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Mega Man X (SNES)

In Storm Eagle Stage, get the Heart Container without using the dash ability
Delayed Flight (5) (166)
In Storm Eagle Stage, get the Heart Container without using the dash ability

Created by Thoreau on: 05 Aug, 2022 17:26
Last modified: 05 Aug, 2022 18:18

Won by 92 of 8905 possible players (1%)

Recent comment(s):
5 Aug 2022
Such an unnecessary revision.
5 Aug 2022
It is a fun achievement indeed. Not a difficult one, instead an obvious approach if you know how all X's powers work. Have fun!
5 Aug 2022
Poorest excuse for a revision. Not only is it a 1 cheevo revision, this cheevo isn't even challenging and it's worth 5 points. Revisions make leaderboards worthless. I won't be touching anymore revisions. TRASH
5 Aug 2022
Would have loved some more cheevos to do for this wonderful game, but was nice to learn something that I didn't think was possible. Thanks for the revisit :)
5 Aug 2022

Sorry but I have to join some other users here. Somehow unnecessary and then at the time when I have the set complete. This one can wait :)
6 Aug 2022
What a cool trick! I knew what it had to be as soon as I saw the achievement, but I'd never thought about doing it until now.
6 Aug 2022
utter trash and unnecessary...
6 Aug 2022
6 Aug 2022
That's a cool idea for an achievement. I had never tried that before and I think it's pretty creative. But why make a revision to add only 1 simple achievement? It takes like 2 minutes to do. Anyway, if anyone comes back here just for this, use this password: 1764-1768-7716 (Chill Penguin defeated + Arm Capsule).
6 Aug 2022
Does anyone have a strat for this? I know I'm suppose to use the charged Shotgun Ice for this but I can never reach the platform bellow. Also, the little moving platforms always get in my way.
6 Aug 2022
Yeah i have to agree with the rest of the commenters. The achievement itself is FINE, there's nothing wrong with it, in fact it's pretty neat. The problem is doing a whole "set revision" just to add 1 achievement is a terrible idea. It also happened to WarioWare Mega Microgame$ before and it garnered similar disdain. Why not have a revision that has more effort put into it? At this point i have to agree with Lalatina, this is only a cheap way for the set dev to claim #1 spot on the first mastery board. Set revisions should not be pushed through as soon as possible.
6 Aug 2022
Thoreau was already the #1 user on the leaderboard before this revision. Anyone who says that that was the motivation behind this revision is, quite simply, making something up to find a way to slam him. This comment section is disgraceful.
6 Aug 2022
Creative, but boring
6 Aug 2022
Alright but can someone help me? ^^" seriously, I cannot get this achievement and it's driving me crazy mostly because everyone is saying that it's extremely easy.
7 Aug 2022
Queria aqui agradecer aos meus amigos MauricioReis's e Feragruv's...uns mano firmeza que me passaram a visão de quão fácil é essa conquista depois da dica dos caras eu enfim finalizei o game. Aos que como eu não entenderam o macete aí vai uma dica: Na ultima plataforma bem lá no alto vc deve criar o carrinho de gelo bem no limite do lado direito pra poder pegar velocidade daí se vc tiver sorte passa de boa pelos carinhos e próximo da plataforma do heart tank vc dar um salto e voa lá!
7 Aug 2022
Uma alternativa pra isso é vc fazer no softcore primeiro daí depois de pegar o time certo do desafio vc faz no hardcore... eu fiz assim e comigo funcionou!
7 Aug 2022
I never noticed until today the sled is shaped like Chill Penguin. Thanks for showing me something new!
8 Aug 2022
seems a little silly to make a revision with 1 achievement :D . the solution for those having issue. fire a fully charged ice to the left towards the heart between AIR and PORT at the top of the tower platform to avoid the platforms.
9 Aug 2022
Silly, but doable. It will take a few tries as it will require timing to avoid the moving platforms and knowing when to jump.
11 Aug 2022
This cheevo looks pretty cool. Would be awesome if players could give more ideas for more cheevos (not challenging stuff please, keep those for bonus set).

Recent Winners

UserHardcore?Earned On
MadawkHardcore!11 Aug, 2022 04:39
RaykusenHardcore!11 Aug, 2022 03:15
neoweskerHardcore!10 Aug, 2022 22:14
KofigaoHardcore!10 Aug, 2022 22:03
Sh3dowp10 Aug, 2022 21:33
Bryan1150Hardcore!10 Aug, 2022 00:19
PikacshuHardcore!09 Aug, 2022 21:24
GusStreamBRHardcore!09 Aug, 2022 18:41
xTr4ceurHardcore!09 Aug, 2022 10:51
TucanoPadilhaHardcore!09 Aug, 2022 06:33
Raffaels09 Aug, 2022 06:17
spikerileyHardcore!09 Aug, 2022 05:32
LiftedSensesHardcore!09 Aug, 2022 02:05
PeriModernStevenFan09 Aug, 2022 00:44
Tvols1480Hardcore!08 Aug, 2022 22:46
GrandeSharkHardcore!08 Aug, 2022 21:59
FelipeSilvHardcore!08 Aug, 2022 20:03
nijoakimHardcore!08 Aug, 2022 15:12
DehlyHardcore!08 Aug, 2022 13:04
atma505Hardcore!08 Aug, 2022 04:19
Reno22Hardcore!08 Aug, 2022 03:20
IzaNamiZXHardcore!08 Aug, 2022 02:00
ThroggHardcore!08 Aug, 2022 00:14
SearoHardcore!07 Aug, 2022 20:43
RomioriS3K07 Aug, 2022 18:41
Kaka95Hardcore!07 Aug, 2022 16:11
GabCandidoHardcore!07 Aug, 2022 15:57
MrDynamiteHardcore!07 Aug, 2022 13:12
pavelshaHardcore!07 Aug, 2022 09:42
AirRazorXHardcore!07 Aug, 2022 06:07
naxomon07 Aug, 2022 03:31
ThoreauHardcore!07 Aug, 2022 02:30
DanilOcelotHardcore!07 Aug, 2022 00:27
ayanoaishi7Hardcore!07 Aug, 2022 00:17
AntsArcadeHardcore!07 Aug, 2022 00:12
EliazarchempHardcore!06 Aug, 2022 23:54
AeronBorjilHardcore!06 Aug, 2022 23:46
JackSamEssHardcore!06 Aug, 2022 23:43
AndrevusHardcore!06 Aug, 2022 23:21
raulblzHardcore!06 Aug, 2022 22:29
PrimalGiratinaHardcore!06 Aug, 2022 22:18
EduBorgGamerHardcore!06 Aug, 2022 21:16
Player2ForeverHardcore!06 Aug, 2022 20:30
wesleyp1Hardcore!06 Aug, 2022 20:14
ReiAyanamiHardcore!06 Aug, 2022 20:02
leislonjoseHardcore!06 Aug, 2022 18:28
MrX2784Hardcore!06 Aug, 2022 17:18
TheNegativeIonHardcore!06 Aug, 2022 16:00
ModelZGoldenHardcore!06 Aug, 2022 15:08
perdigaHardcore!06 Aug, 2022 14:46


Beat the game in the shortest time
Beat the game in the shortest time (Includes Hadouken)
Beat the game in the shortest time using only the Buster
Reach Chill Penguin boss door in the shortest time
Beat Chill Penguin in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Storm Eagle boss door or ship platform (or stage end if it is a revisit) in the shortest time
Beat Storm Eagle in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Flame Mammoth boss door in the shortest time
Beat Flame Mammoth in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Spark Mandrill boss door in the shortest time
Beat Spark Mandrill in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Armored Armadillo boss door in the shortest time
Beat Armored Armadillo in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Boomer Kuwanger boss door in the shortest time
Beat Boomer Kuwanger in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Sting Chameleon boss door in the shortest time
Beat Sting Chameleon in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Launch Octopus boss door in the shortest time
Beat Launch Octopus in its stage in the shortest time
Speedrun any 4 Bosses