Sonic the Hedgehog 2
Console icon Genesis/Mega Drive

  • Collect all 7 Chaos Emeralds while in Emerald Hill Zone

    944 (578) of 11,768 – 8.02%

    4.91% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    8.02% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Scott on: 21 Apr, 2013 15:25
    Last modified: 26 Jun, 2022 19:50

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    spiderzim 28 Jun 2016 03:20
    Damn... It's seems not work with level select special stage cheat :(
    friskyfranky 27 Jul 2016 12:32
    I was mucking about and put the Super Sonic cheat in and this achievement triggered. I'll have to go back and do it properly now lol
    DanielDX 1 Mar 2017 00:16
    It just unlocked randonly for me '-'
    RookieClubPenguin 18 Apr 2020 19:32
    thank you for my free trial of tendinitis.
    EddieMcMerlin 23 May 2020 17:34
    If you start the game from the "Sonic only" button and get Chaos emeralds and the restart the game, the emeralds will be saved and you can begin the stage at the beginning. You will have unlimited tries but still get the achievement if you get all 7.
    Myrika 9 May 2021 21:48
    Worked with level select, but I needed to complete the act after the last emerald.
    BeeDate 18 May 2021 14:32
    I collected all the chaos emeralds in emerald hill using EddieMcMerlins method... Achievment didnt pop though
    BeeDate 18 May 2021 14:33
    ... Okay nevermind, it popped once I finished the level
    26 Jun 2022 19:50
    gollawiz edited this achievement's badge.
    RetroSprites 10 Jul 2022 20:40
    Thanks EddieMcMerlins, worked with Tails
    poisongirlss 2 Jan 2023 12:10
    I got this one randomly after beating the game with Tails, then going to Options and choosing only Sonic, and it popped randomly.
    outsmirkable 14 May 2023 15:01
    Played a normal game and collected all 7 (took me until frigging Oil Ocean act 2!), game overed in Death Egg and I got this Pro collector achievement just by starting a new game and passing EHZ act 1 :-/
    Scott 15 May 2023 08:45
    it's a long shot, but it is possible that Sonic 2 doesn't reset emerald counts if you game over, meaning you really did still have 7 at that point. I'll have a look
    Juaroomblah 13 Nov 2023 13:11
    going for it now.
    Juaroomblah 13 Nov 2023 13:45
    nevermidn.. gotta sleep.
    thekaufaz 20 Jan 2024 22:24
    Emerald Hill Zone has seven checkpoints so I think the intention here is that you start a new game and go 7 for 7 on the special stages using each checkpoint. Sonic 2 has the worst special stages so I'm not complaining that this achievement was triggered by just grinding them out in stage select mode and then finishing Emerald Hill Zone Act 1 after I eventually got all 7.
    thekaufaz 20 Jan 2024 22:33
    Supposedly you can keep chaos emeralds across game overs and resets as long as you don't power off the system. You just have to start the game by going to options and pressing start on "sonic only" or whatever. If you start the game by pressing start on "1 player" from the initial screen then it will reset progress. This would have probably been preferable since I would have gotten the other special stage achievement too. However, it also takes longer to retry in the main game since you have to keep on finding 50 coins and then a checkpoint. So I'd recommend getting this achievement first through stage select, and then playing the main game to get the other special stage achievement once you know how to beat all the levels.

    One ridiculous thing that happened to me was that I forgot I enabled overclocking of the processor to try to stop slowdown in another game, and it made these special stages run way faster than they are supposed to. I just thought they were super hard, then I played on another computer that didn't have overclocking enabled and couldn't believe how much slower the game was running. Made these stages so easy lol.
    Chickenzes27 31 Jan 2024 07:47
    Looks like this doesn't trigger if you soft reset, so you probably have to do the level select thing.
    Chickenzes27 31 Jan 2024 07:49
    Nevermind it does, it just only triggers if you clear an act?
    VAdaPEGA 31 Jan 2024 19:27
    For those wondering if the infinite retries trick using the Options menu to avoid resewting the chaos emerald count trick works for this : yes, it works.

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