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  • Created by voiceofautumn on: 29 May, 2022 19:17
    Last modified: 07 Feb, 2023 21:29

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    5 Feb 2023 12:19
    DanielARP edited this achievement's points, logic, description.
    5 Feb 2023 17:47
    voiceofautumn edited this achievement's badge.
    7 Feb 2023 21:29
    voiceofautumn promoted this achievement to the Core set.
    WeskerHunk 21 Jul 2023 01:23
    Does anyone have any tips to make this go faster? Duality is very dull and screwing up after a while is heartbreaking.
    WeskerHunk 22 Jul 2023 09:36
    After spending two hours in a single run finally this is done with, and to think there's still another high score to set in this obnoxious minigame. Anyway, here's an essential tip for anyone attempting Duality, touching a big white sphere heals you, and the amount of healing you get is proportional to the amount of time you spend touching the sphere. The method that worked best for me (as in, by far the easiest way to touch the big white spheres) was to look for a big white sphere close enough to a big black sphere and approach the white sphere from the direction opposite the black sphere while using the ship's thrusters (holding X). This way while the white sphere will still try to repel you the thrusters coupled with the black sphere's pull will actually manage to allow the ship to enter the white sphere for a while before being pushed out of it. By the way, since beating these high scores takes too damm long regardless of how well you do I recommend always trying to heal when you see the formation I described as long as your health isn't full. Better safe than sorry, you certainly don't want to screw up a run that has been going on for hours in a minigame that isn't even hard just because of some recklessness that wouldn't really speed up the process too much in the grand scheme of things. Also, put some damm songs on the background while you're at it, any attempt to make Duality less boring is well worth it.
    Mooseh 31 Jul 2023 14:00
    what a boring achievement.
    WeskerHunk 26 Aug 2023 23:14
    Just one other thing, unbind triangle for this minigame, the only thing it can do here is screw you over. Luckily that didn't happen to me even though I didn't remember to do this, but could very well have screwed up my runs at any point.
    tontogoldstein 8 Nov 2023 08:23
    Some general tips as I didn't understand the rules at first. This game takes a lot of patience.

    Each bullet you shoot costs 1 point so don't go too crazy spamming shots

    Bullets travel to about the edge of the screen and their momentum is dependent on how you're moving, so if you are moving downward and fire a bullet left or right, it will drift downward.

    You really don't need to thrust that much unless you're trying to get sucked into a white sphere.

    Small spheres can only be collected. They give you 5 points of their color and restore your thrust.

    Large spheres can be shot and destroyed. Destroying one gives you 10 points of the opposite color

    Large spheres have gravity. Black ones attract, White ones push you away.

    Large spheres affect your health. If you touch a white sphere you gain health and black ones will reduce it.

    Small spheres do NOT have gravity and do not affect your health.

    Lost points can be regained pretty easily. Lost health is much harder to get back. Don't be afraid to shoot black spheres even if you're going for the black high score. If they suck you in you'll die pretty quickly.

    I think the large sphere gravity gets stronger the higher your score gets. I couldn't confirm this but it felt that way.

    I've only gotten the white high score so far, but I think the black high score will go about the same, just take longer as WeskerHusk said. The above strategy for regaining health is also very useful, just don't overthrust into the black sphere behind the white one.
    tontogoldstein 8 Nov 2023 08:31
    A couple other things:

    Large black spheres can be very hard to see behind small white ones. Look out for them!

    You might be tempted to use thrust and go faster to speed up this slow, boring game. That's a bad idea, I would take it slow so you don't get blindsided by a black sphere out of nowhere.

    Everything outside a certain radius of you, maybe 150-200% of the screen, no longer exists and is essentially re-rolled. If anything gets too far away from you, it won't be there when you get back.
    DarkZeroSider 29 Nov 2023 11:43
    São esses tipos de conquistas q faz te cansar da platina. Não é requerido no 100% do jogo e nem sei pra que existe esse minigame chato demais. Se fizer tudo certinho, em 2 horas tu consegue a conquista, mas se vc não manjar, são horas frustrantes e perdidas por conta de uma conquista que não é requerida no 100%. Uma pena não escutar as críticas.
    DarkZeroSider 29 Nov 2023 12:03
    Outra coisa, você não é recompensado no jogo por ter passado o High Score do mini game, são horas perdidas por 25 pontos. Se tirasse essas duas conquistas, não ia fazer falta nenhuma pois nenhuma delas é requerida no 100% do jogo. E eu vou martelar essa questão do 100% pq é muito frustante esse desafio sem sentido algum. Não é preciso e não é citado em algum fórum que você precisa de fazer este minigame.
    3 Jan 2024 20:47
    DanielARP edited this achievement's points, description, logic.
    DarkZeroSider 5 Jan 2024 21:19
    Agora sim, finalmente!
    Regemfake 11 Feb 2024 09:18
    Lmao, while doing this achievement I completely forgot that I'm supposed to take only fifth place and spent around 2 or 3 hours on getting top 1
    WeskerHunk 14 Feb 2024 20:25
    @Regemfake Well, that's how it was until a while ago, so you basically did it the old fashioned way. You can take some pride in that at least.
    DarkZeroSider 14 Feb 2024 21:45
    I'm glad it was analyzed and saw how inadequate it was.
    WeskerHunk 15 Feb 2024 14:07
    I agree, it was just unnecessarily long while also not being truly hard, more of a test of patience. But hey, for those of us that suffered at least we can try to justify the pain a little by saying we did it the old fashioned way lol.
    WeskerHunk 15 Feb 2024 14:08
    I suppose it's something for the list of things we shouldn't be proud of wasting time doing, but are anyway.
    EgorStasiv 17 May 2024 10:58
    I don’t understand, do I need to get into the top 5, or break the record 5 times?
    Regemfake 17 May 2024 12:03
    You need to get into the top 5

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