Legend of Zelda, The: A Link to the Past
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  • Bested Blind

    (10) (39)

    Defeat Blind without being harmed without using the Magic Cape or Cane of Byrna.

    1,926 (1,419) of 25,295 – 7.61%

    5.61% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    7.61% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by dude1286 on: 21 Aug, 2013 00:53
    Last modified: 14 Jul, 2023 01:32

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    18 Jul 2020 14:14
    DanielARP edited this achievement.
    robbatata 3 Aug 2020 17:32
    3 magic medicine and a magic cape...
    17 Jul 2021 19:39
    AlexGatao edited this achievement.
    EvilSquirrelGuy 17 Oct 2021 20:04
    I didn't use the magic cape...
    ECS98 19 Feb 2022 20:03
    Ok, now THAT was hard! Trying to beat this without Cape or Byrna has proven to be the hardest achievement i've beaten so far in this game! This alone took 1 hour. (it's way harder than Mothula!) A few things i found out that helped me A LOT: 1 - Have the Fire Shield. 2 - Have full health, the Master Sword beams can damage Blind from a distance. 3 - Keep attacking, Blind is still vulnerable while spinning and firing.
    GammaGuts 5 Sep 2022 21:36
    Thanks for the advice ECS98 it worked great!
    21 May 2023 21:49
    suspect15 edited this achievement's logic, description.
    LeoHighwind 15 Jun 2023 02:29
    GOD, this is honestly the most excruciatingly hard cheev I've got so far, it took me over 5 hours. Doing this on hardcore and having to go all the way to the entrance every time was painful. It should be worth a lot more than 10 points.
    Anyway, here's how I did it:
    (1 - Have full health, and start behind Blind with your sword charged so you deal 1 hit as soon as he transforms, quickly deal one more, move left and deal the last hit with sword's beam.
    (2 - Immediately after ending phase 1, place down a Somaria block and move to the bottom of the screen while avoiding the 1st flying head's fireballs (remember that it's movements are fixed, only the fireballs aren't, so you can kind of predict where it is safer to walk) and ready yourself to hit Blind with more beams. If all goes right you should only need to connect two hits, as the block will deal one as well.
    (3 - Now, the 3rd phase is the real issue here... Breathe in (pause, if necessary) and get ready to dodge a serious number of fireballs while staying aggressive and trying to deal 3 hits with the beams as fast as possible. In my case, I placed another Somaria block at the bottom of the screen and got myself ready to switch sides, cause' you have to end him extremely fast if you don't want him coming down to the bottom.

    This definitely isn't a foolproof strategy, but it's how I managed to get this, and it's easy to pull off until the 3rd phase. I hope that this helps if you're like me, thinking that this looks impossible at first. It will still be very hard if you're a mid player like me, though lol

    By the way, thanks ECS98, your tips helped me a lot.
    cykette 15 Jun 2023 02:59
    If you place a Somaria block in the right spot on Blind's strafing path, you can get a few hits out of it before it breaks. Blind needs to pass through the edge of it. Enough to damage but not enough to break it right away. I was able to get the last 3 hits out of a single block on the final phase. Before the block breaks from taking damage, break it yourself to get an extra hit out of it. If it's in his strafing path, the fireball should line up with his head no problem.

    Plop 'em down, focus on avoiding the fireballs, and let the blocks do the work. Don't get greedy and it shouldn't be too bad. Your best odds are when you first drag Blind into the light since he doesn't spawn against the back wall.

    I don't bother with the sword since Link moves his shield out of the way when he swings, leaving you vulnerable to the projectiles flying around the room. If you're having problems blocking with the red shield, go grab the mirror shield from Turtle Rock. That thing's the size of a door.
    Luissi 16 Jun 2023 16:14

    Strat that worked best for me, after trying half a hour and with a little help of lady luck. I recover HP and go through the completed dungeon. Battle starts at 1:07.
    Jenkys 8 Jul 2023 21:03
    14 Jul 2023 01:32
    suspect15 edited this achievement's logic.
    duckfist 20 Sep 2023 00:27
    Here's my take, combining everyone's advice. Maximizing your chances and efficiency of attempts:
    - Bring the Mirror Shield, the Cane of Somaria, and 4 Health Potions
    - Spawn the boss by bringing the false maiden into the light, then use the Magic Mirror to escape
    - Exit the dungeon and use the Magic Mirror to return to the Light World
    - Save & Quit, then copy your save file just in case

    When you load the game, start at Link's house, enter the fairy fountain one screen south for a full heal, giving you the sword beam. Fly to Kakariko (3), go North to lift the boulder and enter the Dark World. Return to the Thief's hideout, and it's a straight shot to the boss - indeed, spawning the boss saves with your file, allowing quick reloads. If you get hit by the boss, Mirror out and use a health potion the boss door.

    9 hits kills him, 3 per phase. You've got as many attempts as you do potions; just reset the emulator and reload your save to get your potions back, and you can return relatively quickly. The Mirror Shield is for having a larger bullet-blocking hitbox. The full health is for the sword beam, which does count as a hit and is significantly better than going melee. If you have an opportunity, place a Cane of Somaria block in the path of the head occasionally to score an extra hits while you focus on dodging.

    And finally, abandon your principles and go full-on cheese: Pause-buffer like crazy during the final phase. Pause and unpause repeatedly while you move a few frames at a time, allowing you to react instantly to the flying heads and bullets. If a bullet gets close, purposely face it to block it with your Mirror Shield. Embrace the cheese. Disable HC mode and savestate practice if you must. Good luck.
    Riku55 21 Nov 2023 23:13
    Using sword beams works great here. Got out of the fight with the mirror after getting damage, there are hearts on the way to the boss to refill health. Combining that with Cane of Somaria, this one took me barely 10 minutes to beat.
    OniGearEye 9 Dec 2023 05:25
    That was a work out and Im glad its over https://www.tiktok.com/@onigeareye/video/7310459617136413983
    Brainfreezzzzz 27 Jan 2024 09:51
    A guide on how to do this achievement and the only use Cane of Somaria achievement at the same time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7Ps3M03fP0
    WashYourHands 30 Jan 2024 20:37
    Wasn't too bad Mothula was worse imo.
    Wansti 13 Feb 2024 22:55
    After hundreds of failed attempts I finally got him relatively easily using some of the strategies people have posted here (thank you everyone!).
    Here's what worked for me. The two most crucial tips were:

    1. Have full health,
    2. Keep Blind at the top.

    I went in with the mirror shield and four red or blue potions. Use a potion before the first attempt if you need to, then equip the mirror. If you get hit, immediately warp out, go back and collect the heart under the left pot right before the boss door. That way you should be able to do each attempt with full health and only require the potions as a failsafe. I didn't bother with the Cane of Somaria at all.

    When the battle starts, immediately keep hitting Blind with sword beams. Your goal in each phase is to hit him three times before he moves to the bottom. When he's at the top, the flying heads and projectiles can most easily be avoided by moving left and right at the very bottom of the screen - the heads themselves won't go that low so you only have to worry about the projectiles. Attack aggressively with sword beams whenever you get an opening. The fight will become much more difficult if you let Blind move to the bottom.
    TommyDeal 2 Apr 2024 22:12
    Since Mothula damageless is 25 points this one should also be. This was harder.
    lagoooona 9 May 2024 15:28
    Duckfist & Wansti, thank you both for sharing your strategies. They worked for me and mirroring out saved my sanity!!

    Tempered sword + full health + fire shield and personally I don't think this is too bad. I had a much worse time with Mothula.

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