Legend of Zelda, The: The Minish Cap (Game Boy Advance)

Defeat Vaati without taking damage
Bested Vaati (100) (1223)
Defeat Vaati without taking damage

Created by Brian on: 19 Aug, 2013 23:38
Last modified: 20 Oct, 2022 19:58

Won by 176 of 6564 possible players (3%)

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Mutawarrior 10 Sep 2022 06:15
100 points is not enough to get me to try this again. Not even 1000 would be. I got Penniless Plumber and the original version of the weaponless Batman (NES) achievement (where you had to beat the entire game without weapons before it got broken up by stages) easier than this one that I eventually gave up on with all the horrible rng and crap hitboxes & how easy it is to get hit by Vaati's attacks.
BlaineSensei 10 Sep 2022 06:35
I would agree with the sentiments here. Even though i shall keep trying to get it because of the completionism nack inside me, its just straight up not fun. The rng involved in things not spawning in an ideal location, like vaati's eyes in phase 1, or the hitboxes for dust cloud (phase 2) and vaati himself during his vulnerable phase where he is teleporting (phase 1) combined with how terribly timed the phase 3 is... its just dumb
AmanankaTotoso 11 Sep 2022 03:06
I literally don't care about mastering this game anymore. I'm only doing it if this achievement gets nerfed. I won't force myself to go through this it's just not fun at all
Acromar 11 Sep 2022 07:35
After 16 hours of grind I finally did it. THANK YOU GOD XD
Kamikoopa 11 Sep 2022 07:38
I remember being a sook before getting this achievement. It taught me a massive lesson. You will unlock it, if you keep trying. It’s a matter of when you get it, that’s all, and you just need to be patient and demonstrate some great character. Not all achievements are fun, accept this and keep pushing until you get it and just like Acromar, I bet you’ll feel on top of the moon when you do. Wah less peeps, keep trying, get yourself on the recent winner board!
AmanankaTotoso 11 Sep 2022 16:06
Acromar 11 Sep 2022 16:24
GG my man. I guess our whining payed off.
@Kamikoopa: Of course you're right. But it's much easier to agree with you after I got it now ;)
AmanankaTotoso 11 Sep 2022 16:38
Yeah after actually getting the achievement, I feel kinda cool. Not because of the skill I needed, but more because I was patient enough to grind this out.
BlaineSensei 23 Sep 2022 08:49
Fucking finally wohooooo
BlaineSensei 23 Sep 2022 08:50
I tilted so much so often dear lord. I will list out a few tips for people that I found helpful for myself, and made this run just solely dependent on rng.
BlaineSensei 23 Sep 2022 09:01
Firstly, Do this on your 100% save, and dont even bother jumping over the ball and chain, spin spam to get rid of nuts (you can most likely body lock them to get rid of them instantly) This allowed me to almost get a repeat fight faster than Gyorg pair even.

1. I initially thought the beam attack was nice to have for phase 1, but it really hurts during tennis on phase 3.
1.1 Map turbo A, and do phase 1 in under 25 seconds, by spam a to kill 2 eyes, then approach from left (if possible) to kill 2 then get the other 2 on the laser attack. Next all 4 should die by spamming a on either side / if not they should go to laser mode, kill them then.
1.2 With gust jar equipped hopefully by default on your save, suck then either stay center top or corner if you have a good response time (but this got me tilting faster). On fire go to the opposite wall, and just hope to dodge, patience is key.
2. phase 2 is on you, note that clones dont take damage from dust clouds, and if clouds get messy use light arrows for cleanup. This is the RNG heavy part as for me most often hits on the eyes wont register and I would get hit by random falling block or cloud (vaati can push you into them so clear corners asap), mostly because I got impatient.
3. phase 3, hopefully you have the din/red spirit/bottle thing, whenever you enter the hands, spin attack to get rid of the arm in two hits, chill out here dont spam pacci hand cuz you'd get zapped for sure. Another tip is vaati is more likely to shoot tennis balls if you are in front of him.

And finally good luck, you will most likely tilt so fucking much and so fucking often. Its best to drop it for the day, I found that anytime I started fresh, I got the farthest. Unlocked this on the first try of the night, skipping sleep to celebrate. cheers!
16 Oct 2022 19:25
siouxerskate edited this achievement's logic.
BlaineSensei 16 Oct 2022 19:47
what changed?
17 Oct 2022 18:09
siouxerskate edited this achievement's logic.
GoddessBow 19 Oct 2022 17:38
got it! good lord what luck i had XD it's hard af but more doable than Gyorg really!
20 Oct 2022 19:58
siouxerskate edited this achievement's logic.
Ness64 21 Oct 2022 18:22
I actually had a harder time with Majora, but I feel 100 points is fair considering things can go wrong just from bad RNG at a few points and this is a relatively long battle. As for strategies:

Reborn - Blaine's advice is solid, but I'll add that you're always safest attacking from either side of him with sword beams, just don't try to hit Vaati himself with them too much (it's better to hit him directly, but the sword beam can destroy the fire too!). Keep some distance most of the time and you should be fine, you should only go towards Vaati once you can actually damage him. Once you have to use the Gust Jar, start using it from the side before he summons the eyes. Done right, you'll pull the orbs and the eyes will be vulnerable immediately. Seen here:
You actually can pull them from a little further away than in the video, and you'll be at almost no risk of getting hit. Use the wind as a reference, if it's on Vaati you'll pull the orbs for sure.
He also only teleports to 5 specific parts of the arena, use this to your advantage and always move away. Sticking to the upper side of the screen is usually safer, it makes the lasers a non-issue and you mostly have to dodge horizontally/diagonally (sometimes if he shows up on the center).

Transfigured - Easiest form. Mashing actually doesn't help here, you can get this done in just 3 turns if you just spin once each time, and the third time you add an extra hit after the spin. Best seen here:
https://youtu.be/Dk0gUqS_kX8 (got hit once, but otherwise proves my point)
The first eye pattern will always be the bottom one, and you never get the same set twice in a row, so you only need to check 3 different sides per turn. It's best to just keep clearing the field, and it's easiest to attack him when his vulnerable side is flying towards you.

Equip Pegasus Boots and Cane of Pacci before the next part. I'll continue on my next comment.
Ness64 21 Oct 2022 18:49
Wrath - Once this fight starts, immediately dash towards either side and get behind Vaati, towards the top of the screen (careful to not fall off!), then book it to the Minish portal. Stand on it but don't use it yet. As long as you're there, Vaati can't damage you at all. Just wait until he buries the hand, then hop out and move away a bit and it should show up close enough that you can make it back to the portal safely.
The eyes inside the hands can be stunned with the Boomerang, and I feel this is the best time to use the Din's Charm (and/or the Great Spin if you have it), but this is possibly the most RNG-heavy part of all 3 phases, so keep them away as much as you can, and good luck.

Once you get both hands destroyed, you're now at the easiest part of all 3 phases and will probably get this achievement. He alternates between the electric orb and the energy ball, so get 3 clones ready but only spawn them after you dodge the electric orb with Link alone (move away from Vaati and the tiles for this). Don't mash your sword to deflect the ball back, the more you mash the less likely you'll land all 4 orbs. Just get in position quickly and time a good hit.

Much like the second form, mashing is useless for damage at this point. You only need 2 slashes to advance to the next cycle, so charge a spin, hit Vaati with it once, then dispel the clones and move back to the tiles to prepare for the next cycle. He'll die on the third cycle.
Don't be intimidated just because this is a 100-pointer. If you need practice, keep going after getting hit anyway and see how you do against the later phases. You'll need to know how to deal with all 3 anyway, so might as well learn them sooner. Good luck!
Moka 22 Oct 2022 15:57
Can confirm that the comments here make this seem way worse than it is. The most annoying part is to have to run back to the boss every time you get hit. Just use savestates to practice each phase and you'll be good.

Ness64's advice here is pretty solid, I'd just add that the eye part in phase 3 can actually be made quite free by using the Din charm and the great spin attack. Just charge it, move around carefully and unleash it once you're close enough to the eye and it'll die in no time
Triforce 25 Oct 2022 16:18
F*CK the second phase and it's falling blocks!! I'M FREE!

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