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Mega Man X (SNES)

Defeat Launch Octopus without taking damage [No Secret Technique]
Stir the Calamari (25) (86)
Defeat Launch Octopus without taking damage [No Secret Technique]

Created by Jaarl on: 15 Aug, 2013 03:23
Last modified: 19 Mar, 2022 16:34

Won by 1104 of 8921 possible players (12%)

Recent comment(s):
29 Nov 2020
O missil de baixo dele fica na altura do buster, ai vc fica no dash quando ele pula e dale tiro basico
3 Jan 2021
omg so hard!
28 Jan 2021
DanielARP edited this achievement.
2 Feb 2021
O difcil cortar os consegui porm os malmisseis
4 Feb 2021
alright, finally got it done. First, use Boomerang Cutter to chop off his tentacles. Then, keep your distance and rapid fire tornados until he's about a third of his health left, then finish him off with shield.
4 Feb 2021
O grande problema e cortar os tentculopoeq quando vc faz isso ele solta aqueles peixes .malditos
21 Mar 2021
A dificultado cortar os tentaculos sem levar dano, o resto facil.1. Comea com charged shot e passe debaixo do polvo, aproveite e de o primeiro tiro de boomerangue.
21 Mar 2021
2. Depois de acertar o primeiro tiro, troque imediatamente para rolling shield para se defender dos ataques, at o polvo usar o tornado, no final do tornado a segunda chance de usar o boomerangue
21 Mar 2021
3. Repita, rolling shield pra se defender at o polvo usar o tornado e dar abertura pra ser acertado pelo boomerangue, na terceira vez os tentaculos caem.
21 Mar 2021
4. A facil como disseram, s ficar dando tirorapido com a buster, o polvo s vai ter 2 movimentos, tiros que o shot destroi e pulo, fica num canto, quando ele pular no teu canto, passa por baixo e vai pra outra parede.
6 Jul 2021
GalacticSpear edited this achievement.
25 Aug 2021
Just cut his tentacles off with Boomerang Cutter and then spam the regular buster. Dash-jump off the wall over him if he short-hops right into your face, otherwise just dash under his jumps and stay as far away as possible.
22 Sep 2021
Oh my goodness. Going back to this almost complete set wondering why this was the only boss not completed hitless... I now know why!
3 Jan 2022
23 Feb 2022
AlexGatao edited this achievement.
23 Feb 2022
AlexGatao edited this achievement.
6 Mar 2022
GalacticSpear edited this achievement.
19 Mar 2022
GalacticSpear edited this achievement.
31 Jul 2022
Really tough boss. Cutting his tentacles and then smashing the X-buster like hell did it for me (after dozens of tries).
31 Jul 2022
(just don't go spamming cutters without concern, or else it'll run out and you'll be forced to repeat the whole stage -- in as few as 3 tries)

Recent Winners

UserHardcore?Earned On
sandiagosam11 Aug, 2022 00:46
KofigaoHardcore!10 Aug, 2022 22:43
Robotnikconquista10 Aug, 2022 14:48
Bryan1150Hardcore!09 Aug, 2022 22:38
PikacshuHardcore!09 Aug, 2022 17:19
atma50509 Aug, 2022 01:27
PeriModernStevenFan07 Aug, 2022 23:39
DanilOcelotHardcore!07 Aug, 2022 01:13
Sh3dowp05 Aug, 2022 02:11
TairyHesticlesIVHardcore!04 Aug, 2022 23:41
danillowesker02 Aug, 2022 14:15
MonevHardcore!31 Jul, 2022 21:32
EmoonHardcore!31 Jul, 2022 20:20
6Botoeslives30 Jul, 2022 20:46
Raffaels28 Jul, 2022 12:24
Gyakun27 Jul, 2022 08:05
jimenezHardcore!27 Jul, 2022 02:17
Jorgel26 Jul, 2022 03:19
Z3r0Pl4ysHardcore!23 Jul, 2022 10:14
pulsexpHardcore!17 Jul, 2022 19:16
DiscoMoonHardcore!16 Jul, 2022 19:18
FrozenFischHardcore!13 Jul, 2022 00:04
AntsArcadeHardcore!12 Jul, 2022 21:25
MariofeehHardcore!12 Jul, 2022 17:13
LokomeloHardcore!11 Jul, 2022 11:14
Chriskant10 Jul, 2022 20:03
Laars07 Jul, 2022 23:07
mugofbroHardcore!07 Jul, 2022 04:37
VinkansHardcore!07 Jul, 2022 04:06
SarandisHardcore!06 Jul, 2022 18:40
DopeypokeHardcore!06 Jul, 2022 01:43
TzvinHardcore!05 Jul, 2022 21:18
alyxhawkHardcore!05 Jul, 2022 03:22
wildtrevorHardcore!03 Jul, 2022 03:45
darkaegis02 Jul, 2022 05:44
drPOCHardcore!01 Jul, 2022 05:55
likeadiamondHardcore!01 Jul, 2022 02:25
JoAndMcMHardcore!27 Jun, 2022 23:18
CassieSandwich23 Jun, 2022 17:10
thearcadianHardcore!20 Jun, 2022 15:38
IzaNamiZXHardcore!18 Jun, 2022 21:26
PrototypePro18 Jun, 2022 18:56
Julio150ml18 Jun, 2022 04:07
Amongus15 Jun, 2022 23:46
SharkhanHardcore!12 Jun, 2022 19:38
SigmaWolfHardcore!11 Jun, 2022 17:46
knaomiHardcore!10 Jun, 2022 18:26
Wing010210 Jun, 2022 00:23
prairdHardcore!09 Jun, 2022 09:49
Tarruby09 Jun, 2022 01:23


Beat the game in the shortest time
Beat the game in the shortest time (Includes Hadouken)
Beat the game in the shortest time using only the Buster
Reach Chill Penguin boss door in the shortest time
Beat Chill Penguin in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Storm Eagle boss door or ship platform (or stage end if it is a revisit) in the shortest time
Beat Storm Eagle in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Flame Mammoth boss door in the shortest time
Beat Flame Mammoth in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Spark Mandrill boss door in the shortest time
Beat Spark Mandrill in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Armored Armadillo boss door in the shortest time
Beat Armored Armadillo in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Boomer Kuwanger boss door in the shortest time
Beat Boomer Kuwanger in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Sting Chameleon boss door in the shortest time
Beat Sting Chameleon in its stage in the shortest time
Reach Launch Octopus boss door in the shortest time
Beat Launch Octopus in its stage in the shortest time
Speedrun any 4 Bosses