Legend of Zelda, The: A Link to the Past
Console icon SNES/Super Famicom

  • Bested Ganon

    (25) (102)

    Defeat Ganon without being harmed without using the Magic Cape or Cane of Byrna.

    1,746 (1,341) of 25,086 – 6.96%

    5.35% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    6.96% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by dude1286 on: 22 Aug, 2013 07:16
    Last modified: 21 May, 2023 21:49

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    justkeith 7 Jun 2017 23:30
    Also the the achievement pops once you enter the door to the end.
    30 Jul 2019 11:10
    kdecks edited this achievement.
    mattyalanestock 29 Jan 2020 14:42
    Very proud I was able to do this! https://clips.twitch.tv/TenaciousWanderingMilkImGlitch
    18 Jul 2020 14:15
    DanielARP edited this achievement.
    AmanankaTotoso 19 Jul 2020 20:38
    mano eu odeio tanto esse chefe...
    RuSsile 27 Sep 2020 05:58
    Omg I had 1 hit left, as I swang my sword and hit him he threw a flame bat that hit me and died. So the 1st victory was a waste. The second was flawless but as I did my little celebration the controller landed wrong and Link jumped off the platform
    RuSsile 27 Sep 2020 05:59
    instead of waiting for me to guide him to the ending. That one really killed my spirits, but I got him clean on the next try without a botch.
    RuSsile 27 Sep 2020 06:02
    Oh yeah.. magic cape on n' off (saving magic) throughout some of the projectiles.. best I can say is that it's okay to get hit at first, just study his pattern and come back for the No-hitter.
    17 Jul 2021 19:45
    AlexGatao edited this achievement.
    ECS98 19 Feb 2022 22:26
    This was a nice challenge, although 98% of the difficulty came from the second phase, after getting past that it's smooth sailing. Still didn't give me nearly as much trouble as Blind lol... Also, for some reason the achievement badge didn't stay in the bottom right (to indicate the achievement is active) like it did with all other bosses, but it still popped up once i got into the Triforce room
    Kinglink 23 May 2022 08:00
    The icon in the bottom right doesn't pop up when you enter the final battle. The icon shows up on all the other bosses. On ganon it appears after the boss of Ganon's tower and doesn't appear if you restart the game. However if you beat him properly it appears AFTER the battle. Could be better, but it works. 1 more achievement to go.
    GrayCloudSpectator 21 Aug 2022 08:34
    For anyone who *really* still wants to see the icon during the battle after you have saved your game, all you have to do is get to the phase where Ganon creates pits and fall into them, which will make the icon appear again. However, I think it's unnecessary, since the fight is rather short anyway.
    ArturMK 19 Sep 2022 23:22
    For those who want to know, you can save and then continue on GANON, even if it's not showing the achievement's ICON, it will appear as soon as you defeat GANON, and it pops when you cross the door


    Para quem quiser saber, pode salvar e depois continuar em GANON, mesmo que não esteja mostrando o ICONE da conquista, ele vai aparecer assim que você derrotar GANON, e estoura quando atravessar a porta
    CocktailCabbage 2 Oct 2022 23:07
    the Trigger on this wasn't working for me. It showed up after I had defeated Ganon (which i did damageless). i didn't think that warranted making a ticket for.
    21 Nov 2022 18:00
    wolfman2000 edited this achievement's logic.
    xtagnado 21 May 2023 20:02
    Chupa meu cu, platinado
    21 May 2023 21:49
    suspect15 edited this achievement's logic, description.
    cykette 22 May 2023 16:31
    Too bad you can't use the brazier glitch in the NTSC-U version. It makes phase 3 much easier and more tolerable. He's not too hard to do damageless, though, as long as you stay moving and don't get greedy.
    burythehammer 10 Jun 2023 23:46
    Much easier than Mothula and Blind. The first phase is what gave me the most trouble - the circle of fire bats can be a bit unpredictable.
    Jenkys 25 Jun 2023 15:50

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