Super Mario 64 Subset Lazy Lakitu
Console icon Nintendo 64

  • Collect the star for 100 Coins in Tall, Tall Mountain

    9 (8) of 24,658 – 0.04%

    0.03% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    0.04% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by DarkyAndreas on: 01 Apr, 2023 00:02
    Last modified: 26 May, 2023 11:52

    1 Apr 2023 00:02
    DarkyAndreas uploaded this achievement.
    1 Apr 2023 00:03
    "DarkyAndreas" promoted this achievement to the Core set.
    1 Apr 2023 00:49
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    1 Apr 2023 01:13
    "DarkyAndreas" promoted this achievement to the Core set.
    1 Apr 2023 02:14
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    Nevermond12 4 Apr 2023 01:48
    ...fucking WHAT.
    Pampa50 8 Apr 2023 09:42
    By far the greatest challenge you'll face in this set. There are 2 ways to get 100 coins here :
    - You use coin duplication (which is almost impossible to do consistently with the fixed camera)
    - You go through the slide (which is very difficult since you don't see anything through 99% of it)
    Whichever options you choose, good luck !
    Nevermond12 8 Apr 2023 14:50
    after well over an hour of cloning coins, the only bob omb I could see fell off the stage and refused to respawn. fuck this achievement, fuck this mastery, I don't care enough to complete this.
    Nevermond12 10 Apr 2023 05:58
    that comment didn't age very well.
    26 May 2023 11:52
    DarkyAndreas edited this achievement's logic.
    3 Sep 2023 11:45
    DarkyAndreas removed this achievement's type.
    Melodius 12 Nov 2023 19:41
    You can use the Mystery of the Monkey Cage star spawn to get a bird's eye view of the Chuckya area where you want to do your cloning. Make sure the bob-omb is also in the shot.

    Watch Pannenkoek videos to learn how to clone properly.
    ConfluentOhm 13 Dec 2023 23:03
    Oh god, and here I thought this bonus set was going to be a hard challenge, but to actually need to learn to clone coins... Christ on the cross.
    Mindhral 13 Dec 2023 23:16
    If you can find a consistent enough method to get the 3 blue coins at the beginning of the slide, you don't need cloning. I could not (and did it randomly with a savestate), so I'm interested if you find it lol
    Blindfolded strat can't be used, as it uses forward direction in Mario cam...

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