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  • Complete Stages 13 through 15 without using a subweapon

    169 (110) of 14,227 – 1.19%

    0.77% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    1.19% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by suspect15 on: 09 Oct, 2023 13:06
    Last modified: 21 Oct, 2023 12:19

    9 Oct 2023 13:06
    suspect15 uploaded this achievement.
    9 Oct 2023 13:07
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    9 Oct 2023 15:13
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    Alarju 10 Oct 2023 18:10
    This is the best I can do to ease your suffering...
    14 Oct 2023 00:51
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    ChocoMilk 15 Oct 2023 07:44
    Play on revision 1 if possible when attempting this. Very easy to crash on 1.0 in the hallway prior to Death. Tough achievement for sure, some rebalancing of easier achievements to give this 25 would be nice in my opinion.
    21 Oct 2023 12:19
    suspect15 edited this achievement's description.
    Ness64 22 Oct 2023 01:45
    The above video helped a lot, but I'll share a few other tips I got from Gollawiz that also helped me get this:
    First, when any sickles start to appear, you can just stay still and wait for them to start moving towards you before you move and attack. It's usually easier to deal with them this way and you should have enough time to reach Death anyway.
    Second, stick to the main platform as much as you can. Sometimes the upper platforms are viable for dodging, but you don't want to be there for long and you definitely don't want to get stuck at the bottom corners with sickles flying at you from above, you'll probably get hit if this happens.
    And as shown in the video, don't let Death get away. Things can get out of hand if he's on the other side of the screen for too long, and if you're close enough you can land a lot of hits in one go, just don't get too greedy and forget the sickles.

    I agree this one could be 25 points, though. It IS worth 25 on the GBA set and it's one of the harder levels for this. It may become easy once you know how to deal with each part of the level, but it takes a bit more to get there than most of the rest, especially for the corridor at the end
    alanjaqueira 10 Nov 2023 19:35
    Harder than complete the second quest deathless. Any other strats here? I need help!
    Bryan1150 28 Dec 2023 05:03
    this should be 25, requires save state practice
    Bryan1150 28 Dec 2023 06:34
    did it... please save state practice for your sanity
    MauricioReis 6 Feb 2024 13:59
    I would like to share a strategy for the hall before the fight:

    Keep two things in mind:
    1. the Axe Armors never threw two axes in a row, there is a generous interval between throwing two axes.
    2. if you are NOT moving at the moment the Medusa born on the screen, her route never reaches Simon, this enemy depends on Simon moving so that he can hit him.

    With that in mind, the strategy is as follows: jump on the first Medusa that appears on the right side. Then turn left. NEVER turn right again only when necessary. When you kill a Medusa, move forward a little and stop again, this will make the next Medusa spawn so that when you stop, it won't hit you. Even if you miss the whip hit, if you are not greedy in your steps, they will never hit you.

    But we have to deal with the axes, keep your whip active to destroy the axes, whenever an axe and a medusa are in sync, hit them both at the same time and that's your best opportunity to take several steps.

    When you destroy one (Medusa ou Axe) and then the other (Medusa ou Axe), just take a few steps. What you need to practice is knowing that you can only move as soon as you kill a Medusa, there is a period of time until the next one is born. With that, advance little by little until you make the first Axe Armor retreat to the second portrait mold (at the background), then go back as quickly as possible until the pillar in the right side of the portrait mold disappears to the screen, this will make the first Axe Amor disappear, so advance with be careful again until the second Axe Armor, do the same strategy until he retreats to an area with 3 portrait mold, this is the point at which the Medusas finally stop spawning.

    During training for that achievement, I can pass this area with almost 100% consistency. Below is a demonstration video. Good luck!

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