Battle of Olympus, The (NES)

Defeat Cerberus with a minimum of items.  See achievement comments for listing of disallowed items.
Regen This! (25) (530)
Defeat Cerberus with a minimum of items. See achievement comments for listing of disallowed items.

Created by ladynadiad on: 06 Nov, 2022 13:09
Last modified: 08 Nov, 2022 18:58

Won by 4 of 665 possible players (1%)

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6 Nov 2022 13:09
ladynadiad uploaded this achievement.
ladynadiad 6 Nov 2022 13:21
As a hint to everyone regarding how to deal with the regeneration. How it works is that once it goes from two visible heads to one you have a short timeframe to get a hit in, about 256 frames from what I could see in the memory. Once you get a hit in, the counter then goes up to give a much larger window. So overall the key is to get another hit in as quickly as you can after the first head is defeated and then keep the damage coming. The hardest part is definitely getting the hang of the right timing to get a hit in without taking damage.
7 Nov 2022 10:49
ladynadiad edited this achievement's logic, description.
7 Nov 2022 10:59
ladynadiad edited this achievement's logic.
7 Nov 2022 11:00
"ladynadiad" promoted this achievement to the Core set.
7 Nov 2022 18:09
ladynadiad edited this achievement's logic.
8 Nov 2022 18:58
ladynadiad edited this achievement's points, logic, description.
ladynadiad 8 Nov 2022 19:00
The items that are not allowed are as follows: Athena's Shield, Harp of Apollo, Staff of Fennel, Trojan Pitcher, Salamander Shield, Golden Apple, Bracelet of Power, Moon Orb and any Ambrosias.
ladynadiad 8 Nov 2022 22:11
I'll request a manual unlock for you since this proves you met those conditions. Looks like you ran into the issue the other player had with the sub area ids being different from what I got and I forgot to remove it from that one.
ladynadiad 8 Nov 2022 22:12
Or if you prefer to redo, it's been fixed but you would have to restart your emulator for the fix to register.

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