Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3
Console icon PlayStation 2

  • Complete all goals in Aspen Snowmass with Shaun Palmer

    140 (123) of 1,997 – 7.01%

    6.16% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    7.01% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by Snow on: 30 Oct, 2022 13:07
    Last modified: 27 Apr, 2024 02:23

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    telepathos 26 Aug 2023 11:30
    Good for you
    AlexC25 27 Aug 2023 20:00
    It's just one single demo level, why do some people here get mad or think it should not be on the set?
    MenaceInc 27 Aug 2023 20:07
    It's fundamentally not part of the same game. Imagine that to 100% all the achievements in Super Mario Bros, you had to get an annoying achievement in Duck Hunt because Nintendo had put Duck Hunt and Super Mario Bros on the same cartridge. Same principle.
    AlexC25 27 Aug 2023 20:26
    Interacting with some who have played the full Shaun Palmer game and gameplay wise it's a translation of the same control scheme and some gameplay elements to snowboarding. Also, on that logic, any compilation game in invalid for having different games of different genres in the package. This demo is part of the main package as it was back in 2001 and it's just a single level and as a comment for Auburn states a page before, it doesn't need to be beaten in a single run. There really is no need to get worked up over a SINGLE cheev using something that's part of the game package.
    Legomane 27 Aug 2023 20:31
    if your not an excellent photo taker its okay!! photography isnt for everyone!!!
    MenaceInc 27 Aug 2023 20:40
    A single level for a game that many have no interest in playing and while some of the game mechanics translate over from THPS3, not all of them do making it very frustrating and time-consuming.

    This was the last achievement I got back in Dec. I think you're overestimating how worked up people are over it and underestimating how annoying it is for someone who could not care less about Shaun Palmer.

    Pretty sure that THPS2 had a demo for Dave Mirra but thankfully that set didn't have an achievement for playing it.
    AlexC25 28 Aug 2023 15:09
    Suit yourself then, but just gotta mention that this gets more complaints and salt than some other sets that include demos as part of it and rather than focusing on the game experience, they take this SINGLE cheev as a capital offense just on existing but go "i sleep" for nearly every other sets that include demos as cheevs.
    MenaceInc 28 Aug 2023 16:43
    I'm not even sure what other sets include achievements for included demos. Like I said, THPS2 didn't have an achievement for the Dave Mirra demo
    Snow 28 Aug 2023 16:58
    I can put it in if you'd like?
    AlexC25 30 Aug 2023 17:36
    @MenaceInc THUG set has two cheevs for the Mototrax demo
    TheOnlyTrout 13 Sep 2023 00:37
    Annoying but extremely doable. About an hour of work with a GameFAQs walkthrough to point out locations.
    DrJordo 29 Sep 2023 22:54
    the hardest part by far is the sick score. i wish i knew what special tricks palmer has because that would've made things so much easier. my strat was to do the first big jump, 2 grinds to the first rooftop, and jump off the ramp line over and over (use the snowmobile to get back).
    evansfm428 10 Nov 2023 04:17
    Took legomane's advice, I really really enjoyed my time in Aspen. I took a couple days off of work so I could really dive in and enjoy the scenery. Palm Daddy (that's what I call him he calls me Yoshi Babe and I let him ride me) is such a fun guy. After I bonked the Gondola me and him bonked it together and then had a nice bonk session between the two of us. We shared a nice hot Aspen latte while we discussed life and it's trials. The Yuppies couldn't stand us and our alternative lifestyle but we paid them no mind lol, we were just two bonkie boys havin a good time! Played this set deliberately over the other THPS3 sets since Palm Daddy was included.
    BladeofLeaves 13 Nov 2023 20:17
    Hardcore Mode has started becoming disabled when I enter the Shaun Palmer demo. This wasn't the case when I tried the other day
    GuzzyG 17 Nov 2023 14:19
    So i've extensively tested the problem Blade mentions and this was ungettable for me on any pc or updated nightly version of the emulator. The demo would disable hardcore mode or not load and send me to the memory card. I couldn't get any help either, but Blade's comment and the low rates of unlocks this month made me investigate and i downloaded the nightly version of PCSX23 v.1.7.5153 on October 26, 2023 the version right between three unlocks and it finally worked. It took me 6 different tries to get. Hope this helps anyone, as i'm sure alot of people won't be able to get this in modern nightly PCSx2 versions. Thanks so much Blade, i would not have been so investigate and sure if it wasn't for your comment. I can finally master this now :)
    GuzzyG 17 Nov 2023 14:32
    Also, just to be extremely clear not 6 different tries on version v.1.7.5153. I meant before that, it was first time on that version. It should be safe for anyone with this issue. Just to be clear.
    Snow 19 Nov 2023 05:02
    There was an update to PCSX2 that caused some games to hash differently when loading alternate modes/demos. I've linked the new hash for when loading into Shaun Palmer so everything should work as intended on any version of PCSX2 now.
    GoJamBe 13 Apr 2024 21:36
    The demo just won't launch on latest pcsx2 versions. Sends you to the memory card menu.
    27 Apr 2024 02:23
    Snow edited this achievement's logic.
    SamTheSly 10 Jul 2024 07:16
    i wasnt gonna complain about this being here but the demo just crashes to the memory card menu for me. tried so many versions of pcsx2 all night i just want to skate :(

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