Super Mario World
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  • From Yoshi's Island 2 reach and beat #3 Lemmy's Castle in one Session without using Power-Ups, without using Yoshi and without active Switch Palace Blocks.

    1,861 (1,562) of 62,259 – 2.99%

    2.51% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    2.99% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by kdecks on: 06 Mar, 2017 22:40
    Last modified: 21 Jun, 2023 16:33

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    losma1 7 Jun 2023 23:34
    Yes, it is good to practice with a save state. I send you a video where you can see in motion what is explained above.
    EtledTheGamer 9 Jun 2023 16:43
    I'm never touching Lemmy's castle ever again,unless you're willing to pay my therapist atleast 500k ;-;
    21 Jun 2023 16:33
    Thoreau edited this achievement's description.
    sseb22 27 Jul 2023 11:46
    Do 1ups count as a powerup? I hope not.
    gotenks 12 Aug 2023 21:16
    If you run low on extra lives, you can backtrack to Yoshi's Island 2 and throw the shell at the koopas repeatedly to get as many lives as you need.
    nickmafra 27 Aug 2023 12:31
    Na Vanilla Dome 1, leve um casco pelo cano, saia correndo, jogue ele na plataforma amarela e apenas pule nos momentos certos sem parar de correr, nem precisa pular nos inimigos. Se morrer vai voltar do castelo 2# mesmo, então não tem problema.
    Hiromante 27 Sep 2023 00:37
    Fiz tudo certinho. Não peguei power up e nem yoshi, mas não consegui a conquista no final
    GabrielHLF 22 Oct 2023 00:53
    To na mesma que o @Hiromante. Fiz tudo certo e nada dela aparecer
    r0ach3d 24 Nov 2023 23:13
    Vanilla Dome 1: bring a buzzy shell from the 1st area, makes the lava race much easier.
    31 Dec 2023 11:09
    SporyTike edited this achievement's description, logic.
    cHelsinki 13 Jan 2024 08:32
    there is an "infinite" 1ups glitch at the #2 castle using the vine and the bone turtle, just get on the edge of the vine, wait for the turtle to come close, stay in a point were u can hit the turtle while still hanging on the vine, then press fast foward.. if u get there with more then 300s, u'll get at least 35 lives
    maxih 18 Jan 2024 23:01
    passou no checkpoint e o Mario cresceu de tamanho, já era, não pode nem subir no Yoshie, tem que jogar só com o Mario anão
    Zoennn 7 Mar 2024 23:02
    I was having trouble on Vanilla Dome 1 middle section, until I found out that the yellow platform does respawn if you return to the green pipe. You don't need to get a shell from the first section and save it until you reach the middle, just get one from a turtle on the platform and return to the green pipe.
    Tuskkar 9 Mar 2024 15:18
    vanilla dome used to be my favorite zone
    Chickenzes27 13 Mar 2024 05:35
    oh that's so fucking stupid dude. The description says nothing about not using any stars, and I (reasonably) assumed that I would be allowed to use the star to get past the lowering platform. The fact that this requires you to do so many levels in sequence and forces you to start over if you pick up even one powerup is ridiculous. One achievement per world would be much more reasonable and would give you ample opportunity to mess up without feeling like you just wasted 15 or more minutes. So many sets on this website are brought down by stupidly hard or tedious challenges that don't need to be there or could easily be nerfed without affecting their spirit.
    Chickenzes27 13 Mar 2024 18:38
    Okay so, some things of note:
    1) Checkpoints are saved if you exit a level
    2) You can start this challenge on an active save, you just have to play through all the levels in sequence without any powerups
    3) You can have multiple checkpoints saved at once
    Do with this information what you will.
    R3TR0J3FF 30 May 2024 19:39
    I was stupid enough to carry a shield over the finish line, which changed into a mushroom, lol. Back to square 1!
    Ric3737 1 Jun 2024 14:12
    These achievements need to be reworked. They should give credit for each level you beat as small Mario without power-ups, Yoshi and switch blocks in a single session. It should only void a single level instead of making us do it all over again from the start. Make levels retryable if something was picked up accidentally.
    Saxxy25 13 Jul 2024 22:16
    So there's actually a much simpler way to do Vanilla Dome 1. Go up to the ledge and turn around, then run left to get max speed and turn around in air. Then just run across, dodging the enemies, and you'll have time to spare.
    Deozaan 17 Jul 2024 17:00
    Does anything besides activating the ! block(s) make this permanently missable? Or can you attempt this as many times as you need if you accidentally get a power up as long as you don't activate the ! blocks?

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