Simpsons, The: Hit & Run
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  • Finish Duff For Me, Duff For You using only the Cola Truck.

    401 (331) of 5,654 โ€“ 7.09%

    5.85% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    7.09% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by zxmega on: 26 Jun, 2022 00:51
    Last modified: 10 Sep, 2023 02:37

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    18 Oct 2022 14:07
    zxmega edited this achievement's logic.
    19 Oct 2022 11:32
    zxmega edited this achievement's logic.
    wolfman2000 24 Oct 2022 03:14
    I actually went one phone booth closer to Duff Studios compared to FarfetchDoomer's strategy. When you get to the studio, 2 minutes are added to whatever time you have. Then I got lucky with trapping the truck.
    GamerGal1992 3 Nov 2022 15:10
    This was a tough challenge! If you get the Cola Truck outside Krusty Studios, you'll have about 2:45 left to collect all the Buzz Cola boxes...try and hit the Buzz truck so it gets stuck, then stay in front of it and it will reverse and hit your car. Collect the boxes and you should have enough time to get back to the brewery ๐Ÿ˜
    CassetteCobra 4 Nov 2022 07:04
    Ugh...This is not a 10 point achievement. This a 25 one like the fire truck. Another mission using a terrible vehicle for, limited time, and road rng.
    15 Nov 2022 21:43
    zxmega edited this achievement's logic.
    Dustellar 16 Nov 2022 05:42
    Mmm... totally not so hard! Wolfman2000 strategy is the best one, imo, those extra 40 seconds are great for this mission because as FarfetchDoomer suggested, the timer will start once you enter the car... the biggest problem is that you have to run all the way to the studio and that's annoying xD

    GamerGal1992 gave another great tip, you don't need to hit the truck, it can hit you too, but beware! the boxes will disappear.

    Thanks to all for the tips! another problem in this one is the police, there's a lot of people on the pier and you will be focused on the truck, so try to do this one once you already bought everything else so you don't lose many coins... that or be careful :P
    CoMpLeTioNsT 12 Dec 2022 17:10
    Thanks wolfman2000 and gamergal1992 those tips were a big help.

    Just wanted to add something I did to this guide..

    I car surfed to Krusty Studios and got in the cola truck using the phone booth directly outside. 45 second timer started and I drove to where the duff truck was parked. I parked the cola truck horizontal in front of the duff truck so it wouldn’t be able to drive away. I got out of the cola truck and walked into the brewery to trigger the second timer. Got back in the cola truck and the duff truck would just reverse and drive into my cola truck dropping a cola box every few seconds. I got out of my cola truck to collect 2/3 dropped cola boxes at a time and then got back in to adjust my truck to keep the duff truck blocked in.

    I ended up getting all the cola boxes in a matter of seconds without even leaving the brewery and finished the mission with over 2 minutes to spare with this method.
    Damagon64 1 Jan 2023 23:51
    After almost completing this the intended way and being just ONE SECOND away from finish like I decided to look here and was glad to see it was not just me struggling with this. After using CoMpLeTioNst strategy i got it done on the second try. Thanks everyone for providing helpful tips :)
    DEATHDragon 14 Apr 2023 21:23
    My strategy is just get the Buzz Cola Truck as close to the brewery as possible, then car surf all the way back to the observatory to start the mission, then car surf back to the truck. Then, smash the Duff Truck and make it get stuck so it crashes onto you while you go in reverse against it.
    ReelN3ya 1 May 2023 15:32
    I did this by starting the mission. Car surfuing to camp krusty, go down the well and car surf to krustylu. The phonebooth outside of the studio you use to get the cola truck.

    Crucual step here is not to drive through the brewery. Instead just go straight towards the path the duff truck will take. Reverse park the cola truck infront of the the duff truck. Ideally pin it on the wall behind you. The reverse is important incase it gets away so you can just accelerate without having to turn around.

    Once you've parked the cola truck, get out, trigger the next part of the mission by walking to the entrance of the brewery. Get back in the truck and try to get the duff truck to reverse and slam into you a few times. I got four boxes on my attempt and got the last two on the pier on the first left. Plenty of time to drive back and collect the laser.
    SolSilverwind 31 May 2023 00:11
    Beat it first try, Using everyones tips AND sideways parking it infront of the duff truck like a wall C:
    ImmyChan 3 Jun 2023 19:53
    I completed this before reading everybody’s tips and WOW, doing this the intended way really does require luck, extreme skill with the hand break and near TAS levels of precision
    averypaledog 27 Aug 2023 01:36
    Another terrible achievement. Why include things like this in your list if the game clearly wasn't capable or designed to support this level of execution? Traffic RNG makes this absolutely miserable to do.
    10 Sep 2023 02:37
    zxmega edited this achievement's badge.
    TrashCity 4 Dec 2023 06:34
    Got this super easy with the tips, just ran all the way down spawned the truck, tapped it where the car hits the cola truck. Grabbed the packages, moved the van twice. Mission done.
    MrSantana 17 Jan 2024 09:45
    Punched a hole in my monitor cause my truck got stuck right next to the last package and I ran out of time. Frustrating achievement for real.
    MrSantana 17 Jan 2024 10:59
    Yea, out of every achievement in this set, THIS one was the most frustrating.
    ChaosXeloc 17 Jan 2024 23:45
    Yet another achievement where trying to do it "as intended" and blind was just a waste of time. This achievement went from frustratingly impossible to laughably easy with the tips mentioned here. I like the idea, but needing to essentially exploit the game to meet even the first checkpoint requirement felt like too much.
    Dalsy 17 Feb 2024 09:21
    Got it with 2:42 seconds remaining thanks to the tips from CoMpLeTioNsT

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