Super Mario World (SNES)

From S-1 in one session uncover and complete all 8 SPECIALs w|o Powerups, Yoshi and !-Blocks. Exception: P-Balloon.
Mini-Mario vs the World SPECIAL [m] (50) (757)
From S-1 in one session uncover and complete all 8 SPECIALs w|o Powerups, Yoshi and !-Blocks. Exception: P-Balloon.

Created by kdecks on: 09 Mar, 2017 15:23
Last modified: 27 Sep, 2021 20:57

Won by 614 of 38715 possible players (2%)

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knochenfabrik 20 Apr 2022 17:31
Caution. I had to erase all savefiles in the menue (also my 96 Exits one) to get the Achievment indicator. I tried to beat the achievement without the indicator and it didnt work....
and btw. this was very challenging... my thumbs are sore.
Emoon 20 May 2022 03:53
I now hate Awesome with a passion.
Kamikoopa 8 Jun 2022 10:25
I have reached S1 and I don’t have the indicator. What’s happening?
Kamikoopa 10 Jun 2022 09:50
Why when finishing level 2 I continually get a mushroom pop out and give it to me!!! Keeps voiding the bloody achievement.
GrayCloudSpectator 10 Jun 2022 09:54
You need to wait for the p-balloon power-up to wear off before you cross the goalpost. Otherwise the game will treat it similarly to carrying an object into the goal.
DryIce53 10 Jun 2022 15:04
remember to get this chevos: you can use P-balloon before cross the goalpost.
Gon3000 26 Jun 2022 16:45
do i need to create a new session without using powerups or is it just in the special world and not using what is asked?
DryIce53 27 Jun 2022 00:22
dont worry, start in first level of special without reset the game. they chevos don't exist M of missable to reset the data,good luck xd
AndersonMolina 29 Jun 2022 13:52
English: The achievement indicator does not appear for me. I tried already initially I was playing as a save where it was released and I couldn't. I understood that this could be it and so I played in a save where the stages had not yet been released and to my surprise the achievement indicator does not appear in the first stage. I'm reading here that there were people needing to delete the saves to get... It seems to me a bug.

Português: O indicador da conquista não aparece para mim. Tentei já inicialmente estava jogando como um save onde estava liberado e não consegui. Entendi que poderia ser isso e então joguei em um save onde não tinha as fases liberadas ainda e pra minha surpresa o indicador da conquista não aparece na primeira fase. Estou lendo aqui que teve gente precisando apagar os salva pra conseguir... Me parece um bug.
LuidoLives 25 Jul 2022 17:49
essa conquista é muito merdakkkkkkk, passei 3 horas mas consegui, awesome foi 1 hora e meia
OceanManow 22 Aug 2022 03:07
Bicho onde que manda um email pro site, eu vou pedir um cache de insalubridade pra o RA depois do que foi passar por "Awesome" nesse achievement, quase que eu viro do avesso de tanta raiva.
GigaWerts 24 Sep 2022 23:10
Just wanna say... FY Awesome, Two years lost in that slippery hell, fishy nightmare.
ShadwSonic 4 Oct 2022 10:11
I'm confused... Aren't the ! Switches required to even enter the Special World? Or was that part accidentally copied from the others' descriptions?
cslongden1 16 Oct 2022 22:31
My final achievement for this game and definitely the hardest. Plenty of tricky levels. In Tubular you can press < > fast to go turbo speed with P Balloon. Awesome and Outrageous are very tricky! Take your time and stock up on Lives in Yoshi's Island 2 by throwing shell, exiting and repeating.
TheJohanx 7 Nov 2022 18:37
@ShadwSonic The ! switches arent required, you can use the blue yoshi to skip the ! switches path and reach the Special World
ArturMK 15 Nov 2022 18:27
See luka getting that last conquest
Jagooo 26 Dec 2022 19:26
Do we need to start a new file to do Mini Mario’s challenges ? If yes how do we acces special world without powerup ?
luka 7 Jan 2023 01:20
Sorry for my English, I hope this comment can help more than one.

Before entering the special world you can use powerups (feather or blue yoshi to access secret areas) just make sure you enter the first phase of the special world as mini-mario to get the achievement indicator. If you have a new file you can follow this sequence:

Yoshi's Island 2 — Yoshi's Island 3 — Yoshi's Island 4 — #1 Iggy's Castle — Donut Plains 1 — Donut Secret 1 — Donut Secret House — Star Road — Star World 1 — Star World 2 — Star World 3 — Star World 4 — Star World 5

As a recommendation, you can easily have 99 lives in Top Secret Area. And don't forget to save your game before starting the challenge!

¡Mucha suerte!

BTW, Thank you very much to ArturMK for recommending my video, I had not seen your comment, ty! :)
DavidLR04 17 Jan 2023 19:44
@ECS98 lol I did awesome at my first try thanks to your tip
NathielyFreitas 18 Jan 2023 17:33
Aconselho a treinar as 8 fases antes de começar essa platina! E também antes de começar no mundo especial pegue 99 vidas com o yoshi na top secret area. Largue o yoshi e vá para o mundo especial sem Power UP e sem yoshi. Boa sorte a todos! GG

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How many exits can you clear coinless?
HolyShinx HolyShinx76
How many exits can you clear in one life?
HolyShinx HolyShinx98
Complete 96 exits and kill Bowser (front door) in one run
HolyShinx HolyShinx056170
For Low Score - Full Game
No entries
Wall touch alert and best time (does not track enemy contact)
HolyShinx HolyShinx21733
(X + R) Kill Bowser (front door) in the shortest time
HolyShinx HolyShinx11:26.35
(X + L) Complete 96 exits and kill Bowser (front door) in the shortest time
HolyShinx HolyShinx01h52:26.05
Defeat Bowser the fastest starting as small mario with no backup powers (Front Door)
HolyShinx HolyShinx02:46.95