Resident Evil 4
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    4-1 - Dodge all of Verdugo's attacks and defeat him without taking damage (No Rocket Launchers)

    275 (166) of 2,867 – 9.59%

    5.79% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    9.59% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by WilHiteWarrior on: 07 Sep, 2022 07:41
    Last modified: 02 Sep, 2023 22:05

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    bugiman 21 Dec 2022 05:44
    Jesus Christ, this was intense.
    alvinrnarral 25 Apr 2023 09:31
    indeed, i used 3 frozen containers and at least 18 magnum shots (upgraded) + i think 2 grenades
    LumbyMcGumby 5 May 2023 00:00
    Same magnum rounds 3 canisters and a couple of smg rounds on the way to the third while damn near having a heart attack. Think it took me 40+ attempts also but I wasn't counting
    2 Sep 2023 22:05
    WilHiteWarrior edited this achievement's badge.
    MysticCoffee 19 Nov 2023 07:41
    Certified sweaty palms moment
    EvilIntent 26 Nov 2023 11:41
    This took about an hour and was quite frustrating, But I managed to kill him with 2 Liquid Nitrogen Containers.

    Started the fight by throwing 2 Incendiary Grenades and shooting about 50 TMP ammo into him, Then I used the 1st Container to freeze him and then shot him with 10 Broken Butterfly rounds, I then ran in circles dodging his annoying QTE's until the shutters opened, I then led him to the 2nd container and used it and finished him off with about 10 shotgun shells from the Striker.
    27 Dec 2023 20:34
    WilHiteWarrior set this achievement's type to Missable.
    Nashmunk 23 Jan 2024 09:39
    This took me at least a day and a half to do. I probably had 150 attempts before I got it but this is my first ever playthrough so cut me some slack.

    I ended up having to going back and upgrade the Broken Butterfly to 20 firepower before I got it. So here's my strategy!

    While facing the room, open the shutters and throw 2 hand grenades giving him time to recover before you throw the second. While he's stunned run for the cannister. Drop it as soon as you hear him approaching. When he's frozen kick him onto the ground, wait for him to stand and shoot him with 5 magnum rounds, do not reload! While he's still stunned switch to the TMP and shoot until he starts walking toward you. You can stun him with an incendiary grenade and get in some extra shots at this point. Then equip a grenade, as this improves Leon's running speed.

    For the shutters, run around the fenced area and be prepared to press the QTE's. You can walk around but when you hear his footsteps, start running and try not to get caught on the corners like I did. It should take about 2.5 laps before the shutters open so start heading to the exit. He might chase you so prepare to dodge.

    Head for the corridor cannister and wait for him before you drop it. (He might attack you from the ceiling here.) Kick him down, reload, hit him with 5 magnum rounds. Do not use the magnum when he's down as I've heard this does less damage.

    Make a run for the next room. If he's chasing you, don't open the door or you'll take damage! Run straight instead and dodge, so he'll go back to the ceiling. Then make a break for the room. Stand by the cannister. He'll either enter from the door, or attack you from the ceiling and then drop to your left. Again, kick, reload, 5 magnum rounds. Here's a good point to pelt him with the TMP as you can quick turn and exit easily. Do the same thing with the last cannister and he should be dead by now. If he isn't, equip the TMP and s/pray.

    I hope this helps someone. Good luck!

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