Golden Sun
Console icon Game Boy Advance

  • Defeat Deadbeard and obtain his treasure

    764 (512) of 5,690 – 13.43%

    9.00% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    13.43% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by gooby on: 02 Apr, 2016 19:27
    Last modified: 28 Feb, 2020 18:01

    28 Feb 2020 18:01
    Thoreau edited this achievement.
    Superbegita 5 May 2023 03:27
    Honestly it's was as easy as i remember when you know it's weakness : Earth. So before the battle make sort that you can summon Apocalypse and with at least level 30 for Isaac you should do in the 1300 damage range (depending if you have Gaia's blade and the dragon armor in Venus lighthouse i mean.

    After that it will raise a good chunck your earth element.

    Remember to alternate between Garret and Isaac for peotecting your entire team with theirs djinnis who share the same particulaity : full mrotection for one turn.

    And of course use djinnins Earth flr make some dagame.

    Use Mia for healh everyone. If not needed because you team is under protection just decresead with a mercury djinnin the attack of Deadbeard.

    For Ivan i advertise strongly to use his resistance speels for diminizh the damage lf zlemental speels. And combine with the djinnin lf Wind for that too !

    You only need in fact to make sure that each turn you use one earth djinis and of course regain one after each zummons. Use only Apocalypse to mrefer.
    The seclnd tile i have done in the 1500+ damage.

    Between full protection and resistance you should be okay every turn. And the turn where you regain Flash by ex (for peotect your teal) dont attack with Garret use him only for peotect you and if needed raise your party's attack etc

    Use break with Mia flr dispell the buff lf Deadbeard if needed dont hesitate to alternate if your party is proteced it means: nl heal needed this turn !

    If you do it cleverly honestly it's enough easy.

    Protect you and make sure tl being able tl use earth djinnin flr summon Apocalypse !

    Hlwever Duhallan in The los age is by FAR , much more difficult clearly. (if i remember correctly it been decades i have not played Golden sun but in ly memories Dullahan is MUCH MORE stronger clealy.

    Deadbeard is notnhard if you alternate cleverly.

    Only Amocalypse and earth djinni deal some pretty damage (i dont think you can poison him).

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