Legend of Zelda, The
Console icon NES/Famicom

  • Get to Ganon's room in Death Mountain in the first quest without a sword

    534 (450) of 17,416 – 3.07%

    2.58% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    3.07% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Mutawarrior on: 14 Mar, 2016 10:27
    Last modified: 19 May, 2022 00:10

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    Jazerus 23 Jan 2022 07:08
    Definitely block clip on level 5 to get the recorder and buy a bomb upgrade. It isn't really necessary anywhere else, but you will have serious bomb trouble if you don't. It may take a while but it's better than fighting the Darknuts or trying to get the wand first with just 8 bombs.
    timenoe 10 Feb 2022 23:33
    This was fun. The most challenging part was killing the wizzrobes in a couple of the dungeons without running out of bombs. Everything else is not so bad
    Xiroes 26 Mar 2022 05:55
    Oof - this achievement was frustrating at times lol... When I finally got the wand, I was maniacally laughing
    8 May 2022 04:56
    Searo edited this achievement's wording, logic.
    19 May 2022 00:10
    Searo edited this achievement's wording, logic.
    GrayCloudSpectator 17 Jul 2022 15:07
    The only two roadblocks in this achievement are definitely the blue Darknuts in Level 5 so you can get the first bomb upgrade and the Wizrobes for getting the magic wand in Level 6. If you got one or the other, then the other one isn't too difficult - for the Darknuts, it really helps to know that each bomb has a "memory" from which direction you placed it. But overall much easier than I ever expected this to be ever since I heard of people doing swordless runs of this game.
    zombizzle 14 Jan 2023 06:36
    Just got it, was fun! Gonna try a no ring run next, then maybe no ring no sword, wish there was an achievement for doing both!
    Mutawarrior 14 Jan 2023 07:35
    If you like challenges, you can do these unofficial achievements that I'm trying to have moved to a Bonus set by an admin:

    Beat Ganon damageless:

    3 Heart Challenge (1st Quest)

    3 Heart Challenge (2nd Quest)

    You can try these by opening the Assets List in the Retro Achievements menu of RANES or RALibretro and then selecting Unofficial and clicking on the 3 achievements which you can do by their IDs (3756, 33790 & 33778) and then clicking the Activate button. If they get added to a Bonus set, you and others who did them should get credit for them.
    Mutawarrior 14 Jan 2023 07:52
    You can get the red ring for the two 3 Heart Challenges.
    MisterRetro 7 Mar 2023 02:44
    Was a challange killing everything with a candle at first then arrows and bombs the toughest part was getting by and having enough bombs to clear 2 rooms of Wizrobes one to get by to the Treasure room and then the room itself clearing the blue wizrobes and hope to not run out of bombs but a well earned victory!
    sopadetoad 8 Mar 2023 23:13
    Please help. At level 5 after magnifying the bombs, I couldn't defeat all 6 Blue Darknuts. Now when I go back into the dungeon it is impossible for me to defeat the 5 Blue Darknuts, and then the 6, in order to get the flute. Does anyone know how to get the flute if I have not been able to kill the 6 Blue Darknuts after expanding the bombs?
    Mutawarrior 9 Mar 2023 03:17
    It is definitely possible, you just need to restock on bombs and try again. You can also try getting the wand from Level-6 using bombs to kill the Wizzrobes and then come back to Level-5 and use it like a sword against the Darknuts. It does the same damage as the White Sword would.
    ThePixelJunkie 2 Jun 2023 06:58
    If you're running low on rupees/bombs, I suggest using the money exploit with the gambling old man just left of spawn. Makes it much easier not having to farm them through enemies and get the blue ring in the beginning. You do need to get one rupee secret tho at the start, since you need 10 rupees to gamble away to earn any back.

    Needs 1-2 controllers, a bomb, and 10 rupees. (I set my one controller as both port 1 and 2 personally)

    From spawn, head left a screen. Near the middle part of the north wall, bomb it and will reveal the cave. Go in and pick whatever one you want, pretty sure it's pure RNG. If you win money, press start on first controller, then Up+A on second controller. Select Save. If you lose money, select Retry. Rinse and repeat. Profit.

    Yes this is probably cheating blah blah blah, but it's part of the game and makes this cheevo a little easier. This works on both quests too, since the location stays the same.
    HylianBrat 30 Aug 2023 21:24
    First time actually committing to swordless, even though I known about it for awhile. It was definitely an experience! xD
    Mutawarrior 30 Aug 2023 22:53
    Congrats on pulling it off. 2nd quest swordless is a lot easier if you try it too because you can get the wand/rod a lot sooner if you plan things out properly.
    skydra 1 Nov 2023 05:42
    That was a hell of a challenge
    Lawerfell 22 Nov 2023 09:38
    Just got it! That was hella rough, especially Level 6... But I'm proud to have done it!
    salvadorbastard 24 Nov 2023 01:54
    Once you got the wand it's not too bad but man Wizzrobes are assholes!
    crash46 27 Jan 2024 16:59
    Tried my hand at swordless for the first time ever. Maybe I should’ve learned to block clip, but I just could not eliminate all those blue darknuts in level 5 with only 8 bombs. Ended up facing my fears and doing level 6 to get the wand, which is much easier to do on 8 bombs. It was all downhill from there. “10th enemy has the bomb” is the most valuable piece of advice to be found anywhere within this game. Also did it all with the green shirt, so once I did reach Ganon, I could just die, get the master sword, and get that cheevo too while the path through level 9 was still fresh on my mind.
    MisterRetro 28 Jan 2024 00:52
    When i did the swordless adventurer i think i did couple dungeons then went for upgrades like the blue ring then went for the wand and used it as a sword, theirs little shortcuts in that dungeon to skip some areas which make getting to the wand easier then once you get that i went for the Master key and book if you got enough hearts and items to get passed the blue knights

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