Resident Evil 4
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  • Kill every merchant showing signs of infection and none that aren't [NG+ Allowed]

    183 (153) of 3,356 – 5.45%

    4.56% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    5.45% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by WilHiteWarrior on: 14 Sep, 2022 21:14
    Last modified: 02 Sep, 2023 22:05

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    4 Oct 2022 12:50
    wilhitewarrior edited this achievement's logic.
    JmTrad 4 Oct 2022 18:32
    can you please explain this achievement? is about the color of the eyes?
    WilHiteWarrior 4 Oct 2022 18:44
    Yes, kill the merchants with red eyes
    11 Oct 2022 23:57
    televandalist edited this achievement's logic, description.
    8 Feb 2023 21:30
    televandalist edited this achievement's badge.
    AnthonyACS 27 Feb 2023 01:59
    My last achievement... I forgot to do it every single time xD I did a quick chicago+infinite RL run but got to the final chapter and only had 6/7... a little later I loaded the save again before starting over and went back but there were only two merchants available at that point. I killed the second to last one in the entire game before quitting and the achievement popped up... but he had normal eyes, was that the wrong merchant but it unlocked anyway or am I missing something? Killing the very last merchant made the value go down instead
    Derailingrails 2 May 2023 15:34
    Same thing happened to me with AnthonyACS, I loaded up a previous save and killed the second to the last merchant and he didn't have red eyes but the achievement popped.
    LuisEduardoGQ 5 Jun 2023 00:41
    ************************SPOILER ALERT************************

    1 Pueblo: Cabaña (justo antes de la Cabaña) Capítulo 2-2
    2 Pueblo: Teleférico (justo después del camino del Gigante) Capítulo 2-3
    3 Pueblo: Teleférico (antes de la pelea con Bitores Méndez) Capítulo 2-3
    4 Isla: Sistema de Cavernas (primer Buhonero de la isla) Capítulo 5-1
    5 Isla: Acceso de investigación (antes de la zona de los primeros Regeneradores) Capítulo 5-1
    6 Isla: Sitio de choque (justo después de la excavadora) Capítulo 5-2
    7 Isla: Campamento (antes de la pelea final con Krauser) Capítulo 5-3
    1 Village: Cabin (just before the Cabin) Chapter 2-2
    2 Village: Gondola (just after El Giante path) Chapter 2-3
    3 Village: Gondola (before the fight with Bitores Méndez) Chapter 2-3
    4 Island: Cave system (first Merchant on the island) Chapter 5-1
    5 Island: Research access (before the area of the first Regenerators) Chapter 5-1
    6 Island: Crash site (right after the bulldozer) Chapter 5-2
    7 Island: Encampment (before the final fight with Krauser) Chapter 5-3
    Overkill2301 2 Sep 2023 12:57
    Thank you for the Locations Luis
    2 Sep 2023 22:05
    WilHiteWarrior edited this achievement's badge.
    27 Dec 2023 20:34
    WilHiteWarrior set this achievement's type to Missable.
    ChrisMG88 11 Mar 2024 04:27
    if you kill the wrong one it decrease
    endiihz 30 Mar 2024 00:56
    Thank you Louis!
    AshleyEnjoyer 26 Apr 2024 01:14
    Hello. I've got a question. Just got to the end of 2-1. Killed the first merchant with signs of infection in the game and did cabin. After cabin, I went to see the next merchant, and he's missing. Started a brand new game, which means Normal is automatically selected. From what I remember, Professional is the only difficulty that causes the Merchant to disappear forever if you kill him.

    I'm wondering if this is a result of the DA system in RE4. I know that, if you do good enough when you're playing on normal, the difficulty level can be raised to Professional without you knowing, so maybe the DA system raised to Professional while I was making my way back through the farm, and because of that, when I kill the merchant even though I'm on a normal difficulty save, it's still causing the Merchant to disappear forever. Is this the case? Or does he also disappear forever on normal, and I'll just have to do an easy run instead?

    Thanks in advance!
    WilHiteWarrior 26 Apr 2024 01:17
    I had heard that he only disappears forever on professional but as far as I'm aware, regardless of difficulty he dies forever in that location
    AshleyEnjoyer 26 Apr 2024 01:31
    Oh, so he only dies and stays dead in that specific Cabin area, but comes back in other areas?
    WilHiteWarrior 26 Apr 2024 01:33
    Yeah he'll still be there in the other areas
    AshleyEnjoyer 26 Apr 2024 01:44
    Okay. Thanks for the help!
    AnthonyACS 26 Apr 2024 04:45
    I've always interpreted it as it being the same merchant that just moves in terms of the game's logic, no idea if that's the case though
    AshleyEnjoyer 26 Apr 2024 05:15
    That's most definitely the case. I just wasn't using my brain so I didn't think about it that way lmao.

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