Paper Mario
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  • Defeat the groups of two Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, and Blue Shy Guys IN ORDER in the Blue Zone of Shy Guys Toybox (Must not use First Strike Badge!)

    469 (381) of 6,029 – 7.78%

    6.32% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    7.78% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Unofficial Achievement
    Created by Gollawiz on: 28 May, 2023 20:28
    Last modified: 03 Jun, 2024 01:28

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    Mudkipology 14 Jul 2023 20:31
    There's definitely something goofy with this achievement's logic, I killed one each of red, pink, yellow, green and blue in that order - no achievement. I went and killed another yellow one for its cake mix before trying again, and it popped.
    smokinstylish 31 Aug 2023 19:25
    Thanks Mudkipology. I did the same and it popped.
    kevinmk760 14 Sep 2023 20:05
    Yea logic might be off. I killed 2 Red, 1 Pink, 1 Yellow, 1 Green, and 1 Blue and it did t unlock. I then killed another Yellow and it unlocked after the fight.
    4 Nov 2023 03:06
    Gollawiz edited this achievement's logic.
    Bushando64 2 Dec 2023 19:50
    I made a little visual guide on how I got this cheevo since I was asked about it for anyone that needs it:
    Blestmist 14 Jan 2024 04:05
    followed bushando64 picture and it didnt pop for a bit. I killed them in order 7 times just leaving the area resets them so just kept doing it till it popped but for others who cant get it to work just keep trying it will pop eventually.
    mistabungle 19 Feb 2024 00:25
    I can confirm it works with Bump Attack badge equipped.
    Darkrai 23 May 2024 17:47
    Ok I believe once you defeat the red and pink shy guy you have to defeat the bottom yellow shy guy then you just defeat green and blue next, the reason I say the bottom yellow is because when I defeated the top yellow nothing happened then when I ran back through and defeated the bottom yellow it popped. Hope this wall of text can help people out with this achievement
    Luwis1337 24 May 2024 15:29
    Sorry but what the hell is this Achievement? I really cant believe that anyone managed to achieve this one without further explaination what this means. I mean i like random achievements like these but this one is just too weird for me. I really cant approve this one
    31 May 2024 01:35
    Gollawiz edited this achievement's logic.
    firemax34 1 Jun 2024 18:54
    I too have tried every possible solution, but nothing works, unless it's only the first visit that counts, but that would surprise me!
    Gollawiz 1 Jun 2024 18:57
    The achievement is exactly as the description says; go to shy guys toybox, go to the blue station / blue zone, then defeat the two groups of red, yellow, green, blue, and pink shy guys (pink is on the right side of the blue station) in order. It does not require on the first visit. To why it exists; as a kid I loved seeing the different colors of shy guy and thought it might be a fun little one to show off
    MasterJunin 2 Jun 2024 11:16
    I just attempted this for a while and the description is wrong. It reads "Defeat the groups of two Red, Pink, Yellow, Green, and Blue Shy Guys IN ORDER in the Blue Zone of Shy Guys Toybox"

    It should read "Defeat a group of two red, yellow, green, blue, and pink shy guys in order." This immediately worked and I realize the achievement picture has the order correctly when colored in.
    SableSoldi3r 2 Jun 2024 20:39
    After spending two and a half real-life hours on this (because I thought, for sure, I had been doing something wrong), I'm throwing in the towel and submitting a ticket. On top of trying every single suggestion mentioned here, I've also tried updating RetroArch and all cores, using both Mupen and ParaLLEl cores, moving to a different save slot, using an entirely different save file in the first save slot, changing partners, swapping badges, and for the life of me, it just won't pop. While I can appreciate the idea, and I've enjoyed and had no issues with the rest of the set, this particular achievement was unfortunately very frustrating.
    michael71475 3 Jun 2024 00:58
    I finally had it pop for me after doing it in the order of Red, Yellow, Green,
    Blue, and then Pink. It didn't work for me when I had the First Attack badge equipped.
    Not sure if it mattered that I defeated the bottom Yellow Shy Guy as opposed to the top one.
    3 Jun 2024 01:15
    Gollawiz edited this achievement's logic.
    3 Jun 2024 01:28
    Gollawiz edited this achievement's description.
    ThePixelJunkie 6 Jun 2024 07:52
    Yeah after trying the description's order and everyone's suggestions, I also can't get this to pop. No first strike badge on. All I have is mega quake and attack up badges on. Spent like an hour lol I'm good. Will try it again when it's my last one but this cheevo is wack.

    A counter in the bottom right would help so we don't have to re-do all five every attempt and play a guessing game whether it will pop or not. Could also tell when the cheevo messes up maybe. Idk how hard that is to set up but I'm tired of killing shy guys at this point lol
    6 Jun 2024 10:21
    Gollawiz demoted this achievement to Unofficial.
    Gollawiz 6 Jun 2024 10:54
    Demoted this for the time being; I was able to get it to work in my end but it isn't stable enough on other cores and I'm not sure it's worth keeping around if that's going to be the case, since it is not an Easter egg and is just a funny small challenge I added. Will try to see if I can change that but as of now I will keep it demoted

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