Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Console icon PlayStation 2

  • Get a longest wheelie time of 60 seconds

    187 (153) of 2,587 – 7.23%

    5.91% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    7.23% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by DanielARP on: 09 Jan, 2023 22:48
    Last modified: 07 Feb, 2023 21:29

    9 Jan 2023 22:48
    DanielARP uploaded this achievement.
    3 Feb 2023 22:17
    voiceofautumn edited this achievement's title.
    7 Feb 2023 11:01
    voiceofautumn edited this achievement's badge.
    7 Feb 2023 21:29
    voiceofautumn promoted this achievement to the Core set.
    WeskerHunk 16 Jul 2023 21:42
    Isn't this a little too hard for a standard set? Unless there's a much easier method that I'm not seeing this really feels like it will require an insane amount of precision and luck, and I even managed to get a score of 61 on Kickstart, but this somehow feels more unfeasible. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    DanielARP 16 Jul 2023 21:43
    Tip: use a bicycle like the BMX
    WeskerHunk 16 Jul 2023 22:30
    Interesting, I didn't know it was possible with a BMX. When I have the time I'll try, thanks for the tip in advance.
    WeskerHunk 17 Jul 2023 09:42
    Just got the achievement, it is indeed far easier with the BMX, thank you very much for the tip. For anyone wondering I did it with ease in the Los Santos airport (the one in Las Venturas probably works well too). Go there with a BMX, start on one end of the lane and just wheelie in a straight line until you are close to the end of the lane, than start turning while still keeping the analog back, trying to keep it somewhere in the middle between the direction you are turning and back (some practice may be required to get the sweet spot) until you are on a straight line again, this time going back the way you came. Also, while going on a straight line don't keep the analog back all the time as that will decrease your speed until the game decides that you aren't going fast enough for a valid wheelie. The way I managed straight lines was by keeping the analog all the way back for about a second after gaining speed for a brief moment at the start, then briefly releasing the analog for a moment as I noticed my speed starting to decrease, but not for too long so that the wheelie didn't end. If I noticed Carl's body starting to descend I imediately pulled back right away. Good luck for anyone who tries this, it's a little finicky, but with the right vehicle and area it can be made much easier than it seems.
    WeskerHunk 18 Jul 2023 09:40
    Oh, a correction to what I wrote in my previous comment about turning when nearing the end of the lane. Everything I said still goes, but you should also use the handbrake while making the turn in order to turn tightly enough to avoid going out of the track. Don't use it during the entire turn, instead keep tapping the handbrake button with a certain rythm (once again some practice may be necessary) while paying attention to your speed and positioning so that you don't slow down too much while still managing to turn enough to end up on the opposite lane from the one you were before turning and once again going on a straight line.

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