Resident Evil 4
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  • 5-3 - Defeat Krauser for the last insignia without taking damage (No Rocket Launchers)

    281 (152) of 2,813 – 9.99%

    5.40% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    9.99% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by WilHiteWarrior on: 14 Sep, 2022 21:13
    Last modified: 30 Sep, 2023 20:27

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    8 Feb 2023 21:30
    televandalist edited this achievement's badge.
    angusaya17 16 Mar 2023 01:15
    Jódete Krauser!!!!!
    Kiutgh 5 Apr 2023 13:18
    TMP? Mo like TMPieceofshit. Only real problem in the fight. The leg sweep is there yeah but he does it very rarely. Otherwise he's easy to knife to death, in both forms.
    LuisEduardoGQ 4 Jun 2023 20:48
    Antes de la batalla solo usa tu munición con los drones, no dispares a Krauser con ninguna arma porque de hecho es más probable que te golpee antes de que le puedas hacer el daño suficiente, por lo que solo corre y usa el cuchillo.

    Ya en la batalla lo que puedes hacer es usar cualquier Magnum con sus respectivas mejoras (BB o K7), deja que se te acerque lo suficiente y al dispararle una vez caerá al piso, corre hacia él y dale con el cuchillo, retrocede y repite el proceso hasta que caiga muerto.

    Esta estrategia Magnum-Cuchillo es la más segura, ya que si lo quieres atacar exclusivamente con cuchillo es muy probable que te haga daño o que no se quede aturdido en un solo lugar.
    LuisEduardoGQ 4 Jun 2023 20:49
    Before the battle just use your ammo with the drones, don't shoot Krauser with any weapons because he is actually more likely to hit you before you can do enough damage to him, so just run and use the knife.

    Once in battle, what you can do is use any Magnum with its respective upgrades (BB or K7), let him get close enough and when you shoot him once he will fall to the ground, run towards him and hit him with the knife, step back and repeat the process until he drops dead.

    This Magnum-Knife strategy is the safest, since if you want to attack him exclusively with a knife, it is very likely that he will do damage to you or that he will not be stunned in one place.
    PassolargoProds 31 Aug 2023 04:51
    I thought the idea of this Achievement was very good, it has a good initiative, but it lacks consistency. It would be much more coherent to have divided this achievement into two stages. One making it to the final battle without taking damage. And another defeating Krauser without taking damage only in the final battle. This is because apparently there is no memory that records your progress from (no damage) to making use of retries. Forcing you to load your game and do the entire route again. I love the battle against Jack Krauser, the conquest challenge is super interesting, but without using retries it gets too tiring, because the game forces you to checkpoints. I know there's probably no way to change that, but anyway, my opinion, the challenge is cool, but it doesn't work right. If you expect any tips, I wish you good luck, unfortunately or fortunately, the battle against Krauser is unpredictable. Still enjoying the set ;)
    2 Sep 2023 22:05
    WilHiteWarrior edited this achievement's badge.
    Boomer69 24 Sep 2023 03:02
    The person above me is right. This should be split up. As it stands, this is the only boss achievement that is just kind of... bad and unfun IMO. Nothing of value will be lost by splitting it up.
    GoJamBe 24 Sep 2023 06:41
    ^Same. And honestly, the only "hard" part in this is the fight with transformed Krauser. This is just tedious to retry for no reason.
    Boomer69 24 Sep 2023 20:21
    Yep. I'm just gonna put this one off, it's not fun at all. Not like I'm mastering this set soon anyways. Boss Krauser is too unpredictable for a damageless achievement that contains a heavy punishment for failure. Meanwhile the easy-as-fk cabin knife achievement is still 50 points and this is 10 points. This is easily the hardest out of all the gameplay/boss achievements. The only ones that come even close are maybe knife Saddler and Verdugo damageless, but with those you get to immediately retry at least...
    Roushan 28 Sep 2023 03:53
    I finally did it I was trying to get this Achievement for 5 days and more than 8 hours I play in my 4 year old mobile this Achievement is so bad you have to do same thing again and again please split this Achievement in two parts
    MauricioReis 28 Sep 2023 19:24
    Tip: just hold L1 and mash SQUARE+X+R1. Either you dodge with the QTE or you hit him. Just be careful with kicks and sweeps. It will take a little practice but I used this strat a lot and it worked very consistently.
    MauricioReis 30 Sep 2023 17:15
    By the way: in this fight you can use the mash of L1 + R1 + X + ☐ for ALL QTEs, both before and during the final fight. I know in most of the game this doesn't work, but in this fight, for some reason, it does.
    30 Sep 2023 20:27
    WilHiteWarrior edited this achievement's logic, description.
    WilHiteWarrior 30 Sep 2023 21:32
    Due to popular demand, I split this cheevo in two. Anyone who already had it, I gave you the other cheevo to so you won't have to re-earn it
    Boomer69 1 Oct 2023 07:59
    Much thanks
    olhomy 6 Nov 2023 00:03
    Just got this after reading through all the comments. Yeah, this would've been insane to do in one run. I appreciate the split. Also, mad respect for the ones that did it all in one go.
    MysticCoffee 19 Nov 2023 23:52
    So glad that these were split up, even though I personally found getting the first two insignias to be 100x harder than the final fight. Thanks for listening to the players on this one.
    Boomer69 20 Nov 2023 00:56
    Kinda funny how my first attempt after they got split, I instantly beat him damageless on first try. Pressure can make someone play worse I guess, lol.
    27 Dec 2023 20:34
    WilHiteWarrior set this achievement's type to Missable.

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