Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
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  • Hunted Down

    (25) (79)

    Complete Burger Shot's courier mission before completing "Yay Ka-Boom-Boom"

    302 (252) of 3,204 – 9.43%

    7.87% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    9.43% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by voiceofautumn on: 17 Oct, 2022 15:48
    Last modified: 08 Feb, 2023 18:26

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    SeasonalCat 21 Sep 2023 02:52
    100th achievement i unlocked in this set :D very fun achievement but i think i'll be watching my blood pressure levels now
    Sigma501 6 Nov 2023 00:01
    I was dreading it before doing it, but it was surprisingly easier than expected, police is not as aggressive as long as you don't fall off your bike (The bike soaks the damage while you're climbing on it).

    I personally set up a save with armor and a parachute in the safehouse near the Los Santos Airport. Grabbed the jet plane and parachuted to the burger shot, seemed more time efficient. Overall 4 tries, fun challenge.
    endiihz 2 Dec 2023 00:06
    The secret to do this mission is you CAN'T fall off the motorcycle.
    gadelha30 27 Dec 2023 16:18
    Essa foi foda.
    MrSantana 4 Jan 2024 04:11
    Damn beat it my first try, good thing to know that cops don't get out of the car. So as long you DON'T fall off or get knocked off the bike you'll be good from the gunfire, but they'll spawn on foot like crazy if you're off.
    5 Jan 2024 21:53
    DanielARP edited this achievement's points.
    Legomane 15 Jan 2024 07:00
    1st try ez
    had sm fun delivering cheese deluxe burger it was like a dream come true :)
    not even the cop can stop a date wif a cheese deluxe!!!! 🥰🍔
    Loirinha 16 Jan 2024 08:00
    I had sm fun with this one omg lmaoooo
    FreudianLisp 4 Feb 2024 22:50
    Lmfao this one is fun as hell.
    Regemfake 14 Feb 2024 17:53
    This is a crazy one. The only advice for this that I have is just don't rush, is better to lose some time than fall from bike.
    usernameMutant 25 Mar 2024 07:53
    Man this was a crazy achievement to get very difficult at times
    AbKun 30 Mar 2024 01:06
    conquista merda
    AbKun 3 Apr 2024 12:58
    Depois de pausar o set por alguns dias, voltei e consegui de primeira.
    Você tem que ter uma noção de como bugar a IA dos policiais, mas quando você pega o jeito frear pra desviar deles fica mais facil.
    Se cair da moto não desespera, tem um bug que se você buzinar os caras não vão te tirar do veiculo pra prender, eles vão entrar naquela animação de levantar a mão resmungando. Então se você cair da moto e tiver cercado já sobe segurando o botão de buzina e acelera.
    Kontan 9 Apr 2024 18:52
    oh wow that was so Funny XD
    best Achievement ever :D
    TeapLoad420 15 Apr 2024 05:13
    this was fun third try was the charm lol
    dreamer72 21 Apr 2024 08:42
    This was really fun, too bad I'm a god gamer and did it first try B) I had my back tire popped by cops halfway through and I teetered for 2 minutes to a Pay n Spray.
    telepathos 10 May 2024 00:56
    hell of a ride
    Mago77 11 May 2024 03:30
    You can easily get this achievement with the 0 star glitch; you will just need a call. I used Zero's call, which is triggered after the "Wear Flowers In Your Hair" mission.


    Calls in San Fierro takes 15 seconds to ring again. So, for example, if a call stops ringing at 15:10, it will ring again at 15:25. Canceling vigilante will also reset the timer. You need to enter the stadium red marker right before the call starts to ring again; pause buffer (spam START) helps! If you can drive the car during the cutscene, then it worked!
    Inside the stadium, before the fade in happens, start holding L1; then grab a police bike and start vigilante. Now, get off the bike, steal something that isn't a police vehicle, and go to the airport. Release L1 (inside the vehicle) before entering the yellow marker. Wait for the call again in the menu, hold L1 and when about 7 seconds are remaining buy the ticket. Start spamming X to skip the first cutscene. In the second cutscene, when the plane is about to touch the airstrip, spam △ and shoot the plane until it blows up. You need to blow up the plane before it reaches the end of the airstrip. By doing that, the wanted level is locked at 0 because the game thinks that the cutscene never ended. But be careful, because if you die or load a save, you will lose the glitch!
    Mago77 11 May 2024 03:30
    Você pode facilmente fazer essa conquista com o glitch de 0 estrelas; você só vai precisar de uma ligação. Eu usei a ligação do Zero, que é acionada após a missão "Wear Flowers In Your Hair".


    As ligações em San Fierro demoram 15 segundos para tocar novamente. Por exemplo, se uma ligação para de tocar às 15:10, ela vai tocar novamente às 15:25. Cancelar a missão de vigilante também reseta o temporizador. Você precisa entrar no marcador vermelho do estádio logo antes da ligação começar a tocar novamente; o pause buffer (spamar START) ajuda! Se você conseguir dirigir o carro durante a cutscene, então funcionou!
    Dentro do estádio, antes da tela escurecer, comece a segurar L1; depois pegue a moto da polícia e comece a missão de vigilante. Agora, desça da moto, roube algo que não seja um veículo policial e vá para o aeroporto. Solte L1 (dentro do veículo) antes de entrar no marcador amarelo. Espere pela ligação novamente no menu, segure L1 e quando faltar cerca de 7 segundos compre o ticket. Comece a apertar X rapidamente para pular a primeira cutscene. Na segunda cutscene, quando o avião estiver prestes a tocar na pista, aperte rapidamente △ e atire no avião até ele explodir. Você precisa explodir o avião antes que ele chegue ao final da pista. Fazendo isso, o nível de procurado fica travado em 0 porque o jogo pensa que a cutscene nunca terminou. Mas cuidado, porque se você morrer ou carregar um save, perderá o glitch!
    Arenlis 17 May 2024 20:15
    With K-Rose, this was really hilarious x)
    This is not an hard cheevo but it relies a bit on luck.

    Anyway here are some tips:
    - Don't pay attention to the timer. Time is not a matter here.
    - Do not hesitate to brake if you see some police cars/trucks coming fast behind or in front of you. You can even stop in the middle of the road. The reason is that the stupid police AI will brake too and thus you'll avoid being run over. Once the police is stopped it's easy to go around them and pursue like nothing.
    - If you fall from bike, don't panic and try to get asap on the saddle. And when you'll get on the saddle IMMEDIATLY press L3 to honk. This will cause the police footmen to take a step behind and you'll avoid to get busted.
    - If your bike get some tire shot, you can use the paint in spray just next to the Burger Shot. It can save you a try.

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