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  • The True End +

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    Defeat Aklove and save your Mother in the Ruins of Void in NG+ [Difficulty - Insane] [Sandbox - Off]

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  • Created by Schengo on: 29 Jan, 2023 15:45
    Last modified: 22 Jul, 2023 15:33

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    mywifeleftm 26 Mar 2023 13:50
    The team I used:


    You basically have to have some kind of speed control here. I thought about prankster murkrow w/ Haze to remove the omniboosts but it wasn't really worth a team slot nor did I feel like training one.

    Instead I opted to just use the freebies the game already gave me. You get the Free Hoopa during the story, and you get a free Magearna from completing the pokedex in the previous run and then carrying that over into NG+ - you can turn in the completed pokedex mission immediately at the start of the game.

    On turn 1, your partner's Staraptor will super boost meloetta with intimidate. Use Trick Room with Hoopa and Aklove's pokemon will double target staraptor and kill it.

    On turn 2, you will be faster, and (hopefully) Jax will send out his Golurk - Dark Pulse into Meloetta and Golurk will Poltergeist into the Tapu and should be able to one shot it.

    From there it's kind of a crapshoot, but you will be faster as long as you keep trick room up. Groudon is basically solely for Melmetal and Magearna is incase Hoopa goes down and you need to set up trick room again. Jax is surprisingly competent though and will do most of the heavy lifting after his staraptor goes down.
    Rooreelooo 18 May 2023 10:46
    im confused, is this possible to get in a sandbox playthrough at all? or do i need to do an entirely new playthrough on non-sandbox insane mode?

    i just got to the end of my sandbox insane playthrough and cant see any way of accessing this battle... crossing my fingers ands hoping i dont need to do the entire game on insane a second time lmao
    mywifeleftm 20 May 2023 07:18
    No, sandbox mode ends once you beat the Elite 4 I believe.
    dragoooons 22 Jul 2023 09:56
    I beat this battle with some exploit of AI. Although I don't know how to unlock this achievement.

    I used 2 Durant and a Mega Altaria:


    Use Entrainment with Durant on turn 1, switch to the second Durant on turn 2, use Entrainment on the other opposing pokemon on turn 3. Durant should survive a Expanding Force with Psychic Seed if Tapu Lele focuses on Jax's pokemon instead of yours.

    And then switch to Mega Altaria (you can also use any pokemon with Dragon Dance or Quiver Dance) , alternately use Dragon Dance/Double Team and Protect until reaching +6 attack, speed and evasion and then sweep the opposing team with a few dodge (maybe salamence with life orb can one-shot everything with earthquake, but I don't want to train another pokemon so I just use Altaria)
    22 Jul 2023 15:33
    Schengo edited this achievement's description.
    WKGames 21 Aug 2023 01:06
    @dragoooons, your strategy worked like a charm, beat this on my 5th attempt :)

    Entrainment + Truant is diabolical lmao
    JRodslegend 1 Jan 2024 00:08
    About to try with mywifeleftm's team, however It must be a 2.1.1 thing because in whatever version im getting achievements on, magearna cannot learn psychic. Going to replace it with psybeam and see how well I fair

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