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  • Lucky Egg

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    Catch Chansey.

    1,062 (808) of 5,898 – 18.01%

    13.70% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    18.01% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by gooby on: 15 Apr, 2016 19:08
    Last modified: 12 Apr, 2022 21:13

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    Philipi 26 Jul 2019 21:18
    Com toda certeza a mais dificil do jogo. O melhor local para encontrala na area 2 da safari zone. Nao jogue pedra nem comida, apenas pokebolas.
    1 Aug 2019 05:34
    BenGhazi edited this achievement.
    Mario99999 7 Dec 2020 19:52
    I'm really amazed how much randomness on safari. On firered it took me about 1 day to find and catch. On leafgreen, got it on second attempt.
    Kryle 23 May 2021 14:19
    Upon entering the Safari Zone, head to the first patch of grass on your left. There is a 1% encounter rate there. Best method is to use Bait twice, then try to capture. It will more than likely flee but just keep trying. Use turbo to speed up process
    camneto 21 Sep 2021 20:30
    na internet muita gente falando pra jogar pedra que aumenta a chance de capturar. unico que consegui assim dos exclusivos da safari zone foi o pinsir, mais de 10 chanseys tentando assim e nada, so peguei jogando a bola direto
    WitchyShrimp 1 Jan 2022 09:07
    I caught it by using Bait, Ball, Bait, Ball. But it took ages to find one that wouldn't run. I caught it in the patch of grass to your left after entering the Safari Zone.
    12 Apr 2022 21:13
    Ryudo edited this achievement.
    ReverieEmanon 13 Apr 2022 02:42

    Statistically highest catch rates for Chansey. As well as a breakdown of how Rock and Bait mechanics work. Its an interesting watch. Using this method achievement unlocked within 1/2 hour.
    Zealord 10 Jul 2022 18:44
    just go to area 2 (north) and throw pokeballs.
    PabloHoties 21 Jul 2022 02:21
    You can use the Sweet Scent move to not waste your footsteps.
    Retrogamerdude23 25 Sep 2022 00:38
    Welp, i guess i just got lucky. I caught Chansey on first try after throwing 3 pokeballs just like that.
    TimeLink 10 Nov 2022 13:26
    There's a 4% encounter chance for Chansey in the northernmost area of the Safari Zone (when you get in just Surf and exit up).
    You can turn in place on the same tile to not use up steps.
    Baiting Chansey actually increases its catch rate and lowers its chance of fleeing to 10% per turn while Bait is active. However, flee chance is determined at the start of a turn, so the very first turn the chance is still 45% even if you throw Bait immediately.
    The best strategy on average is to alternate Bait and 2 Balls. (so Bait -> Ball, Ball -> Bait [...]). Bait lasts 1-5 turns and re-baiting while Bait is active prevents the 45% chance of flee from occuring again. If it runs out Turn 1, immediately Bait again.
    TheJayDizzle 4 Jul 2023 23:08
    That was pain.. took me like almost an hour with speed up, RNGsus hates me on my LF Playthrough
    Cranther 24 Aug 2023 00:17
    This little crud just took a lot out of my evening. While I lacked a sweet scenter for this one, there is a certain spot in area 2 where you can speed up and alternate up and left or up and right, not using a single step.

    I four times ran out of safari balls on it, and usually could only manage two or three throws each encounter, to give an idea on how long I spent. This mon is infuriating, but you feel accomplished when you manage it.
    Left4Cake 23 Sep 2023 01:38
    I found a Shiny Excute while trying to get this.
    Maxialvarez94 25 Oct 2023 06:45
    I tried like 6 times with: Bait bait, ball ball ball, bait bait, ball ball. But didn't have any luck.
    In the next encounter I just throw a ball and catch it! Unbelievable
    LuKaspper 31 Jan 2024 10:20
    esse demônio apareceu tantas vezes e fugiu que eu fiquei puto e usei savestate
    SmashingStar64 5 Feb 2024 04:46
    funny thing is that I tried using bait but it kept running away so I threw balls at it and the 2nd one caught it
    Agnam 11 Feb 2024 12:43
    Got this by complete accident lmao. Was trying to get Pinsir, 1% Chansey appears, accidentally throw a single ball at it and it gets caught... Welp, I'm never catching Pinsir since that took all my luck for the year.
    Sawadadiego 29 Feb 2024 09:20
    It took me 10 minutes. Lucky Egg as f**k

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