Super Mario All-Stars
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  • Sweet Dreams

    (50) (525)

    Complete SMB2 without dying in one session

    465 (342) of 17,043 – 2.73%

    2.01% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    2.73% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Brian on: 03 Aug, 2015 12:11
    Last modified: 24 Jul, 2023 14:49

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    4 Aug 2019 23:23
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    9 Aug 2019 15:39
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    6 Dec 2019 08:50
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    PhantomSan 5 Feb 2020 22:45
    No warps allowed?
    PurrikotaXII 10 Apr 2020 11:03
    I don't remember this game being so hard. I give up on this one.
    PurrikotaXII 11 Apr 2020 22:23
    After soaking my joystick with sweat, i finally made it... tonight i'm gonna sleep well
    supersebbl 12 Apr 2020 16:45
    I got 2 times to 7-2 now... I don't want to do this anymore today. Maybe tomorrow. Not a fan of this achievement.
    FabinSS 28 Apr 2020 00:47
    I'd give it a 4 out of 5 for difficulty, it's not extreme but can be nasty and take some time.
    Shinjimx01 13 Sep 2020 10:22 It took some time, but if you take this strats, you will make it in no time!
    21 Sep 2020 05:36
    wilhitewarrior edited this achievement.
    NatsuDragon 18 Feb 2021 21:41
    Game is pretty easy until world 6 (using warps). In 6-1 you need to be very careful (recommend Princess to fly over enemies). Then it is quite easy until 7-2 which is the real challenge. Recommend taking the bottom route and the mushroom
    Luissi 4 May 2021 02:21
    Finally done it! Thanks Shinjimx for the video
    MrDynamite 22 Sep 2021 15:17
    Uff ... i thought warps not allowed ... then it could be beatable
    MrDynamite 23 Sep 2021 16:09
    Finally! Take both routes for both Life-Mushrooms and defeat it. You can bind it with shortest route^^
    TunebaGamer 5 Jan 2022 04:11
    Edit the description, add a (warp allowed)
    sseb22 16 Mar 2023 11:08
    Thanks for the video, Shinjimx01 !
    24 Jul 2023 14:49
    Layton edited this achievement's badge.
    salvadorbastard 27 Oct 2023 13:39
    Probably the hardest in the set but easy once you know your way around. Warps are allowed.

    Most levels are easy and can be done with Peach apart from 7-1 which should be done with Luigi and I personally think Toad is best for 7-2 due it's cramped nature and reliance on throwing items which Toad is the best at.

    In 7-2 there is a trick that enables you to miss most of the level and land in the birdo key room which is also present in the original. It wasn't patched out for this collection so I think this trick is intentional.
    When you enter Wart's castle run to the right side of the room and climb up into the next room. In the next room run to avoid the Sparks as it makes this trick a lot harder if small.

    When you reach the ladder thingy, you want to move a direction tap A and try and make your character jump off the ladder and on top of the stage kinda like the 1-2 vibe from SMB1. It's very fiddly but doable with every character even small.
    See from 7:53 in this video

    Once on top of the stage, start running right and you'll see you're running above the other rooms. Make sure to jump over the gaps in the other rooms although you can do this trick in those rooms too.
    When you see the second Birdo room drop or climb down, grab the key and throw it at Birdo. When it hits her she will take damage from it two more times automatically and die. Make sure it doesn't go off screen or it will despawn.
    Go through the door, in the next room drop the key infront of you to kill the Spark and repeat for the other spark then peg it thru the door. Jumping over is suicide and you can carry the key under the block.
    The rest of the run is easy.
    Toad is the best in this level, most of Wart's bubbles can't hit him as when Toad is holding an item he runs super fast, an ability other characters cannot do. Take Wart slowly!

    Also remember a heart spawns every time you kill 8 enemies if you accidentally take damage. GOOD LUCK
    PranHunter 2 Dec 2023 00:26
    Esse com certeza é o mais difícil de todos do All-Star!
    TunebaGamer 27 Feb 2024 07:43
    é uma das mais difíceis do all-stars, ai vc ve o smb2 de gba e me colocam zerar sem morrer passando TODAS as fase, ah me poupe hahahaha

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