Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Console icon Genesis/Mega Drive

  • Do the M.J.

    (25) (145)

    Perfect Special Stage 1 while going backwards. Don't pause.

    301 (243) of 6,608 – 4.56%

    3.68% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    4.56% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by blazethecat on: 27 May, 2016 22:43
    Last modified: 02 Sep, 2022 03:39

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    segagamer 13 Aug 2023 13:23
    This was a tough but interesting one. Never thought to try and do this before! This works on Genesis Plus now so no need to use Picodrive. I did it as No Save Tails to save seeing the intro video and deleting the save each retry. Didn't jump, hit a bumper (after the first time to go backwards) or press up or down on the DPad at all (even to start moving sooner).
    GamerofTime1991 23 Aug 2023 07:34
    I don't think I'll be able to get this one, I gave up after about 25 tries. I understand that some achievements have to challenge a player but this feels a little bit overkill. Then again, it could just be me complaining about how bad I am.
    blackrook29 18 Sep 2023 13:51
    there is no tips or guide just trial and error. the sound of sonic touching blue spheres was my que to move. 4 3 3 3 i knew the first snake had to begin with left and 2nd snake was right. had this down to a tee. i even tried rotating OBS screen 180 degrees that did not help at all. after many tries got lucky. mastered this game in one day. 10 hours
    SoggyFriesDude 24 Sep 2023 17:20
    I've practiced this for a while, the only issue why I can't get the achievement is because I don't know the map well after countless of attempts. Now I'm starting to wish there was something I could've used to make recalling the special stage easier. But hey, I guess that's a skill issue from my point.
    Pagzamaphone 24 Sep 2023 17:41
    another tip is to look at the map here: and plan the order you wanna do them. Like i said before I tried doing it just backwards the way i would normally do it going clockwisearound the map, but with the speed added over time I could never get my brain to wrap around the zig zag parts with the bumpers going at high speed. Try doing both "zig zag" sections first, then do the rest. The nice part is if you make a wrong turn on the other parts it is sometimes recoverable, you just need to do a lot of turning.
    SoggyFriesDude 26 Sep 2023 16:11
    nvm I got it!, thanks for the help though. When I struggled I tried searching up a map on somewhere and it helped a lot
    JasonBlueX 28 Sep 2023 20:55
    Este logro es una patada en las bolas, no es ni divertido, para colmo, pide PERFECT, ósea, hermano, pasarlo en reversa es un dolor de cabeza, ¿Quién es responsable de esta blasfemia?
    fenlyna 5 Nov 2023 16:23
    N3ssDo 13 Nov 2023 01:52
    O tanto que eu sofri para pegar essa conquista, não tá escrito... Passei altos "rages" nessa desgraça. Fiquei cerca de 2 horas na mesma, tentei tanto, mais tanto, até que meus braços não conseguiam mais aguentar direito, e finalmente, consegui ela, por mais que tenha sido muito difícil, ela é uma experiência bastante divertia e interessante de se fazer...
    N3ssDo 13 Nov 2023 01:53
    Uma técnica que eu usei e recomendo usarem, é fazer a parte de "zig-zag" primeiro, aí depois vc pegar as bolas azuis em maiores quantidades e faz o perfect, aí depois pega o resto.
    ZeroHabilidade 26 Nov 2023 22:01
    do you have to do the whole stage backwards or just finish it while backwards?
    ZeroHabilidade 26 Nov 2023 22:04
    nvm, just found out
    StonyPony 12 Dec 2023 00:22
    Honestly while this is a nice callback to MJ, it really should be a subset. It's not part of the main gameplay, it contributes nothing to the gameplay experience, and it's especially hard for many neurodivergents who can't operate by memorization.
    segagamer 12 Dec 2023 14:34
    It's a fun challenge like "beating X stage in less than y minutes". It really isn't that hard with a bit of practice either and a fair mount of players here have done it unlike most subset achievements.
    switcheHHH 13 Dec 2023 19:15
    did this in around 7 tries. not terrible but jesus that was a difficult one huh
    Szhymphild 20 Dec 2023 14:38
    Faça o primeiro Zig Zag depois vá até o segundo zig zag depois faça o resto, basta planejar um caminho seguro para concluir isso.
    crash46 2 Jan 2024 04:25
    I heard about this mission but I figured “M.J.” was Michael Jordan. he got 7 rings, Sonic collects rings too & he happens to need 7 of them to become Super or Hyper. Totally didn’t expect this.

    Wasn’t easy by any stretch but I probably spent less time on this than I did the with the no-left Launch Base or the Death Egg one. It really helps to look at the map and get a feel for this layout. Once that happens, all you have to do is execute.
    SpiritOfRei 4 Feb 2024 14:35
    Extremely tedious achievement that doesn't really offer much. Doing this involves blind movement which causes anxiety, and for neurodivergents like me who can't do things like these based of memorization makes this worse. Not a good achievement.
    shinx 11 Feb 2024 05:08
    after an hour of practicing on slower speeds, i finally got this acheivement. It's all in knowing when to press the button and reacting fast enough to do it.
    Potater234 14 Feb 2024 15:50
    I did it with cheats but it was still a lot of fun and I learned some cool tricks

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