Pokemon Yellow Version: Special Pikachu Edition
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  • Beat the Elite Four and the Champion of the Pokemon League with only Pikachu in your party. (One Session, No Surfing Pikachu)

    1,278 (1,130) of 7,664 – 16.68%

    14.74% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    16.68% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by dude1286 on: 14 Jan, 2014 05:31
    Last modified: 20 Oct, 2019 17:05

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    ribb2112 9 Jun 2023 17:31
    Not to mention I got this achievement on my FIRST try.
    Jazmataz 9 Jun 2023 19:04
    I agree with you. The scoring of some Cheevos are arbitrarily and should be downgraded. RPG‘s Set in general should be nerfed in Points. Many of the challenges (level caps excluded as an example) are trivial by fast-forwarding.
    Lycanroc 21 Jun 2023 16:04
    With a level 100 Pikachu, I gave it a set of Thunder, Seismic Toss, Mega Kick, and Double Team. I also brought five X Accuracies, some Full Restores, and the Max Elixirs that I'd collected. There's nothing saying you can't use items, so use them to your advantage.

    I also brought some of the other TMs suggested in previous comments in case I had to change my strategy, but I won on the first try.
    desiler 8 Jul 2023 00:36
    Did it with a level 93 Pikachu.

    Mega Punch
    Seismic Toss

    Need some bit of luck on Sandshrew but overall pretty easy.
    MacMashPotato 17 Jul 2023 18:28
    Its honestly not as hard as some are saying, especially if your the type of player to do play throughs using only one pokemon, usually the starter, might sound stupid, because it sort of is, but pokemon games are really not as hard pve wise as people think. Think back to when you where a kid playing pokemon for the first time, you probably primarily used your starter through most if not all of the game before training other pokemon. I know i did crystal version with just cyndaquil.
    JohnZombi 26 Jul 2023 23:15
    Today I learned Seismic Toss affects ghost types in gen 1. Lmao EZPZ mode now
    JohnZombi 26 Jul 2023 23:20
    @MacMashPotato I did solo Pikachu in X and White 2 lol. r/SoloPokes is a fun subreddit if you like to run solo
    tsyque 16 Sep 2023 02:41
    Level 83 with thunderbolt, submission, body slam, seismic toss. You dont need any X items. Just bring max potions and full heals and you'll be fine
    conkerlikeN64 8 Oct 2023 04:31
    FFFFFFF i got defeated
    conkerlikeN64 8 Oct 2023 04:38
    so if i i get defeated multiples times it will not count (i havent use save state)
    conkerlikeN64 8 Oct 2023 14:33
    i was able able to gain it
    i just load a state file before going against them and i was able to get it
    conkerlikeN64 8 Oct 2023 14:33
    i was able able to gain it
    i just load a state file before going against them and i was able to get it
    Princescyther 9 Oct 2023 23:12
    Sure, you can't do that in Hardcore though @conkerlikeN64.
    nickwatic 11 Dec 2023 17:01
    this doesnt have to be first time right
    supersharpy64 20 Dec 2023 18:09
    @Princescyther you can if you backup the game's save and don't use save states.
    DJAtomika 17 Jan 2024 19:39
    That mk sandslash lmao
    EddyHornyInUrZone 23 Jan 2024 09:08
    I have only used Pikachu to make the league and beat Gary and I have not unlocked the achievement, I left the rest of the Pokémon on the PC.
    Could it be that you have to beat the first one?
    supersharpy64 23 Jan 2024 17:25
    @EddyHornyInUrZone I unlocked the achievements for beating the Elite Four and Gary and then a solo Pikachu run in the space of 10 mins so you don't have to do a solo run first.
    EddyHornyInUrZone 23 Jan 2024 20:11
    Oh, thank you, I tried it again and I was able to unlock it!
    NimbusSpark 24 Feb 2024 01:44
    Managed to do this with a Level 81 Pikachu using Thunderbolt / Seismic Toss / Double Team / Body Slam. For the most part, you can get through a majority of the Elite Four pretty consistently, and I had little issues until I hit the Champion fight.

    Of course, the biggest issue is the leading Sandslash spamming Earthquake, which is why setting up Double Team is so vital. This was not a first try run for me, but it's definitely more than possible to get this achievement at around level 80+ especially if you've been training it throughout the game.

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