Resident Evil 4
Console icon PlayStation 2

  • Complete Chapter 1 with 90% or greater total accuracy

    252 (178) of 2,794 – 9.02%

    6.37% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    9.02% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by WilHiteWarrior on: 14 Sep, 2022 21:16
    Last modified: 02 Sep, 2023 22:05

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    1 Oct 2022 02:36
    wilhitewarrior edited this achievement's logic.
    4 Oct 2022 12:50
    wilhitewarrior edited this achievement's logic.
    renanbrj 21 Oct 2022 15:07
    ng+ allowed?
    JmTrad 21 Oct 2022 21:26
    i think not, because it would be very easy with infinite rocket launcher. do people have some tips to keep accuracy high? i read that shooting the boxes help.
    WilHiteWarrior 21 Oct 2022 21:28
    It is not, no. New game only
    renanbrj 21 Oct 2022 22:00
    thanks, i was thinking chicago typewriter loll
    QRS666 25 Oct 2022 08:14
    How does the accuracy works? I shot every enemy for the first sub chapter and also knifed them. I also shot the certain spots for treasure and the crows etc. Never missed a shot though. I ended up with 89% The icon for the chevo disappered at the moment I shot an enmey with the shotgun (Not a miss) Really confused how this all works lol.
    JmTrad 26 Oct 2022 01:09
    i finished the first chapter with 97% hit ratio. here are some tips:

    > don't use knife. it don't count to increase hit ratio.

    > since you are not using knife, shoot every box. i think everything that shows the red dot when aiming count to hit ratio.

    > if you shoot a ganado 1 time and kill him with a knife, and later miss 1 bullet. your hit ratio will be 50% because you hit 1 bullet and missed 1. knife don't count!

    >if you used 9 bullets on a enemy to death, and later missed 1, your hit hatio will be 90%. the challenge of this achievement is to shoot everything.

    > since you are shooting every one to death and every box you will run out of bullets faster. get tmp to shoot boxes or stun ganados on the head or leg and finish them carrefuly to not miss much.

    > only use shotgun at really close range and in a mob. because the spread counts to hit ratio.

    > even if you hit a enemy with a shotgun, if you didn't aimed at him is a miss (if the red dot didn't appeared)

    > only bullets count. you can trow explosives. even if hits no one will not lower your hit ratio. a post in a forum said that mine trower is also safe.

    i hope this helped a little. ❤
    WilHiteWarrior 26 Oct 2022 01:17
    [Shots Hit] divided by [Shots Fired] times 100 = Accuracy%

    Shots hit and shots fired are actually shown on your rich presence. I would have shown the actual percentage but unfortunately it just isn't possible to do so because there's nothing in the memory keeping track of your actual percentage other than the shots hit/fired

    True the knife doesn't increase hit ratio but it doesn't count as a shot fired either so you're free to use the knife all you want if you want but it's obviously more risky and won't help nor hurt your accuracy percentage
    JmTrad 26 Oct 2022 01:23
    i think using knife hurts more than helps. because is better to accumulate shots hit early as possible. because when you have 1000 shots hit, you need 100 misses to get below 90%. if you use the knife you will shoot less, and when you only have 100 shots hit only 10 misses will make you go to 90%. i finished chapter 1 with 600 hits. if i used the knife i don't think i would shot even 100. that's why every time i finished the game i had 75% hit ratio. i used the knife a lot so any tmp / shotgun frenzy lowered a lot.
    QRS666 26 Oct 2022 04:33
    Thanks for the help and clarification guys! Will probably do a separate run for this so I can concentrate on it fully. Managed this one yesterday but doing the next chapter, also with the no merchant and not upgrading the health etc. was way too hard lol! One at the time I guess hehe.
    JmTrad 26 Oct 2022 04:38
    i'm trying to do pro/all treasure/90%/no health upgrade at the same time.
    will leave the no merchant and no continue for another runs.
    JmTrad 30 Oct 2022 21:01
    i did it gamers!
    MauricioReis 8 Nov 2022 02:43
    Just two addendums: the retry resets your hit/miss ratio, so don't be afraid to miss shots near a checkpoint. Save TMP shots to purposefully increase your rate on damage sponges, like Garrador for example.
    jarccc 1 Feb 2023 00:32
    no me sale el logro del capitulo 2 de aciertos al 90%, cuando empiezo el capitulo 2... tendré q hacerme desde el 1 capitulo al 90% y así sucesivamente? para q me salga? en nueva partida imagino
    8 Feb 2023 21:30
    televandalist edited this achievement's badge.
    2 Sep 2023 22:05
    WilHiteWarrior edited this achievement's badge.
    Roushan 12 Nov 2023 09:04
    I Complete chapter 1-1 with 94% Accuracy But I Don't get Achievement
    MostlySalt666 10 Dec 2023 23:10
    You have to complete 1-1, 1-2, and 1-3
    27 Dec 2023 20:34
    WilHiteWarrior set this achievement's type to Missable.

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