LEGO Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
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  • Complete "Speeder Showdown" without either character dying (no extras or ghost characters)

    68 (61) of 665 – 10.23%

    9.17% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    10.23% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by BatFastardJordy on: 13 Feb, 2023 05:28
    Last modified: 19 Feb, 2023 08:58

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    Kryle 19 Feb 2023 18:12
    I will say this is probably the most challenging of the deathless levels. If in Freeplay, use Boba Fett to easily destroy the towers with your mines so you don't have to waste time building AT-STs in each section (unless they are already there).

    Before you get to the section with the AT-AT (camel robot), make sure each character is R2-D2. The troopers and the AT-AT will follow you but will not fire. Go to the platform that allows you to jump into the AT-AT and quickly change into someone else (preferably Han Solo). Turn the AT-AT around all the way so you have time to exit, kill the troops and destroy the hooks near the bottom where they respawn from.

    This can take some time, but it is the safest way I found to get it.
    WKGames 3 Sep 2023 18:04
    @Kryle, how did you do Death Star Escape? That's way way harder than any of the other non-vehicle deathless achievements imo.

    In my opinion, this is surprisingly one of the easiest deathless achievements. Of course the speeder sections are annoying and you have to be careful to avoid trees.

    However, if you use Han Solo you can easily win all of the shootout sections which makes this much easier.

    The R2 strat Kryle posted makes the final section much easier.
    YoungFlexerOG 9 Sep 2023 08:59
    @WKGames If you're struggling with the final part of Death Star Escape, I found a workaround sort of... So when you activate 1 of the 4 switches; quickly switch to R2-D2. Then, wait for all of the stormtroopers to gather around you. Hopefully, you have a lightsaber character that you can quickly switch to after R2. Once you switch, quickly double jump and do the double jump ground pound. For the remaining stormtroopers that spawn afterwards, I used Han just to be safe. If you lose some health, destroy some of the containers once the room is clear. Just repeat the process several more times. It took me a few attempts, but I know you can do it. Hope this makes sense and helps you. If you're talking about another part of the level, I can tell you what I did.
    WKGames 9 Sep 2023 15:44
    I haven’t even made it to the final area yet. I always die in the room where you have to grapple across a giant chasm. The AI partner always kills itself in that room
    YoungFlexerOG 9 Sep 2023 20:38
    @WKGames As soon as I got in that room, I built the grapple. Before grappling, shoot the two guys off in the distance (the other two on the far left are out of range). I didn't worry about the two levers behind. But if a guy does come behind you while building, just stop building and shoot/punch him. I'm gonna test it out a few more times and let you know if it still works for me. Weird thing is, I never had the AI die there before (at least on free play).
    YoungFlexerOG 9 Sep 2023 22:32
    @WKGames I did it 3 times and it still works for me.

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