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Mega Man X (SNES)

Find and Destroy the Unique Enemy from the Classic Mega Man games
Deja Blue Bomber (5) (6)
Find and Destroy the Unique Enemy from the Classic Mega Man games

Created by Telerophon on: 14 Aug, 2016 10:58
Last modified: 28 Jan, 2021 00:51

Won by 4754 of 10156 possible players (47%)

Ridlaid 14 Aug 2016 14:50
Not that hard, guy, it is in the first part on Armored Armadillo's stage.
matheus2653 14 Aug 2016 14:57
If this is go to Core, I think it's better to add some other more achievements, because this achievement is actually very easy.
Telerophon 14 Aug 2016 18:12
This was created to fill a request from StingX2 in the official thread in 2014. It is very easy, yes, but I like that it marks an Easter Egg not everyone pays attention to. Enjoy your free points.
Telerophon 14 Aug 2016 18:13
Also, this achievement does not currently appear to work properly in LibRetro / RetroArch. Please be advised.
zxmega 14 Aug 2016 19:12
i don't know if is possible to have more ideas for this set, the only achievement i have on mind is "beat the game without dying" and "beat the game without using a boss weapon (using only x-buster)"
zxmega 14 Aug 2016 19:12
also, i don't think this achievement deserves 10 points, maybe 3 points?
Telerophon 14 Aug 2016 20:25
Suggestions are always welcome and are easiest to keep track of in the official game thread, though I'm not sure how easy it would be to keep track of usage of the X-Buster or loss of lives for an entire playthrough.
Telerophon 14 Aug 2016 20:26
Regarding point distribution, I like even distributions of points in multiples of 5 whenever possible. To that end, I had to take 5 points off the top of two matched achievements (every sub and every heart tank) to make room for more achievements.
Telerophon 14 Aug 2016 20:27
If we make another achievement, I'll take 5 from this one to give the newer one point value.
Telerophon 14 Aug 2016 20:58
One more thing - zxmega, I took your feedback into consideration and found another achievement that really deserved the five extra points: MegaMAN Mode. So, that went up from 10 points to 15, and I took this one down to 5 points.
matheus2653 14 Aug 2016 21:29
The achievement is not difficult, but it is interesting because it has only one bat from Mega Man classic. I just suggested adding some achievements more, but I'm not forcing anyone not.
Telerophon 14 Aug 2016 22:36
More achievements would be cool, I agree. If we can think of some more that are possible to implement and we have the skill and manpower to add them, it would be great to do so, and thanks for your enthusiasm. :)
Miciso 19 Aug 2016 11:50
this never triggers??? why???
Telerophon 19 Sep 2016 00:40
Are you using the RA Emulator or a RetroArch/LibRetro Emulator? This does not currently work in LibRetro, you have to earn it using the RetroAchievements version of SNES9x.
ENZYME1 16 Oct 2016 20:11
It should get demoted [jk] It could be considered an easter egg, but recall this guy showing up in the X games in plain sight view, so with the majority's pov, it shouldn't be worth much if anything at all.
31 Jul 2019 04:54
kdecks edited this achievement.
yeerttere 1 Dec 2020 22:07
Please don't make spoilers.
28 Jan 2021 00:51
DanielARP edited this achievement.
Juaroomblah 18 Dec 2022 11:37
Aren't mets in the game too? Always struck me as odd. Been playing X2 for the first time recently and mets are not a thing anymore. Makes more sense to me that way.

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Beat the game in the shortest time
Ponko Ponko33:53.65
Beat the game in the shortest time (Includes Hadouken)
Laseki Laseki38:59.75
Beat the game in the shortest time using only the Buster
leislonjose leislonjose46:58.78
Reach Chill Penguin boss door in the shortest time
sharivan sharivan00:50.61
Beat Chill Penguin in its stage in the shortest time
sharivan sharivan00:12.45
Reach Storm Eagle boss door or ship platform (or stage end if it is a revisit) in the shortest time
Awsiel Awsiel00:38.16
Beat Storm Eagle in its stage in the shortest time
Ponko Ponko00:11.36
Reach Flame Mammoth boss door in the shortest time
brightman brightman00:43.90
Beat Flame Mammoth in its stage in the shortest time
Ponko Ponko00:11.43
Reach Spark Mandrill boss door in the shortest time
sharivan sharivan01:07.76
Beat Spark Mandrill in its stage in the shortest time
Ponko Ponko00:11.55
Reach Armored Armadillo boss door in the shortest time
sharivan sharivan00:58.20
Beat Armored Armadillo in its stage in the shortest time
burnerfreak burnerfreak00:11.13
Reach Boomer Kuwanger boss door in the shortest time
sharivan sharivan01:20.10
Beat Boomer Kuwanger in its stage in the shortest time
zomxbae zomxbae00:11.73
Reach Sting Chameleon boss door in the shortest time
Awsiel Awsiel00:42.88
Beat Sting Chameleon in its stage in the shortest time
Ponko Ponko00:11.51
Reach Launch Octopus boss door in the shortest time
sharivan sharivan00:48.15
Beat Launch Octopus in its stage in the shortest time
sharivan sharivan00:13.86
Speedrun any 4 Bosses
Gamechamp Gamechamp13:13.35