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  • Pantophobia

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    Achieve a ranking of less than two stars

    58 (56) of 2,403 – 2.41%

    2.33% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    2.41% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by valts on: 29 Oct, 2022 17:35
    Last modified: 31 Oct, 2022 14:18

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    Ratiug36 19 Nov 2022 22:32
    How do I get it?
    I don't think there is anything else to do to get less stars
    Maybe get less items? But every 20 items is 1 star so I would have to get less than 60 items and with this current amount in the image above I barely had enough ammo to kill the last 2 bosses and take the damage needed to get over 500 damage points
    Any tips?
    valts 20 Nov 2022 08:33
    I left detailed explanation about ranking in Official Forum Topic. Judging from your screenshot if you leave game idling for 50 minutes you'll go over 4h and lose 2 pts getting you to 1.9 stars (19pts.) total. Or if you still have a save before Boat Stage you can waste 16 minutes there for the same result of loosing 2 pts.
    valts 20 Nov 2022 08:39
    Generally the easiest way to get this achievement is to play on Action Level Beginner. Only way to die on Beginner is Red Pyramid Thing's slaying attack in Blue Creek apartments staircase battle. Because of that you can skip all ammo and healing items and can simply take damage from other bosses while fighting them with melee weapons.
    Ratiug36 20 Nov 2022 14:06
    Thanks man, I found your post in the forum, and it's very interesting.

    I thought that just avoiding the target scores to get to 10 stars was enough to get the worst possible rank, but there is much more involved.
    VSilverwings 17 May 2023 20:13
    So here are my results:

    Action: Beginner
    Riddle: Normal (thought I chose easy but this was my second playthrough).
    Ending In Water
    Ending clear (2/4)
    Saves: 34
    Total: 16h 03m 08s
    Items 71
    Enemies by shooting/ fighting: 0/9
    Boat: 33m 03s 97
    Total damage: 68609 pts.

    1.5 rank.

    The minimum number of kills is 8 (I nurse accidentally killed another monster when I left my game on idle). However, 9 is still lower than 5+5 so only 1 pt would be given anyway.

    The minimum number of items I think should be 70 (you can skip the can of thinner and brute force the code). However, 71 is still clear of 80 so only 3 pts would be given here.

    Ending clears could be 4 pts less.

    Riddle difficulty could be 2 pts less.

    So by my count, the minimum score would be 0.9? In any case, there is wiggle room if you forget to do this on your first playthrough.

    As it has been mentioned, if you play the game on beginner, then you can never die except for the boss fight in the apartment. You can therefore leave James idle against mobs and come back later after wasting time and getting damage taken as well. The first boss fight only hit me once but after that, the mobs you meet immediately after are great.
    OGbrian98 24 Sep 2023 23:19 this is my result, 1 star flat.
    MauricioReis 30 Nov 2023 01:06
    guys, help please: should I get ampoules to maximize my damage points?
    OGbrian98 30 Nov 2023 01:31
    @MauricioReis if you're attempting this on any other difficulty instead of Beginner, dont even bother. Easy action level already gives you 1 star rating regardless of how you play, coupled with the 1 star for easy riddle level. As its been stated previously, Beginner mode allows you to soak all damage without the need for healing. So just play normally until going over 2500 damage points (you can stay idle around monsters for a while or just go to any boss other than the Red Pyramid Thing for similar results.)
    MauricioReis 30 Nov 2023 01:32
    AH!!! I really didn't understand that James could take unlimited damage in beginner ! Thank you very much OGbrian! \o/
    OGbrian98 30 Nov 2023 01:35
    you're welcome pal! good luck with that slowrun haha
    cavedweller2000 20 May 2024 19:25
    There's actually a really interesting video on achieving the lowest stars possible
    TROTMAC96 4 Jul 2024 00:27
    I'd it not possible to do this when you've gotten all the endings? Cause if so... Ugh...
    MauricioReis 4 Jul 2024 02:22
    I believe it is not possible with all endings, as having multiple endings registered adds to your score.
    OGbrian98 4 Jul 2024 02:29
    @TROTMAC96 if by all endings you're including UFO, Dog and Rebirth, then it's definitely not gonna work. Just do a fresh save and play as bad and slow as you can on Beginner.

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