Legend of Zelda, The: A Link to the Past
Console icon SNES/Super Famicom

  • Completely destroy the Trinexx's Fire Head with the Ice Rod, then completely destroy the Ice Head with the Fire Rod, then Hammer the snake to death.

    673 (581) of 25,792 – 2.61%

    2.25% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    2.61% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by TheMysticalOne on: 03 May, 2023 01:35
    Last modified: 21 May, 2023 21:50

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    4 May 2023 00:29
    TheMysticalOne edited this achievement's logic.
    4 May 2023 18:56
    TheMysticalOne edited this achievement's title.
    16 May 2023 15:35
    TheMysticalOne edited this achievement's logic.
    21 May 2023 21:50
    suspect15 promoted this achievement to the Core set.
    DainBread 22 May 2023 21:38
    Does this need to be in specifically that order? Killed ice head first with fire rod, then fire with ice rod, all hammer on the body, no pop.
    TheMysticalOne 22 May 2023 21:39
    Yes. Specifically fire head using only ice rod first. Do not damage ice head until fire head is dead.
    Kyluya 22 May 2023 21:41
    I should read things first...seriously. Lol
    MuffinsMcDanish 23 May 2023 05:14
    You'll need at least one magic bottle with magic recharge potion for this. Keep this in mind in case you're doing a bottleless run.
    KojiroS 28 May 2023 23:46
    You need way more than one bottle. The flame head is tanky AF if you only use the ice rod.
    MuffinsMcDanish 29 May 2023 02:38
    Hitting it with the rod once makes it more susceptible to further attacks, so if you keep attacking quickly with the rod it dies fast and uses the magic meter more efficiently. It doesn't hurt to have more potions on backup though.
    CassetteCobra 2 Jun 2023 19:40
    Tried to do what Muffin suggested but it didn't work out for me. The Fire Head is simply way too durable to do this with only 1 magic meter, I spammed the item button as fast as I could but I only had 3 magic shots left after I destroyed the fire head.

    So for those coming for the revision, I recommend bringing at least 3 bottles. 1 for magic and 2 for healing. Or both if you want the Blue Potion. The final phase does 4 hearts of damage each hit, and by this point of the game if you've been aiming for both this cheev and the one where you need to beat Turtle Rock first, you'll have 13 heart containers. So that's alot of damage to avoid. Fortunately the snake body is easy to move around and get hits in if you trap it in a loop.
    CassetteCobra 2 Jun 2023 19:52
    The healing is also for getting through the dungeon, as there's those bouncing enemies and chain chomps that deal 3-4 hearts of damage so watch out for them. The fire bars are also annoying to deal with.

    Once you've beaten the boss and unlocked the cheev, reset the game and play the dungeon again so you can continue towards the bottleless run.
    Kyluya 2 Jun 2023 20:43
    Do you have the 1/2 magic meter? I feel like that's also useful.
    Kyluya 2 Jun 2023 20:43
    Do you have the 1/2 magic meter? I feel like that's also useful.
    Kyluya 2 Jun 2023 20:43
    Do you have the 1/2 magic meter? I feel like that's also useful.
    Jenkys 14 Jun 2023 19:43
    Warlock2019 25 Aug 2023 19:16
    how was I supposed to know I couldn't touch the other head first! Its not like its spelled out perfectly for me. *rereads it* ....damnit
    Ness64 22 Nov 2023 05:52
    @CassetteCobra @MuffinsMcDanish
    Nice tips overall, I'll just add some more for saving those potions for the boss. I'd even recommend magic over health for them.

    Quick use of the Magic Cape can help with the Chain Chomps and fire bars, the only red Hardhat Beetle I remember is a bit out of the way (iirc it guards a chest), there are plenty of Anti-Fairies that you can turn into regular Fairies with Magic Powder, and the Pokey-like enemies insta-die to Bombos Medallion. I think the Fire Rod can work just as well, but Bombos always hits and also kills other enemies.
    All this eats the magic bar a bit, but with the refills throughout the level you shouldn't need to use potions unless you REALLY mess up, for Anti-Fairies it's better to turn them than to get hit and lose magic anyway, and there's a full magic refill on a pot right before the boss (take it after creating the platform).

    Unfortunately, though, I found out the hard way you need a bottle for this achievement, even the 1/2 magic upgrade isn't enough... Leaving it for another run
    ikki5 15 Feb 2024 15:20
    For those doing a bottleless run, save, get some bottles, get potions, get it, then reset. Yes, you will need to do the dungeon twice but it saves you a whole play through.
    31 May 2024 12:34
    TheMysticalOne set this achievement's type to Missable.

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