Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
Console icon NES/Famicom

  • Reach the Great Palace without the Candle or Cross (first quest only, not NG+)

    113 (91) of 3,626 – 3.12%

    2.51% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    3.12% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by suspect15 on: 25 Mar, 2023 23:51
    Last modified: 27 Mar, 2023 02:04

    25 Mar 2023 23:51
    suspect15 uploaded this achievement.
    26 Mar 2023 03:25
    suspect15 promoted this achievement to the Core set.
    Jazmataz 26 Mar 2023 10:07
    I dont understand English that great can I use one of them to reach the Great Palace or is it not allowed to pick up one at all?
    suspect15 26 Mar 2023 12:05
    You must NOT get the candle or cross at all.
    27 Mar 2023 02:04
    suspect15 edited this achievement's logic, description.
    Jazmataz 27 Mar 2023 13:40
    Here is my Recording this Challenge and the other beat the Game without some Spells. Some Safe and Good Strats to adapt. Especially Valley of the Death. Timestamps are in the Description.

    CassetteCobra 9 May 2023 12:45
    Oh my goodness...I finally did it. Getting the hammer in Death Mountain is probably the hardest part of this challenge. Those Axe Guys can give you serious hurt if you don't know how to properly deal with them. I almost failed to get the hammer because the last axe guy is a thrower but I managed to dodge and get it thanks to the jump spell. The good thing about the Axe guys though is that they tend to drop either 200 exp bags or red magic jars for easy magic. Grab either once you hear a certain sound after defeating an enemy, that's when you'll know an item appears in pitch darkness.

    I finished it with the same settings above but with 5 health instead, grind out the first two palaces or the wetland octorocks for the exp before you can tackle this place. Use Shield often and save the healing for emergencies and you have a magic jar nearby to take for more shield. Good luck.
    CassetteCobra 9 May 2023 13:23
    Do have a question, can we go to the Great Palace without completing the previous 6 or do we have to do them all first before you go to the Great Palace?
    CassetteCobra 9 May 2023 20:22
    When you get to Valley of Death, if you're like me and only have 3 lives, then your best bet is to use the Spell "Spell" to turn the Moa's into easy to kill Bots to prevent deaths. Use the shield when you're inside the last two cave areas as those have longer rooms and tougher enemies. Use fairy in case of emergencies or if your almost there. Life should only be used sparingly.
    Warlock2019 15 Aug 2023 05:29
    But... I don't wanna learn Any%
    Warlock2019 20 Aug 2023 20:15
    I can confirm, The Any% route will trigger this Achievement.
    psyduck 14 Nov 2023 18:47
    If you want to get Work Harder Not Smarter in same run, you can get Spell and do this without saving, then reset.
    randresen77 12 Feb 2024 23:52
    I hate this achievement, most annoying invisible enemies out of any game ive ever seen.

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