Paper Mario
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  • Defeat Lava Piranha without using Sushie, the Snowman Doll, or the Fire Shield Badge

    441 (372) of 6,197 – 7.12%

    6.00% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    7.12% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Gollawiz on: 26 May, 2023 19:49
    Last modified: 30 Jun, 2023 13:09

    26 May 2023 19:49
    Gollawiz uploaded this achievement.
    27 May 2023 14:33
    Gollawiz edited this achievement's logic.
    28 May 2023 17:28
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    Melodius 29 May 2023 16:39
    I guess it’s a but masochistic, but shouldn’t you also disqualify the Ice Power badge?
    Gollawiz 29 May 2023 16:41
    No, I wanted a challenge but I did not want to be extreme about it
    C4ss 30 Jun 2023 13:03
    small typo, "Sushi" should be "Sushie"
    30 Jun 2023 13:09
    Gollawiz edited this achievement's description.
    CrimsonGriffon 1 Oct 2023 20:42
    I assumed Ice Power was banned and barely ended up getting through. I clinged on with 1hp, 1fp, and resorted to throwing coconuts to whittle down the last of Lava Piranha's hp. I feel simultaneously accomplished and dumb knowing Ice Power was allowed all along.
    candycane 15 Nov 2023 02:19
    my tip is to use cool down to make the first phase super easy also ice power is great
    11 Dec 2023 15:24
    Gollawiz edited this achievement's description.
    Garedactyl 19 Mar 2024 15:16
    (EASY SOLUTION) 1. You can always use items, just NOT Snowman Doll. I used Thunder Rage, which is fine. 2. In the cave before you reach Lava Piranha, use your Upgrade Box on Bow: Her Fan Smack costs 5FP and does 10 DAMAGE, which makes the fight easy. Focus on Lava Piranha and jump with Mario for max damage. 3. You can always use Star Power. The Lava Buds only do 3 damage, but Chill Out cuts their attack by 3 so they do no damage. Plus, the Star Storm does 7 damage, which is fine too. 4. Ice Power badge helps do more damage *BONUS* Lava Piranha, Lava Bud & Putrid Piranha (shot from Lava Bud) are 3 different Tattle entries in this fight.
    sterekstile 10 Apr 2024 09:53
    You know, oddly enough... I never did use the Fire Shield badge for this fight in any of my playthroughs, so this was somewhat normal pace for me. I do usually use Sushie, but being prepared with restorative items and Thunder Rages helps. I didn't need Chill Out or Starstorm. Used ice Power badge, one Deluxe Feast for HP/FP restoration, and Bow's Fan Smack.
    sterekstile 10 Apr 2024 09:54
    Maybe I should mention if anyone is planning to employ my strategy: I used Double Dip Thunder Rages.
    Luwis1337 25 May 2024 15:21
    It actually was really easy. Here is how i did it:
    Maximaze Bow and attack with the bow fan, but dont kill the boss with the fan smack! Use 3 times the fan smack and heal up twice with the first star power to recover the FP. In the second phase, maximaze Bombette and use her mega bomb in the second phase. Since you can use ice power you are able to defeat it quick. The only badges i used were 2 power plus, all or nothing, ice power and damage dodge but you also can simply use power Bounce aswell
    DanelerH 30 Jun 2024 04:11
    I realize Ice Power was not banned, but allowing it just takes away any challenge. It completely disables Lava Piranha, while Parakarry or Star Storm can take out the Lava Buds and Petit Piranhas. I elected to forgo Ice Power and used a Danger Mario strategy with Hammer Throw. Since Phase 2 is the issue, I'll just be discussing that.

    Between Power Plus, Power Rush, and All or Nothing, Hammer Throw did 10 damage per turn. Air Raid did another 6, putting each Bud at 2 and Lava Piranha at 24. Turn 2 had me Quick Change swap to Goombario to Tattle the Petit Piranhas (Lava Piranha and Bud being Tattled in Phase 1), followed by Star Storm (17 HP remaining). Finally, I finished with Hammer Throw and Shell Shot for exact damage.

    Was I cheesing it a bit with Danger Mario? Maybe. I'm going to have to get max level eventually, though, so I'm making use of low HP for as long as I can.

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