:11
Webber1900Hardcore!25 Feb, 2022 08:15
RampagingtaruHardcore!17 Feb, 2022 13:49
PepegadjHardcore!12 Feb, 2022 20:50
FarfetchDoomerHardcore!12 Feb, 2022 12:59
SamsamDaGameManHardcore!11 Feb, 2022 04:21
SuperspyHardcore!10 Feb, 2022 23:26
GregolasHardcore!09 Feb, 2022 05:21
briaguyaHardcore!08 Feb, 2022 05:13
ZaviorHardcore!07 Feb, 2022 20:44


Time left when delivering Odd Mushroom.
Time left when delivering Eyeball Frog.
Time left when delivering the Eye Drops.
Time needed for the Race against Ingo.
Time needed for the Epona Parkour.
Fastest Time in Dampes Race.
Complete the Race as fast as you can
Deku Seeds left after winning the Game.
Arrows left after winning the Game.
Bombchus left after winning the Game.
Time needed for the Cuccos Catching Game.
Time Remaining after collecting all Rupees. (No 1st Game)
Highest Score in the Horseback Archery Minigame.