Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3
Console icon PlayStation 2

  • Complete Page 6 of Mission 100 with S Ranks

    218 (164) of 6,854 – 3.18%

    2.39% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    3.18% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
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    Crims0nScorpion 14 Apr 2024 16:07
    So I'm going to post this in all the Z-Rank achievement comments just so people can easily see this. This is what I did to get all of these done and what I believe the best course of action is.

    First of all, like the other Tenkaichi games, I highly recommend using Gogeta SSJ4 for these as well as the survival ones. He's quick, while in MAX hitting O allows him to dodge pretty easily, his ultimate racks up a lot of damage, and his 2nd super does a huge combo if it connects. I equipped him with Ki Power Up 2, since his Ki charges slow, Super Up 1, and Tien Type to give a slight boost to Ultimate damage. Then give Master Roshi's Training to Hercule since he costs 1DP, 2 other characters that cost 2DP and 1 character that costs 5DP. There are missions that give you a 20DP limit and Gogeta himself is 10DP.

    For the actual Z-Rank, I believe the bare minimum is 280k pts. Max health is 100k, at least a 20-25combo is 100k, and 20,000 damage is 100k pts. Towards the beginning missions, if you win a beam struggle you'll get the damage, Gogeta's 2nd Super does 29-30 hits and health won't be a factor. Perfect also nets you a bonus 10k pts. So winning a beam struggle or just connecting with x100BBK and hitting his 2nd super will basically give you enough points by themselves in all the missions before Savior's Awakening so long as you keep good health. Health is also combined with all teammates, which is why we give them that Roshi potara for extra health cushion. Once you reach Savior's Awakening, ignore beam struggles and rush clashes as you'll lose 99% of the time.

    Once you start the Ultimate Enemy missions, go for Perfects, hit an Ultimate so they have to lock on, and while looking for you, hit em with the 2nd super. Stay away and keep at least 3 Ki blocks so you can use the regular BBK. If timed right as they rush you, it'll stun them and you'll get off a good bit of damage. This should equal a Z-Rank most of the time.

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