Ratchet & Clank
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  • Clear the Obstacle course in Kerwan in 1:08.00 or less (Reset upon death, helipack and jetpack banned)

    500 (445) of 6,073 – 8.23%

    7.33% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    8.23% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Gollawiz on: 06 Nov, 2022 06:08
    Last modified: 30 Dec, 2022 02:33

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    27 Dec 2022 06:26
    Fridge edited this achievement's logic, description.
    27 Dec 2022 06:30
    Fridge edited this achievement's description.
    30 Dec 2022 02:33
    Fridge promoted this achievement to the Core set.
    Krispy 20 May 2023 20:11
    i cannot figure out how to get this. i've tried looking for speedrun footage or guides for this part but most speedrunners seem to bypass the fitness course entirely. any tips?
    DuckswanTheAlbatross 21 May 2023 08:40
    If you immediately start the obstacle course after each death, the timing of the platforms will always be the same (which isn’t ideal). Instead, it’s better to try waiting a few seconds in the hopes of getting better platform movement patterns and minimizing the amount of time you spend waiting. It might take some trial and error to find the right time to start, but it’s doable. Besides that, avoid using double jumps unless you absolutely have to, since they slow you down quite a bit.
    Krispy 21 May 2023 10:02
    thank you i'll give it another go
    ARandomMastodon 6 Jun 2023 15:16
    For reference, equipping the HydroPack isn't enough to re-activate this cheevo.

    You need to complete it BEFORE you obtain any of the backpacks
    Gollawiz 6 Jun 2023 16:10
    That isn't true - you can complete this achievement at any given point, you just cannot use the backpacks moves at any point during your attempt.
    ARandomMastodon 6 Jun 2023 19:39
    It certainly didn't work when I tried ( I even had the Hydropack equipped to make sure I couldn't use them)
    Gollawiz 6 Jun 2023 19:41
    Can you create a ticket at the start before your attempt and include a savestate? I can take a look at it later.
    ARandomMastodon 6 Jun 2023 20:56
    Yeah. I assume you want it exactly as I described (IE wearing the Hydropack?)
    CarloAndrea97 24 Oct 2023 08:33
    So i managed after only 3 times. Here is my suggestion with even 5 seconds spare.

    First equip the HydroPack if you do this challenge after gaining the helipack, the achievement works with it equipped aswell.

    Now stop before the arch to the challenge course, so you can see the tower in the top right with the moving section (the same tower that you climb to reach the last rope line to the end). Specifically look for the last moving section which is the 2 moving columns where you have to side jump continously.

    I start moving through the arch once the 2 columns almost get back to their retracted position, so that they blend with the tower, a bit before it is the perfect spot.

    Now the course is very easy, remember to jump on the right part, then the left part, then the left column and then the left column again at the respective 4 sections with the side jumps in order to finish them in the right part towards the right way.

    Other than that you have all moving accordingly so you should be fine. With this base you can also fine tune better, but should be easy enough.
    GodricZero 8 Nov 2023 20:36
    @CarloAndrea97, thank you so much! Are you italian? I am :)
    JuiceBoxGuy 11 Jan 2024 03:28
    Hands down the worst achievement in the set!
    Te4mKiller 30 Jan 2024 19:50
    is there a way to know your time or do you just have to go and pray you get it?
    CarloAndrea97 31 Jan 2024 02:45

    You should absolutely see the timer in the lower left corner, be sure that on PCSX2 -> Settings -> Achievements, the Notifications are all enabled, especially the Leaderboard one.

    If that is already enabled, maybe it is tied to the Hardcore mode only.

    Also be sure you are using a nightly build of PCSX2 of the most recent ones in case.
    Te4mKiller 8 Feb 2024 12:35
    @CarloAndrea97 Indeed I needed hardcore mode, thanks
    kevintheboss420 21 Feb 2024 07:51
    I tried this achievement like for an hour, gonna try this idea out tomorrow, glad I checked here thank you! @CarloAndrea97
    kevintheboss420 21 Feb 2024 23:59
    I GOT IT!!! Thank you for your comment @CarloAndrea97
    CarloAndrea97 22 Feb 2024 00:35

    Well done! If i remember correctly i left some tips on achievements i feel they need some, but in case you don't find fitting tips and you struggle and need some help, do not feel ashamed of contacting me. I will gladly try to help you without spoilering or using too cheesy strategies.

    Hope you are having a good time with this game progression!

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