Super Mario World
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  • Complete SPECIAL-Funky with 300 or more on the time clock

    1,982 (1,666) of 57,884 – 3.42%

    2.88% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    3.42% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by kdecks on: 09 Mar, 2017 15:24
    Last modified: 10 Jul, 2021 23:40

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    mrmistermistermr 12 Sep 2020 22:26
    Cleared it with exactly 300 on the clock. Reading "YOU ARE A SUPER PLAYER!!" has never been more stressful in my life.
    Shinjimx01 29 Sep 2020 23:52
    SaifuuSuri 28 Nov 2020 22:08
    Finally did it with 300 seconds on the dot. I didn't realize I was holding my breath until after I finished and let it all out.
    SMWAgent09AF 10 Dec 2020 20:27
    A tip: It takes about 15 in-game seconds to reach the finish after eating the last green berry, so if you are below 315 don't get your hopes up
    sopadetoad 26 Jan 2021 19:25
    I got it live! haha, one of the most difficult achievements in Super Mario World, it took me several tries. Here you have the proof!
    10 Jul 2021 23:40
    GalacticSpear edited this achievement.
    nuuch 28 Aug 2021 07:51
    for any people trying this just know that it does not require absolute perfection to complete. once i realized that i stopped starting over and when i got it i still had 5-8 seconds to spare.
    ArturMK 19 Oct 2021 13:52
    Vou da uma dica, quando aparece as moedas formando um nome, salte do yoshi com A e termine a fase voando e irar ganhar tempo com isso
    xtagnado 19 Dec 2021 00:48
    Tentei um monte de vezes outro dia, hoje no levou nem 5 tentativas e j consegui... estranho, mas que bom.
    thunderaquadragon 2 Jan 2022 21:10
    This was an absolute nightmare, you have to be pixel perfect for it to work; I made it with just 300 on the clock
    timenoe 21 Jan 2022 18:11
    This was a really fun challenge to master! IMO i don't think it requires perfection at all, there is a lot of room for mistakes, finished with 310
    mad0gre 2 Feb 2022 04:54
    Managed to finish with exactly 300, after numerous attempts, including a very frustrating one when I finished with 299. I would never be able to do this without the video.
    14ausher 22 Jun 2022 04:56
    I got 3 299s before managing to do this; this is like the second-hardest achievement in the set, why is it only worth 10 points?
    DavidLR04 11 Jul 2022 14:44
    LeoGPC 26 Nov 2023 22:00
    The worst part about those bullsh*t achievements isn't even trying dozens of times, because I'd gladly try even hundreds of times if necessary and still have fun. What brings my piss to a boil is having to visit another level to get a feather or a Yoshi every single time you lose them and only then go back and try again.

    My advices are:

    - Set an input for fast forward. This way you can scroll through levels more quickly to get your feathers and Yoshis
    - Always be ready to Start + Select before you lose your feathers and Yoshis if something goes wrong. You won't be able to do it quickly enough all the time, but it'll surely save you some trips.
    StonyPony 22 Dec 2023 21:34
    I have tried at least 80x and I can't get it. I wonder if it's a different time for the NTSC vs PAL? If one could suggest which ROM is better...
    Mogul 24 Jan 2024 01:55
    Finished with 307 secs, almost felt like pulling my hair. But, I managed it finally
    Victorkk 31 Jan 2024 20:44
    A little difficult, but I did it
    Chickenzes27 13 Mar 2024 20:37
    People who say this isn't that precise, are you playing the same game as me? Like seriously this feels frame-perfect.
    TrashCity 18 Mar 2024 15:35
    This was pretty hard because of how precise you have to be, this one should be (25) like the other challenges!

    Tips to make this easier, Clear the Special Zone so everything changes. From there you can grab a green yoshi groovy making it where if you pick up a blue shell as any color yoshi you can fly. I also had to master learning how to fly and long jump with yoshi, jumping over the larger gaps always constantly moving.

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