Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
Console icon PlayStation 2

  • Score at least 60 points in the Basketball Challenge

    106 (85) of 2,587 – 4.10%

    3.29% of players have earned the achievement in hardcore mode
    4.10% of players have earned the achievement in softcore mode
  • Created by voiceofautumn on: 28 May, 2022 19:33
    Last modified: 09 Feb, 2023 11:11

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    7 Feb 2023 21:29
    voiceofautumn promoted this achievement to the Core set.
    8 Feb 2023 13:41
    DanielARP edited this achievement's logic.
    9 Feb 2023 11:11
    voiceofautumn edited this achievement's logic.
    ItzOpu 14 Feb 2023 16:06
    Me and my hands are literally shaking.
    mtsplayer 10 Mar 2023 03:43
    Nunca vou conseguir isso no meu celular
    mtsplayer 17 Mar 2023 17:16
    Por que quando o CJ tá longe ele não acerta nenhuma sexta???????
    BerkRider 11 Apr 2023 20:18
    max your muscle, +muscle = +accuracy

    never save at madd dogg's crib, this will cause all basket balls to never spawn again and this includes madd dogg's personal gym, if you already saved there then F you gonna have to start a new game
    the good point is that 60 points means nothing for the 100% completion so it makes no difference if you score it on your main save or on a new one
    RiCOS 13 Apr 2023 12:12
    Not true, i can find basketball on sevilla playa (side burglar garage). I always save my file on Madd Dogg's crib after back to Los Santos
    KillswitchScar 22 Apr 2023 04:43
    This one is rough. The input lag can make it pretty tricky to get the timing down. It seems if you tap "X" when running to pick up the ball you move a bit faster. You really need every second on this one.
    murdocbr 15 Jul 2023 23:48
    Hard to learn the timing but what worked for me was: You should release the X button when the ball is on the same level of CJ head, my muscle was also at 100% but i dont know if muscle is a factor.
    ThiagoReis 21 Jul 2023 00:14
    After hours and hours i got this one. Here are some tips:

    - as @BerkRider said, have you muscle at 100% for better accuracy;

    - you can't miss any shot. That said, you need to train until you internalize the right timing;

    - as pointed by @murdocbr, you can use some references to get more accurate. I started releasing the X button when the ball was on the same level of CJ's head, after some time i started releasing when CJ's feet reach the maximum height. Try and choose what works better for you;

    - just like @KillswitchScar said, you will need every second. Tap X when returning to the ball to run faster;

    - at first i was losing too much time positioning at the marker. Use the minimap to locate the next marker, you can hold X button while still running to shoot (CJ will automatically turn to take the shot), notice you don't need to be exactly inside the marker to score.

    Hope this saves you some time.
    WeskerHunk 21 Jul 2023 06:26
    What worked for me was releasing the X button the exact moment when CJ reaches the peak of his jump. It was quite challenging and required retrying for a few hours, but certainly wasn't nearly as bad as getting the maximum score at Kickstart. Now only Duality remains, if my patience allows doing that once, let alone twice...
    Chows 29 Jul 2023 23:27
    I've learned a few things from going for this achievement:

    -Max Muscle is needed to make shots 100% of the time.

    -To make consistent shots, make sure to release X when the ball is at CJ's head.

    -If you reset the movement stick back to neutral BEFORE you take the shot, CJ won't stumble in his animation. Over the course of the entire minigame, this can save you enough time to make an additional 2 shots to get the score to 64. I missed a shot early on, but because I consistently avoided the stumble animation I was able to get 62 points.

    -On earlier shots (around or after 4) try to go as far back as you can on the red marker. This might make shots initially only worth 1 point net you an extra point.
    Brndnz123 30 Aug 2023 18:12
    Releasing the X as CJ goes upward really helps. Got 62 on my 7th try thanks to that.
    CrazyApple 15 Dec 2023 07:40
    TheJohanx 8 Jan 2024 00:42
    way too much for an achievement, the 30 points one should be enough, same shit as duality before the nerf, it should at least be 25 points
    sunrisegfbpa 8 Jan 2024 03:07
    After months of trying and practicing I got it
    Bumsy 8 Jan 2024 23:10
    Took just over 3 hours even with max muscle. Such a difficult achievement - think the 30 score basketball achievement is enough tbh
    21 Jan 2024 07:45
    DanielARP edited this achievement's points.
    thekaio1234 20 Feb 2024 16:30
    60 pontos é simplesmente demais pra uma conquista assim, entre 30-45 ou 50 ja tá ótimo

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